er party replied quickly, but only with the words “Thank you,” and nothing more.

Given the other’s unusual reaction these past few days, and the particularly unique girl just now, Xi Ning couldn’t help but ask for more information.

It wasn’t until she was about to fall asleep that she received Su Yuqi’s reply:

“My mom is getting remarried, and she is my nominal step-sister.”

In the blink of an eye, it was Friday.
Xi Mu was unusually quiet these past two days.
Compared to the “information bombing” of the previous few days, he was obediently quiet.

Xi Ning had originally planned to wait for him to send her cat videos to tempt her and then directly express her refusal, but she didn’t receive any more messages from him afterwards, saving her from having to waste her breath.

It seemed that the basketball game on Wednesday had really hurt his fragile teenage heart, or maybe he had given up after the initial three-minute enthusiasm.

But for Xi Ning, it didn’t matter.
As long as the other party didn’t come to bother her again, it was the best outcome.

“Ring ring…”

After the second class in the morning, Xi Ning followed the dark crowd out of the computer room and headed towards the teaching building.


Tu Xiaoyuan followed the person in front of her listlessly.
Her English was never good to begin with, and a whole period of listening and speaking exercises left her sleepy and anxious, especially since the class was scheduled in the morning.
As she walked, she yawned and rubbed her eyes, which were blurry from tears.
Without thinking, she reached out and grabbed Xi Ning’s pinkie finger, who was walking beside her.

However, Xi Ning pulled her hand away in the next second.

Tu Xiaoyuan didn’t pay attention and, after a while, she saw a girl in front of her holding hands with someone, so she subconsciously reached over to hold Xi Ning’s hand.
As a result, Xi Ning pulled away from her again.
She finally realized something was wrong and said unhappily, “What’s wrong with you lately, Xi Ning? Do you look down on me? If you keep doing this, I’ll go find Zhuai Zhuai!”

Xi Ning walked forward with an unchanged face and said lightly, “Hmm, go ahead.”

Looking around and not seeing Su Yuqi’s figure, Tu Xiaoyuan pouted and said, “Why is Zhuai Zhuai so elusive these days? Could it be that she’s not dating anymore!”

Hearing her say this, Xi Ning noticed that Su Yuqi, who had originally come out with them, was nowhere to be seen.
She looked around and saw that the crowd around them had already dispersed quite a bit.
She had originally come to find Su Yuqi, but in passing, she caught sight of a figure that was quite familiar.

Well, she didn’t know when it started, but she was so familiar with Kong Nianxi’s physical features that she could recognize her at a glance even from the uniform back that looked the same as everyone else’s.

Her uniform coat was still not properly worn, loosely draped over her shoulders, and the fair skin behind her collar was faintly visible through her soft hair, giving off a warm glow in the morning sun.

At the moment, she was walking alone along the side of the road, her head hanging down and her pace extremely slow.
Originally, there was still some distance between Xi Ning and her, but after a while, they walked side by side.

Walking on opposite sides of the small path, Xi Ning withdrew her gaze and prepared to go straight across, but she saw Kong Nianxi still hanging her head and walking straight towards the open drain on the side of the road.
Xi Ning’s brow furrowed, and she took two steps forward and grabbed her arm, saying, “Be careful!”

Because she was in a hurry, she unconsciously raised her voice, attracting many curious glances from around them.

Xi Ning pursed her lips, let go of the other person’s arm, and bumped into Kong Nianxi’s dazed, slightly blurred eyes.
She was slightly stunned.

Kong Nianxi, who hadn’t slept well last night and was suddenly pulled by someone, looked up and saw Xi Ning’s face, which was so close to her own.
She blinked and showed an unconsciously vulnerable smile, then pounced on her shoulder like a cat.

“So sleepy…”


On the other side, Tu Xiaoyuan, who had been pushed away twice, looked at Xi Ning, who had been hugged by Kong Nianxi for a long time without moving, and said, “???”

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