their opponents and were eager to start.

Xi Ning stood rooted to the spot, her body stiff with resistance to the game.

Qingye High School required all students to wear school uniforms while on campus.
For convenience during physical education classes, the school had also implemented a set of uniform sportswear.
As a result, the schoolyard was filled with students dressed in green and white.

Kong Nianxi slowly turned around, her white blouse draped over her slender shoulders, accentuating her delicate figure.
Her long hair was loosely tied up, and the skin revealed by her collar was as white as jade.

She stood quietly, with a faint smile on her face, without any intention of speaking first.

Xi Nong moved her lips but didn’t make a sound, and the two of them stood motionless, facing each other, looking out of place among the noisy crowd.

“Why am I not standing behind Sister Xi?”

“Come on, even if you, a guy, stand behind her, so what?”

“Is Xi Nong in the same group as Nianxi? Ah, they look so beautiful together.”

Xi Nong stood frozen in place, able to hear the occasional comments from the surrounding crowd.
She began to feel uneasy and eventually took a step closer before the physical education teacher arrived.
She raised her hands and said, “Shall we begin?”

“Sure,” Kong Nianxi replied with a smile.

Those who had seen variety shows probably knew the rules of this game called “push hands.” Two people stand facing each other at close range, and each person can only touch the other person’s palm.
The first person to be pushed down loses.

Xi Nong was usually competitive, but she didn’t feel that desire to compete against Kong Nianxi at the moment.

“Isn’t the distance between us a bit too far?”

Xi Nong had already assumed her posture when she heard Kong Nianxi speak.
She looked down at their distance and compared it to the other groups.
She felt it was appropriate and said, “There should be no problem…”

As soon as she finished speaking, Kong Nianxi suddenly took a step forward, causing Xi Nong’s neck to tense up.
She instinctively wanted to step back, but her arm was held back.

“Don’t move, this distance is just right.”


Looking at Kong Nianxi, who was almost face-to-face with her, Xi Nong paused.
Her eyes were too bright and beautiful, and after only a few seconds of eye contact, she unconsciously looked away.

She raised her hand again and whispered, “Shall we begin?”

After one or two seconds, Xi Nong saw the other person’s hand raised to correspond with hers.
Eager to end the game quickly, she tentatively touched Kong Nianxi’s hand, but there was no strength in her palm, making it feel weak and powerless.

After the brief contact, Xi Nong withdrew and carefully prepared her next attack.
At this point, Kong Nianxi’s soft palm proactively touched hers.
She quickly released her grip, but the other person pursued her, and their palms intertwined, with their fingers interlocked.

Xi Nong’s heart suddenly skipped a beat, and she could clearly feel the pulse in her intertwined fingers.
A rush of heat flooded her face, and her ears turned pink.

Her brain seemed to short-circuit suddenly, and her body lost control, causing her to fall back, taking Kong Nianxi down with her onto the grass.

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