sn’t that small, and she didn’t know why Kong Nianxi, who was over 1.8 meters tall, would buy such an ill-fitting umbrella…


She seemed to realize something belatedly.

Is this… the scheming of a straight guy?

Fortunately, the distance from the laboratory building to the second-year teaching building was not far, and they didn’t spend much time on the road.
They walked up in silence and soon arrived at the classroom door.

“Ning Ning, come here quickly!”

As soon as Xi Ning entered the door, she saw Tu Xiaoyuan waving at her from the back row.
The table was full of takeaway food, and Su Yuqi was also there, just missing her.

Xi Ning unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief and took a step toward them, but her sleeve was caught.

Turning around, she met Kong Nianxi’s gaze.
Her eyes looked even longer when she didn’t smile, and her pupils were deep, with a hint of coldness.

Xi Ning thought she was seeing things, closed her eyes, and opened them again, only to see Kong Nianxi’s lips curled up, and she pointed to her right shoulder.
“Your clothes are wet.
Doesn’t it feel uncomfortable?”

Looking down, she saw that the hem of her uniform jacket and the shoulder had been splashed with raindrops, and the moisture seeped into the shirt underneath, sticking to her skin.
She only realized how uncomfortable it was after she reminded her.

“Wait for me.”

Kong Nianxi let go of her sleeve and turned to her desk, taking out a neatly folded spare school uniform jacket from a bag on the desk.
She folded it back and handed it to her.
“I have a spare one.
Change into it first.”

Xi Ning suddenly had an extra piece of clothing in her arms.
A faint cold fragrance penetrated her nose, just like the scent on Kong Nianxi’s body.
She was stunned for a moment, and then tried to return it, but she grabbed her wrist and pressed it back down.

Outside, the dark clouds were densely covered, and the heavy rain poured down.
Even at noon, the lights in the classroom were on.

Kong Nianxi stood in place, his lips paler than in the morning.
The light softened his features, making him look ethereal and pure.

Xi Ning was stuck in place with her wrist held, a little puzzled as she stared at the quiet girl in front of her.
The next second, she saw her suddenly tip-toe forward—

The distance between the two instantly closed, and her delicate face suddenly approached.
Xi Ning was startled, and her body subconsciously retreated.
“Bang,” she hit the empty desk behind her.

“Ha ha…”

Kong Nianxi chuckled, and seeing her frightened expression, he suddenly became mischievous.

“Do you want me to help you change?”

As he reached out to tentatively touch her collar, Xi Ning grabbed his hand as expected.

The last class of the morning was a lab, and with heavy rain outside, many people had not brought an umbrella.
As a result, only about half of the classroom was filled, and their quiet conversation was drowned out by the sound of the rain.
Their movements drew extra attention.

Among girls, this sort of “ambiguous” play was commonplace, but the key was who was involved.

The gossiping students who thought Kong Nianxi was flirting with another girl didn’t care, but when they saw the person pinned to the desk, they were shocked and rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

Wait, is this really the study goddess who only focuses on problem-solving in their class of ruthless cultivators?

When did she get mixed up with the “demon of the mortal world”?

Caught off guard, Xi Ning was half-leaning on the desk, with no retreat.
Inadvertently, she turned her head and saw a girl with eyes like copper bells staring at them from a row of seats opposite.
She immediately felt uneasy and swept her gaze around, realizing that almost everyone in the classroom was curiously focused on them.
Tu Xiaoyuan at the back even widened her mouth in surprise.

Xi Ning’s face grew hot, and she pushed the person on her with as little force as possible, quickly standing up and walking to the back row with her clothes.
However, her slightly pink ears gave her away.

Kong Nianxi watched her leave with a smile before turning his gaze away.

After returning to her seat, Xi Ning took off her bag, which was not wet from the rain, and took out a folding umbrella, putting it back in her desk pocket.

After a while, the other students returned to the classroom, and the noise level rose again.

“Axi Axi, why did you suddenly send a message saying you were coming back early? Who kidnapped you?”

A few girls rushed in through the front door and sat down next to her.

Kong Nianxi put down his phone, picked up a pen, and thought for a moment before smiling knowingly.
“Playing hard to get with someone.”

“Huh? What?”


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