lost in the after life

chapter 3: Romance is crap

I wake up the feeling of cool air brushing against my skin and I see myself on the floor what the heck is going on I stand up.

I realise Im in a place like a desert and I see a sign board right in front of me and I read it WELCOME TO THE AFTER LIFE, the after what and I hear a voice ”hi ”and i scream ”Jesus ” and The voice says ”calm down princess and turn around Im not a ghost ” I see a very familiar looking eyes and face and lips and body and I blurt out axel, axel freaking Anderson

and he smiles ”yes someone finally knows me in this god damn place ”and I frown ”egotistic much where am I ”and he looks at me confused ”are you blind or something did you read the sign board you
e in the afterlife ” I gasp and realise ”Im lost in the afterlife ” and he frowns

” how are you lost Im right here ” and he grabs my arm and starts dragging me away from the desert and we soon come in contact with more people and houses and I clear my throat to get axles attention and he says ” yes princess ” I say ”never in your life call me that again and I need an explanation what is this place ”

and he smirks ” this isn my job but since your practically begging me I will tell you the afterlife as you now know this is a place the people in comas stay or people who are awaiting Gods judgement ” and I say ”god is real and he says ”very real better start repenting ” and I say ” tell me more ”

and he continues ” you stay here for how long you
e in a coma but if you don wake up and end up dying you face judgement but if you contribute a lot in the afterlife the gods will notice you so instead of facing judgement you live with the gods to keep the balance of the afterlife ”

and I say ”oh thats a lot to process, is that all ”and he says ” no its not in this world we have attacker people who don want the after life to exist they are the ones who face judgement and end up going to hell and eventually escape I don know how they do it ,there are called protectors who stop this from happening like me for example but if its too much the gods will intervene thats all you need to know for now ”

I just freeze shocked about all this information Im taking in, I really hope I wake up from the coma now and axel says ” princess do you realise you
e be looking at me for more than a minute ”and I snap ” don call me that again my name is Georgia ” and it says ”okay George ”

and I snap again ” Georgia ” and he says ”calm your tits just joking George ” I sigh is there even a way of getting into his thick skull and I ask him again ” how is life in the afterlife, ok that sounded weird ” and he smirks pretty much the same as real life you work ,eat, go to school and sleep the only difference is you might die at anytime ”

I say ”knowing I might die doesn make me feel happy about working ” and he says ”its not all those boring business work its more like action example Im a protector from group d , there are also healers and I say you
e in group d what A,B,C were taken and it he says ”that reminds me of the divergent ”

and I say ”duh because I got it from there and he replies ” anyways the group you
e in determines your strength there is group a to f group a are the weakest ,f is the strongest ” and I reply ” isn it meant to be the other way around ”and he says ” the founder wanted it to be different ” and I realise ”we have been standing in the middle of the road ”

and I say ” I think we better start moving ”and he says ” all right since you don have a place to stay you can stay with me ” and I say no thanks I don want to intrude ”

and his smirks ”it looks like you really like staying on the street ”and my face drops ”on second thought I would love to stay with you ” and he smirks ” I knew you couldn resist me ”let me not lie axle Anderson is real fine the correct definition of hot hes Zayn Malik fine Dylan OBrien fine ,ian somerhandler fine ,Theo James fine if not hotter

” cocky much ” I say and he stops in front of a small and cute flat and he says ”welcome to the crib ”i laugh ” you make it sound like a lot of people are living here ” and he says ”cause a lot of people are living here ” and he walks to the front door unlocking it .

I say ”there is a limit to the amount of testosterone that I can endure and he laughs ”its going to be fine George stop being melodramatic ” and I say ”again with the george and he smirks ” what I like it more than your name ” ouch my name ego just got hurt.

we enter into the house and are welcomed buy hot Latino guy ” axel how are you doing and who is this gorgeous lady ”I blush and Axel Rolls his eyes and says ”this is George ” and I cut him off ” Georgia whats your name ”

he smirks ”Alessio ” and I smile in approval ”where are you from and it smiles proudly ”Im Italian but don worry I won speak it to you love ”and axel says annoyed ”can you guys stop with the romance Im hungry ”

I say ”jealous much ” he scoffs ” me jealous I can get any girl I want ” cocky much I just ignore him I enter into the living room and see pizza boxes everywhere and alessio speak to me from behind ”sorry I didn know we were going to have guest ” and I say ”I don think Im a guest because Im going to be leaving here ”

I drop on the couch spreading my legs and carrying the pizza from the box and eat it and Alessio grins ”nasty I like you Axel never wants to play with me ” and axel replies ”cause we
e not five ” and Alessio pouts ”see his so mean to me ” ok Im going to be living with an egotistic jerk and a man-child great I ask Axel where is my room and he laughs ”what room you
e sleeping on the couch ”

I frown his joking right ”have you ever heard of the word chivalry ” and it knocks my head ”wake up you
e in the 21st century ” I just ignore him and lay on the couch using the pizza boxes as a blanket and axel says ”this is the definition of stupidity ” he drags me away to a different corner until we enter a room he drops me on the bed ”sleep ”

I shake my head ”don feel like it ” then he hugs me and I fall into his arms and end up falling asleep.

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