ge, and there had been many students coming and going at the entrance of the dormitory.
The convenience store on the first floor had been even more crowded.

She had taken a breath and had been about to enter the building and go upstairs when she had noticed a familiar figure out of the corner of her eye, standing under a tree.

A girl had been talking to a boy face to face, with her long hair tied behind her ears, revealing a beautiful and fair swan-like neck.
Her slender and straight legs under her school skirt had been enough to make any girl turn her head for a second look.

She had encountered her twice in less than half an hour since entering the school.
But Xi Mu should have been grateful for this “good luck” and taken them all.

Xi Ning had thought with a teasing attitude.

“Wow, it’s Han, the anchor of the broadcasting station.
Has Kong Nianxi changed her red man again?”

Someone had suddenly approached her from behind and had spoken softly.
She had taken a step forward and had turned her head to see Tu Xiaoyuan’s almond-shaped eyes under her air bangs.

“Tu Xiaoyuan… can you pay less attention to this meaningless gossip?” Xi Ning had looked at her helplessly.

Tu Xiaoyuan had been Xi Ning’s friend, a low-key second-generation rich kid who loved to eat and gossip, and whose biggest wish had been to lose weight quickly and get good grades.

Tu Xiaoyuan had been a short girl with a sweet appearance.
She had had to look up to see Xi Ning’s eyes.
“But aren’t you curious too, Ning Ning?”

Xi Ning had almost choked.
“What are you talking about? I was just passing by!”

“Okay, it doesn’t matter.” Tu Xiaoyuan had waved her hand and hadn’t continued the topic.
She had shaken her pink piggy bag and had said happily, “I brought a self-heating hot pot.
Let’s eat together in the dorm tonight!”

Xi Ning had looked down at the bulging piggy bag and then up at Tu Xiaoyuan’s fair and round face.
She couldn’t help but remind her, “Didn’t you say you wanted to control your sugar intake and lose weight last Friday?”

In fact, Tu Xiaoyuan had been at most slightly overweight, but now the beauty standards for high school girls were so high that most girls wanted to be a little thinner.

But Tu Xiaoyuan had been a giant in speech and a dwarf in action.

“Ah, did I say that?” Tu Xiaoyuan had been surprised.

Xi Ning: “…”

Tu Xiaoyuan said, “It’s okay.
When I went home last weekend, my mom said I looked much thinner, so it was worth celebrating with a good meal! I went to the convenience store to buy some sausages to cook that night.
Wait for me, okay?”

After she finished speaking, she stuffed the little pig bag into Xi Ning’s arms and walked into the convenience store.

Feeling the weight in her hands, Xi Ning sighed and waited for her in place.

When Tu Xiaoyuan came out, she not only had sausages in her hands.

“Do you want to eat?” She extended her white and tender hand, holding an opened box of chocolate-filled cookies.

“Thank you, but you should keep it for yourself and enjoy it.
Don’t come to me regretting it after weighing yourself tonight.”

This girl couldn’t control her eating habits and always weighed herself after eating.
Then she would drag Xi Ning into making vows and nagging about it, making her ears calloused.
So, Xi Ning had to take preventive measures.

Dragging her luggage into the dormitory building, they passed by the tree in front of the convenience store, and there was no one there.

The school dormitory had six floors and no elevator.
The only way to go up and down was to climb the stairs of the safe passage.

As a lucky class, all the female students in Xi Ning’s class were assigned to the sixth floor.

It was okay during normal times, but it was a nightmare every time they had to carry their luggage on weekends.

Fortunately, because Mr.
Xi was a fitness enthusiast, Xi Ning and her siblings were spared from being “tortured” too much.
Although it was hard work, there were still many benefits.
Their family seemed to maintain good figures, and Xi Mu had developed abs.
Every time he played basketball, he deliberately showed off like a peacock, attracting cheers from the audience and becoming the center of attention.

For Xi Ning, at least carrying her luggage up to the sixth floor was not a problem.

“Are you tired? Let me help you?” Tu Xiaoyuan was relaxed, except for holding snacks in her hand, she only carried a backpack.

Her luggage had already been carried up by the driver’s sister when she arrived.
It was also because of this that Tu Xiaoyuan’s mother specially hired a driver sister who could easily enter the female dormitory to take her to school.

They were about to reach the sixth floor when Xi Ning put down her luggage and stopped at the turning platform to talk to Tu Xiaoyuan.
When she stood up, she heard a conversation above her head.

“Need any help, Nianxi?”

“Thank you, but it’s okay.
These things aren’t that heavy.”

Her eyes looked up before her mind registered what was happening.
On the upper level of the stairs, Kong Nianxi stood facing the lower stairs, with a beige shoulder bag on her left shoulder and several branded shopping bags in her hand.

Damn it… This was the third time.

Xi Ning swore that she didn’t have a strange habit of eavesdropping on other people’s conversations.
It was just that, at this moment, there were only the two of them on the stairs of this floor, except for her and Tu Xiaoyuan.

Kong Nianxi lowered her head to open her bag, seeming to be looking for something.
Suddenly, a round object fell out of the bag, rolling down the stairs step by step until it stopped at Xi Ning’s feet.

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