they really look alike.’


A butterfly landed on the bouquet of flowers, drawn by the scent.


Diana looked up, saw the sun, then got up.
It seems like she had to go slowly because of all the thick fog. 




Sky came running from far away.
Sky led the way, and they began to go down the hill together.


Diana, who was heading for the carriage, stopped.


‘It hasn’t gone away yet?’


The huge carriage was still there, and the closer she got, somehow the more noisy it was.


“…Are you saying that you don’t know how long it’ll take? Do you mean to say that I have to helplessly stay here until you fix it?”


The brown-haired man, who was wearing a gray vest and glasses, looked like an employee of a noble.
The man was angry at someone.


“Is that what you’re telling me now?”


“Um… I apologize.
I had no idea that this kind of matter would suddenly—”


The other man apologized, sweats falling down in beads.
The coachman of the carriage that Diana came with was looking at them then discovered Diana.


“When did you arrive?”


“Just now.”


Diana nodded slightly in the direction of the commotion.


“What is the matter?”


“I think the wheel shaft is broken.
No matter how hard they try, they can’t do anything about it until the parts come, so it’s just needlessly tormenting the coachman.”




“Get on.
We’re going back to downtown Aachen, right?”




Diana put her foot on the foothold and looked back.


The coachman kept apologizing to the man in the gray vest.
Diana couldn’t take her eyes off the coachman.
Diana, bit her lips and put Sky inside first.


“Sir, please wait for a moment.”


After she shouted like that, she ran in the direction of the huge carriage.


“Excuse me.”


Diana called for the man in the gray vest.
The man didn’t look back as if he didn’t realize that he was the one being called.
Diana called in a louder voice.


“Excuse me!”


“…Is it me you’re calling?”


The man looked back at her.


That’s right.”


“What is this about?”




Diana wet her dry lips and continued.


“I’m about to go back now.”




“This is a remote place, so carriages don’t pass by.”


Diana also came by renting a carriage.
That’s why when she worked as a maid, it was a burden every time she came.


“The nearest village takes about an hour and a half, and Aachen takes about two and a half hours.
That’s why….”


Diana hesitated, before finally saying, “Would you like to ride together?”




“Because it looks like it would be better than waiting for the wagon to be fixed here.”


The man’s gaze scanned over the public carriage behind Diana.
It was a shabby carriage that couldn’t compare with the one that they came in.


Diana added.


“If you are uncomfortable, then there is nothing I can do about it.”


“No, that’s not it.”


The man in the gray vest waved his hand frantically.


“Thank you for Lady’s consideration.
I’ll ask the Little Young Master first.
Would you mind waiting for a while?”


Lady? Diana blinked and nodded belatedly.


When he knocked on the huge carriage, the curtains were pulled away and the windows were lowered.
Diana looked with interest at the window coming down.
She glanced at the white thread-like hair that was inside. 


In the end, they got on the carriage together.


So the Little Young Master of the person who introduced himself as an aide was the beautiful young man she met earlier.
The young man was much more beautiful up close.


The thread-like hair that was made of platinum looked like it was going to scatter at any moment.
His face with dark golden eyes was just like that of a doll’s, and his long eyelashes fluttered like the wings of the butterfly flying between the bouquet of flowers.


She kept turning her eyes towards his face.


‘Why did I uselessly ask for us to ride together?’


She didn’t expect for them to ride alone, just the two of them.
The aide with the grey vest had to stay behind and confirm that the wagon was being fixed.






There was only the sound of an occasional rattle in the silent carriage.
The cushion was thorny for some reason.
In order to avert her attention from the man opposite her, Diana focused on petting Sky.
However, as soon as she casually raised her head, their eyes met.


The young man smiled gorgeously.


“Thank you for your consideration.”


“Yes? No, i-it’s nothing.”


It seems like she now knew what it meant to be captivated by a smile.


“My name is Senir.”


The young man, who said his name was Senir, laid his hand on his chest and greeted softly. 


“May I know the Lady’s name?”


At the soft accent from the central region, Diana felt as if her ears were being tickled by the man’s voice.


“…It’s Diana.”


Diana, whose cheeks were burning, replied whispering.


When Senir nodded slightly, his thin hair scattered on his neat forehead.


Diana rubbed her itchy earlobe for some reason.
Senir continued the conversation with an elegant smile.


“Do you come to Aachen Cemetery often?”


“Not that often.
About once a month?”


“Is there a person that you know?”


Diana smiled bitterly.


“My mom’s here.”


“Oh my.
I pray for the repose of the deceased.”


Senir bowed slightly.
Even though it was a simple bow, elegance seeped through his every action.
Diana returned the bow.


The atmosphere relaxed a bit.
Diana asked while petting Sky.


“What brings Senir here?”


“I was looking for someone, and I heard that the person occasionally visits the Aachen Cemetery.”

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