and was speaking rapidly without pause, as if afraid of being interrupted.
“When did you guys become so close? The development was too fast, already at the stage of falling for each other?”

Xi Ning paused with the mineral water bottle in her hand, and Tu Xiaoyuan quickly pulled out a wet wipe to put under it.
“Hey hey, don’t spray again.”


Xi Ning put down the water bottle, took a deep breath, and prepared to speak.
But then Tu Xiaoyuan interrupted, “However, although you’re a poker face, it was still very obvious when you weren’t being natural.”

“So?” Xi Ning responded.

“Didn’t you notice how unnatural you became when the name Kong Nianxi was mentioned?” Tu Xiaoyuan asked with a smile.


Tu Xiaoyuan suddenly found it amusing, repeatedly saying those three words and observing Xi Ning’s reaction.
Finally, Xi Ning couldn’t take it anymore and glared at her before she stopped.

Xi Ning couldn’t answer.
The reason why she had suddenly become close with Kong Nianxi was because of her cowardly brother Xi Mu secretly admiring him.
It had developed into what it was now entirely beyond her expectations.
Moreover, she had established some kind of “private deal” with Xi Mu.
Although they hadn’t done anything, she had already decided not to care about this kid’s affairs anymore.
But to be honest, if she dug deeper, she felt a little guilty.

After answering Tu Xiaoyuan’s curious questions perfunctorily, they both lost interest and stopped discussing this topic.

“Oh, it seems lively over there.
Let’s go take a look!” Tu Xiaoyuan pointed to the basketball court in front of them.

Xi Ning took a look and saw that there were many people on the basketball court during every physical education class, but today there were many people standing in front of a certain area.

She didn’t like to join in the crowd, but after thinking about distracting Tu Xiaoyuan’s attention, she reluctantly got up.

“Come on, let’s go.”

“I’ll pass.
It’s not interesting.
I’m better than them anyway.
You guys go ahead.” Su Yuqi pinched her phone and lazily lifted her sleepy eyelids, her eyes hanging heavy with dark circles.

Xi Ning frowned.
“You didn’t sleep well again?”

Su Yuqi had been talking less recently, almost late for several days in a row.
It seemed like something was bothering her, but when they asked her, she wouldn’t say anything.

Tu Xiaoyuan also approached and asked, but Su Yuqi just smiled and waved her hand.
“It’s nothing.
I’m just tired.
That side is too noisy.
I’ll rest here for a bit.
You guys call me when you’re done.”

Seeing that she really wasn’t interested, Xi Ning and Tu Xiaoyuan went to the basketball court first.

“Yi Zhe, I love you! Ahhh!”

“Yi Zhe, come on! Yi Zhe is the most handsome!”

“Mu Mu, come on, beat the other side!”

It was only when they got closer that they realized that it wasn’t just a simple crowd.
There were even cheerleaders on both sides, and some were holding up support signs.

Tu Xiaoyuan excitedly pushed her way to the front of the venue with Xi Ning.
“Sisters, can you help me hold this?” The girl next to her handed Tu Xiaoyuan a cardboard sign, which she happily took and, in turn, stuffed into Xi Ning’s arms.

Xi Ning was forced to catch it and, looking down, saw a colorful and familiar-looking cursive character “Mu” made from paint on the sign.
Just then, a stranger standing on her other side also held up a sign with the character “Xi.”

In an instant, Xi Ning remembered something- the text message that Xi Mu had sent her a few days ago, mentioning something about a basketball game on Wednesday… which was today?

“Wow, he’s so cool!” Tu Xiaoyuan’s scream made Xi Ning’s eardrums ache.
She looked up and saw a tall and handsome guy showing off by making a basket and then shaking his hair as he came down, causing a burst of screams.

The noise wrinkled Xi Ning’s brow, and when she looked around, she saw Xi Mu under the basket with a dejected face, dressed in a different colored jersey from the guy who had just played.

In the next second, Xi Mu saw her, and his face lit up.
He quickly scanned the area, as if looking for someone.
When he couldn’t find his target, he turned back to her and made some suggestive gestures.

Of course, Xi Ning knew what he meant.
The other party might as well have written “Kong Nianxi, right?” on his face.

“Sister, are you in the wrong place?” Tu Xiaoyuan’s loud voice drew the attention of the cheerleading squad.
The girl who had handed out the signs probably regretted it and looked at her with a “go cheer for the other team” expression.

Tu Xiaoyuan could only pat Xi Ning’s shoulder, looking helpless as she said in a low voice, “I can’t let my brother eat grass on my turf.
I’ll go to the other side first.” She then abandoned Xi Ning without mercy and left.

Xi Ning was taken aback and thought about leaving too, but someone stopped her.

The girl holding the “Xi” sign patted Xi Ning’s “Mu” sign and said seriously, “Sister, since we have these support signs, we should cheer for Mu Mu properly.
How can we be so indecisive? Do you not like him anymore?”

Xi Ning suddenly had many things she wanted to say, but she couldn’t find the words.
Just when she was holding her breath, the sign in her hand was suddenly taken away.

“Who don’t you like?” Kong Nianxi appeared in the crowd, with beautiful crescent-shaped eyes.

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