bout clothes.
It seemed better to take Madame’s advice.


Diana shook out her leather pouch.


The Madame raised her eyebrows as a copper coin came out followed by some silver coins.Then, as soon as a shiny gold coin came out, a gasp echoed throughout the room.
It wasn’t just one gold coin as well.


Diana, who was counting her money, didn’t hear.


“If it’s this much, where would a good place be to go?”


“What is this!? Why do you have that much money?”


The shocked employee pointed a finger at Diana.


“…But you said I wouldn’t have a chance?”


“If you have that much, of course you have a chance! Whoa, it’s impossible.
Where did you get that money?!”


Diana’s forehead wrinkled.


Why does she have to get interrogated like this just to buy clothes? Let’s just give up buying from here.


“I’ll just go to another place.”


Diana replied gloomily and turned around.


“P-please wait! Miss Diana!”


Miss Diana? The Madame approached, gently grabbing Diana’s shoulders and elbows.
Her touch was as soft as a feather.


“Why are you in such a hurry?”


Diana, who couldn’t understand the situation, opened her eyes wide and saw the Madame smiling softly.


“Our employee was a little rude, wasn’t she? I’ll apologize on her behalf.
I’m sorry.
Please forgive her.”




“Surely the employee herself also has to apologize.
You! Quickly apologize to Miss Diana.”




“You can’t even recognize a customer, even going as far as to try and kick her out.
Just what were you doing all this time?”


Madame stared at the employee with a cold face.
The employee was startled and bowed her head.


“N-no, i-it’s because-”


“Are you in a position to make excuses now?”


“Oh, no.
I’m not.”


The flustered employee bowed in the direction of Diana.


“S-sorry, Diana.”


“It should be, ‘I apologize, Miss Diana’, right? I’ll see you later, alone.”


The employee’s face paled into a deathly white.
Diana was also stunned by the sudden change in attitude. 


“So how many pairs were you planning to get?”


“Uhm… I haven’t thought about it.
How many pairs can I get?”


Diana glanced at the employee who was about to collapse at any moment.


‘Just what is going on here?’


“If the amount is that much, it’s enough to get as many as you want.” The Madame said while guiding Diana inside.


“But, where are we going?”


“Of course we’re going to take your measurements.”


“You said you’ll introduce me to another boutique….”




Madame said firmly.


“You can also get it here.
I’ll even give you the best one.”


It took a lot of money to get casual clothes.
No matter how many pairs there were, she could still buy them all.
A slightly cheaper dress was also within her budget.


It was a big catch.
Madame quickly called in an employee with her eyes shining.


After entering the inner room and waiting for a while, a tailor holding a tape measure came in.


The tailor made Diana stand on a white platform.
She then took what Diana was holding.


“I’ll put your luggage aside for a while.”


“Yes? Ah, yes!”


“Don’t be nervous.
Be as comfortable as you can, we’re only taking your measurements.”


The tailor with a sweet voice used the tape measure on her.
Her gestures were skillful yet careful.
In the time between, the Madame came in bringing a fabric sample.


“This is the fabric that is used most when making a blouse.
For the top, we tend to use a lot of bright colors.
How is it?”


Diana reached out her hand and rubbed the fabric.


“It’s really soft.”


“There are many different colors.
Miss Diana’s skin is white, so dark colors would look good on you.”


Madame, who was continuing her explanation, saw Diana’s clothes and murmured.


“Hm? The clothes that you’re wearing right now are made of a very good fabric.
The sewing is also precise… Where did you get it?”


It was a basic design, so she almost ignored it, but it was made of a surprisingly good fabric.


“It’s not that I bought it, but rather I received it as a gift,” Diana said shyly.


“Oh my, it’s a gift?”


Diana tilted her head at the Madame’s extremely surprised expression


“Is it an expensive type of clothing?”


It was just something in the basket, right? She accepted it because in that circumstance she couldn’t refuse.
Although she did notice that the way it felt over her body was different.


“May I take a closer look?”


“Of course.”


“I’ll take a look then.”


Madame approached and looked at the clothes that Diana was wearing.
She carefully examined the seams, sleeves, collar, and even skirt.


“The fabric… No, don’t tell me… Hm….”


“Is there a problem?”


Diana asked at the sight of Madame who seemed to be contemplating for some reason.


It’s not that there is a problem.
No… wait a minute.”


The Madame shouted after turning over the waistband of her skirt.


“Meister Faradi?!”


(t/n: Meister is just ‘master’ in German.
A title.)




The tailor, who was quietly waiting next to her, was surprised and asked again.


It seemed like she was the only one who didn’t know who he was.


“Is he a famous person?”


Madame explained passionately at her question as if asking how she couldn’t know who Meister Faradi was.


“Yes! He’s a famous Meister! He’s a Meister at El-Corte.
Oh my gosh, Miss Diana, did you say that you received the clothes as a gift?”


“Yes? Ah, yes-”


Just why in the world are they like this?

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