Chapter 11 – Straight girl’s reputation

There was a momentary blank expression on Xi Ning’s face.

The noisy footsteps behind her grew closer and a girl who had just shouted ran up to Kong Nianxi, “Baby, are you okay? That lunatic was unbelievable.

A slightly neutral voice rang in her ear and Xi Ning felt someone’s gaze on her.
She turned her head and saw a handsome girl with a headband and fresh, center-parted short hair frowning at her.

Although not obvious, she could feel the chill in the girl’s gaze.

[I have a friend who likes her a lot.]

Xi Ning suddenly remembered what Tu Xiaoyuan had said before and took a step back, separating herself from Kong Nianxi, who had her forehead buried in her shoulder.

After stepping back, she noticed that five or six girls had surrounded her, all unfamiliar faces, or rather, she was the “outsider” who had been brought in to support the scene.

The yellowish light above cast a shallow shadow on her deep brows and eyes.
Her long, curled eyelashes moved slightly and Xi Ning looked up, sensing a few scrutinizing gazes.
She paused, looked at Kong Nianxi, who was speaking, and then reached out to grab the hem of her clothing.

“Thank you for the clothes at noon.”

Kong Nianxi turned her head and took the coat handed to her.
She was about to speak when Xi Ning politely smiled and turned to leave.

The girl with twin tails looked at Xi Ning’s retreating figure and suddenly realized, “So she came to return your clothes.”


Seeing Kong Nianxi’s questioning gaze, the girl with twin tails became spirited, “I knew you were blocked by someone, so I rushed back to the dorm to find people.
I only saw Xi Ning standing at the door, so I pulled her over in a hurry.”

Kong Nianxi said, “Oh…I see.”

Her answer sounded a little unhappy.

“When did you guys get here?” She suddenly remembered something and asked again.

“Hehe, we got here early.” The girl with twin tails raised her thumb and started to flatter, “Fortunately, we arrived in time.
Otherwise, we would have missed the whole thing.
You’re amazing, Sister Xi.
You slayed the whole scene and were so fierce!”

Kong Nianxi: “…”

For the first time in her life, she felt anxious about how she appeared to others.

Although she wasn’t sure why Xi Ning suddenly changed her attitude, she had experienced many confessions and pursuits from both men and women, whether

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