of the mask, asked.


“How is it?”


“To the left… Yes, there.
It’s good now.”


She felt a slight pull on the string.
After she felt a slight tickle on the back of her head, Senir asked again.


“Is it suffocating?”


Diana shook her head sideways as well as up and down.
It didn’t hurt because it was fixed too tightly nor did it shake because it was too loose.


“No, it’s perfect!”


While Diana straightened herself, Senir sat back on the opposite side again.


“Thank you.”


“Don’t mention it.”


Senir continued to talk while wearing the gloves he had put down.


“We’ll arrive in 10 minutes.”


Senir swiped back the curtain with an elegant gesture.


“This is Baroque Main Road.
It is a road named after the middle name of the first emperor of Heimbarden.
It runs straight from that gate to the gate of the Imperial Palace.”


Diana made sure the mask was in place one more time and sat close to the window.
Senir told a few anecdotes related to the building as the carriage passed through.


“What is that building?”


Diana pointed to a fancy building where a pair of sweet lovers in a dress and suit entered.


“That’s the Opec Museum of Art.
It’s owned by the Esteemed Mother of Ohrid.”


“It’s huge… Yes? What?”


Among the words that poured out like flowing water, a part caught her breath.


“It is only exhibiting today.
It is an art auction that is held once a month, and it is also the largest auction hall on the continent.”


“No, not that.
What did you say is owned by Esteemed Mother?”


“Ohrid has always been sponsoring many artists since the old times.
Especially the Esteemed Mother who has a good eye for painting.
Thus she runs the museum passionately.”




To think they’re the sponsor of artists.
After coming to Ohrid, Diana felt that she had become dull in most things.


“She had let go of business affairs after handing over the Count position to the current Count, but she continued to take care of the Opec Museum of Art personally.”


The majesty of the Opec Museum of Art in Ohrid was extraordinary.
It had been a symbol of Ohrid for generations since it was founded by Count Ohrid.
The foundation was a place where one could tell who in the family the central power lied with.


Senir only explained the light truth.


“Currently, for its operation, the Count Husband is in charge of it.”


“Oh… Turns out Grandfather works, too.”


At the words of Diana who did not know the entire truth, Senir unknowingly had to suppress his laughter.


“Huh? Why, ah!”


Diana covered her mouth because she was embarrassed.
She had said the thoughts in her heart too thoughtlessly.
Diana rolled her eyes as she looked around.


“Uhm… Mister Spencer is quite busy, too.”


Senir spoke with a voice full of laughter.


“However, when I’m studying, he comes every time and asks me to stop and play…”


Thinking of the way that Grandfather asked her to play almost nine out of ten times, Diana realized.


“Wait, if Grandfather is ‘quite’ busy, then Senir and Grandmother are ‘very’ busy, right?”


The smiling Senir avoided Diana’s gaze.
So she was right.


“If you have a chance, it would be great to go to the Opec Museum together with Mister Spencer.”


“Grandfather is… oh? That’s the opera house, right?”


There they could see a fancy and large building with ivory-colored sculptures lying on each pillar.
Probably because nothing was currently being performed, they could see the bare marble instead of a red carpet on the stairs.


“It’s the Haslin Opera House.
It’s the largest opera house in Heimbarden.
There are personal box seats for the Ohrid Family there, so you can go comfortably whenever you want to see it.”


“What is a box seat?”


“When building an opera house, they give the families who invested the seats they want.
They usually receive the 2nd or 3rd floor.
The Imperial Family has 15 seats, followed by the Ohrid Family, the second largest number of seats with 10 seats.”


“Ah, is it like the racetrack viewing room?”


In the end, all he was saying was that there was also Ohrid’s share there.
Diana said with a slightly tired face.


“At this rate, I’m afraid you’ll say there is even a road made for Ohrid later.”


“Are you curious?”




“That is El-Corte.”


Senir pointed to a building that stood out across the road.


If the opera house was a classic building made of marble, El-Corte had a style that had never been seen before anywhere.


The exterior walls of the building with crystal decorations everywhere were transparent, and through the glass windows, the people inside were sometimes reflected.


An exclamation naturally burst out.


“The building is really pretty.”


“There is a special design so you can see the inside from the outside, but you can’t see the outside from the inside.”


“That’s somewhat….
shouldn’t it be the opposite?”


“It’s designed so that customers in the building don’t know the passage of time and only admire the inside from the outside.”




Currently, there were only two El-Corte on the continent.


When El-Corte was first established 15 years ago, the snobbish master craftsmen considered it insulting to bring their stores together in one place.


However, the atmosphere had changed completely now, and these days, shops that have not been able to enter El-Corte couldn’t be recognized as proper craftsmen.


“How do you know about it so well? By any chance, even El-Corte, Ohrid…”


At Diana’s suspicion, Senir spoke as if it were natural.


“El-Corte was founded by Young Miss Philippa.”


“What? Who?”

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