ldn’t tell them to treat my wound if he doesn’t love me, and he wouldn’t tell them to let me stay overnight in the temple if he doesn’t love me, right?

The female priests came and supported me.
Yohan entered the deeper location in the temple with Cardinal Jun.
I also wanted to follow him, but the female priests restrained me.
Maybe because they are women like me, they treated me harsher than the male priests and holy knights.
It was really upsetting, but I didn’t get angry because I could understand their feelings.

You know, right? Yohan is the most beautiful and cool man in the world.
Such a man is mine only, so how envious they were.
The poor are jealous of the rich, and the ugly are jealous of the beautiful people.
I alone got the love of the best man in the world, so that much of ugly jealousy is nothing.

The female priests didn’t heal my ankle.
They only lent me a space to lay down for a night and abandoned me.
Ah, I wasn’t abandoned.
The holy knights were in guard in front of the door and windows of the room I stayed at.
Wouldn’t that be a measurement from Yohan, who worried about my safety?


“Still, I guess I should have gotten proper treatment back then.”

As the lightning struck, the figure of a human monologuing was shown.
Just like how she said it twice, the glittering golden hair was enough to be one of the most dazzling things in the Holy Nation.

“This ankle always gets sprained after that.
They said it’s a tendency.”

It’s been years since then though.
Tite Rivero grumbled in a low voice and then asked Reese about her opinion.
Reese without a doubt didn’t answer her, and Tite continued her monologue.

“Phew, there’s a lot of lightning.
I’m glad we arrived before the rain starts.
Don’t you agree?”

Tite smiled wide.
At the same time, the lightning struck.
As if telling them that God was watching all the crimes done by Tite, the lightning struck relentlessly and showed the figure of Tite and Reese, who was gagged and tied in front of her.
The earth quaked as if it felt pity that it could not punish Tite for her sin against God and humans.

The smiling Tite was certainly beautiful.
If only she wasn’t crazy, the titles of the most beautiful woman in the Holy Nation, and the most shining woman in the Holy Nation, might be Tite’s title, not Reese’s.

Alas, Tite Rivero was crazy.
There was no one in the Holy Nation, in the land where humans lived who didn’t know that.

Tite Rivero was the most famous crazy girl, and an evil stalker.
This far, there were people who got hurt by her hands, but no one died.
And now, Reese would become the first casualty of the evil stalker Tite Rivero.

Frightened, Reese tried hard to loosen the gag on her mouth.
The lightning struck again.
The flash reflected the two.
Tite didn’t erase her smile as though Reese’s figure was funny.

“Do you know about our first meeting? That day was the best day of my life.
Just like this ceaseless lightning, the firecrackers and petals were prepared for me.
Me, Tite Rivero.
They were prepared for the meeting between me and him.”

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