prince sex slave

this is not my childhood friend

nothing he did not say anything

really andrew asked angrily

stibian got angry

what is your problem you don like me yet still poking your nose in my business.

Andrew smirked and walked close to her trapping her between the wall and himself

don forget you commited a crime and you are meant to be in the dungeon,so its my job to poke my nose in your business so you will not try escaping with someone.

he move his face to hers

I don want to see you will another man else you will be punished.

why stibian ask why can I be with another man you got to be with another women why can I.

Andrew was angry he hold her jaw

do not forget who you are talking to I don accept talk back.

well you should cause you know me since childhood.

you know I don like rubbish.

human change anytime so you should change that , cause you will be tolerating that same rubbish andrew said.

what does he mean stibian thought

meaning stibian ask before she could say a thing andrew sealed her lip with his.

this is the first thing he kiss me , I was lost I could not deny the feeling. I know I have feelings for him but what he said to me in the dungeon its really hurt me my heart broke into pieces knowing I could not have andrew.

when we were getting married I thought I am marrying the person that I loved since childhood. not realizing I was marriage another person entirely.

he kissed her deeply, she couldn resist. andrew seeing that she did not resist her continue, he undressed her. turn her around her could not resist the beaut in front of him he did not plan to have sex with her.

he unzip he pant showing his hard manhood.

he did not care if it was her first time or not want her want was to please himself.

he entered her like it was not her first time, it hurt stibian shout in pain as andrew thrust in harder . please stop stibian cried out but andrew pay no attention to her he thrust in faster until the pain turn into pleasure.

he was getting to his orgam but he stopped there.

he put on his pant he.

you are nothing to me just a sex slave you should not think that you could take that change of my sex slave that you will get pregnant for me cause i will never release myself in you. he grab her hair tight I have many of you guys got that .he said leave stibian there in pain . how could he think of me like that what since have I committed in my pervious life she cried .

Andrew left her in a situation that she could not stand. I try standing up after a lot of affot I got my self to the washroom took my bath and cried myself to sleep how I wish my father is here he will not let this happen to me I miss you father she cried.

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