ard, Su Yuqi had been more on the same wavelength as her – wasn’t the dopamine rush from completing a high-difficulty bonus question in a limited time challenge enough? Wasn’t the monthly ranking change exciting enough? These were enough to consume the energy of their adolescence, and there was no need to look for substitutes.

“Come and solve this problem!”

Su Yuqi had already taken out a math workbook from her backpack and placed it on the table, gesturing to Xi Ning beside her.

This was the important matter that Su Yuqi had mentioned earlier.
They had agreed last Friday not to look at the answers and to finish the entire book over the weekend.
They would then compare their accuracy when they returned to school.

Xi Ning took out an identical workbook and placed it on her desk.
“About two to three questions.”

Su Yuqi smiled and immediately began to randomly select questions to verify their accuracy.
“I’m going to win this time.
Get ready to run errands for me, little sister.”

Xi Ning smiled and thought for a moment, scanning the classroom – if most of the students had arrived, it was time to collect the physics test papers that their teacher had handed out last Friday.

The classroom was even more chaotic now, with some students frantically doing their homework, some flirting, and others chatting together.
More people had arrived.

As her gaze swept over Kong Nianxi’s desk, she noticed that it was still empty, with nothing on it.
It seemed that the person had not yet arrived.

This was normal.
In Xi Ning’s few memories of Kong Nianxi, the person’s seat was usually empty except during class.

Buzz buzz.

Her phone vibrated twice on the desk.
She picked it up and glanced at it.

It was a message from Xi Mu, with two screenshots of snacks and a question about whether she wanted anything else.
He was treating her.

Ha, this person always spent all his living expenses before the end of the month and then came crying to borrow money.
Now he suddenly wanted to treat her? It was rare.

No good deed goes unpunished.

As expected, he quickly sent another message.

[Xi Mu: Nianxi is so cute.
Sister, have you ever considered getting closer to her?]


It took Xi Ning two seconds to realize who he was referring to.
She almost choked on her own saliva, knowing what he was getting at.
Didn’t this guy think his tone was weird?

[Xi Ning: If you think she’s cute, then go for it yourself! Don’t drag me into this.
I’m busy.]

[Xi Mu: But she doesn’t even pay attention to me.
If you can get closer to her, maybe I’ll have a chance?]

[Xi Ning: What are you talking about? You have to work hard on your own for this kind of thing.]

After sending the last message, Xi Ning threw her phone into her pocket and decided not to waste any more time on him.

However, a few minutes later, he called her directly.

“I’m outside the back door of your classroom now.”

Hearing his voice on the phone, she immediately turned around and saw Xi Mu poking his head out from the back door.
His conspicuous height and good looks attracted many glances in the hallway.

“Ding ding, I’m here to deliver milk tea to Sister.
I even bought your favorite flavor~” Xi Mu stepped back a bit, holding two cups of milk tea with different logos on them.

“Oh really? Thank you, my cute little brother.” Xi Ning lowered her head to look at the two cups of milk tea in his hands, each with a different logo.
She found it amusing.
“But I don’t remember liking ice cream red tea.”

Xi Mu scratched his head awkwardly.
“Um… I don’t know anyone else in your class, so could you please give this to… my crush, you know who I mean.”

As expected…

Although it was just a small favor, it felt a bit awkward for Xi Ning to help her twin brother deliver bubble tea to their female classmates.
After all, they would be in the same class for a year.

Xi Ning seemed to sense her hesitation.
“You two aren’t close, are you? Besides, not many people at school know about our relationship.”

He spoke as if he wasn’t the one who had just urged Kong Nianxi to get closer to Xi Ning.

But he was right.
As fraternal twins, Xi Ning and Xi Mu didn’t look very alike, and unless they stood together for comparison, no one would associate them with being siblings.

Moreover, the label of being twins always attracted extra attention at school, and Xi Mu was so high-profile that Xi Ning didn’t want to be tied to him like in middle school.
So after entering a new school in high school, Xi Ning only mentioned her brother to her closest friends.

“Speaking of which, ever since no one knew I had a smart and beautiful sister like you, I’ve been much more relaxed.
I don’t have to be forced by those guys to deliver messages or gifts anymore,” Xi Mu said, looking relaxed.

“Same here,” Xi Ning replied.

“So, help me out this time.”

“Why don’t you go in yourself?”

“Because…because I’m shy,” Xi Mu said.
In fact, he had personally delivered snacks before, only to have them thrown in the trash by Kong Nianxi.
Later, he found out that she rarely accepted things from unknown sources because of something bad that had happened.

He was shy? The guy who could show off his abs in public on the court was shy about delivering a cup of bubble tea?

Xi Ning remained unmoved.

Xi Mu persisted, refusing to leave until he got what he wanted.

With his tall and handsome figure standing in the hallway, he attracted a lot of attention, and Xi Ning became increasingly impatient.

Thanks to her dear brother, Xi Ning’s already limited pink fantasies about those boys who were popular with girls and might be as messy and annoying as him in private were further reduced.

Looking at her watch, Xi Ning took the bubble tea from Xi Ning with annoyance.
“No next time.”

“Thank you, my dear sister!” Xi Ning jumped in place happily, his height of over 1.8 meters making him stand out even more.

“But…” He suddenly hesitated.
“If someone asks, don’t say it was me who sent it, okay?”

What does he mean? If I don’t mention him, can I still say that I sent it?

Xi Ning was speechless, unable to understand his thought process.

But before she could say anything, Xi Mu had already run away with his things.

Carrying the two cups of bubble tea, Xi Ning walked into the classroom expressionlessly.

Fortunately, Kong Nianxi’s seat was still empty.

When she placed the bubble tea on Kong Nianxi’s desk, the noisy surroundings suddenly quieted down.
Xi Ning didn’t pay much attention to it and quickly returned to her seat.

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