Just a reminder: MC will appear in the latter part of the chapter.

In June, in the southern area, the hot season began.

The rice harvest of the Qingyuan production team was finally completed after half a month of hard work in the first half of this year.

Every member of the commune returned home after working in the field until after eight o’clock in the evening.

In this harvest season, no joy can be seen from the team because the first rice harvest of this year was not that good.
It is expected that after paying their ration, each member will not get much grain.

The educated youths who were also part of the Qingyuan production team were also following the members of the team, walking in the direction of the educated youth’s house.

Even though it was called the “educated youth’s house”, the truth is, it was actually the old granary of the production team.

This dilapidated old granary was close to crumbling.
Originally, the country had allocated funds to demolish the old granary and build a dormitory for the educated youth, but the funds for this project were embezzled by the former production team leader, and no new dormitory has been built yet.

If the rice harvest is good, Lu Dazhou, the newly appointed leader of the production team, wanted to use the team’s surplus to build up the educated youth’s dormitory, so as not to be laughed at by other production teams, but with their current situation, they have no choice but to continue to be mocked by the other production teams.

When the group returned to the educated youth’s house, they were hungry and tired, but they had no food to eat.

In fact, they usually keep an educated youth at home to cook, but because of the harvest time, there was no one left at the educated youth site to cook.
During this busy harvest season, even children who could walk went out into the field to pick up rice ears.
So, the young and strong-educated youth dare not be lazy, no matter how delicate they are.

Thus, everyone takes turns in cooking, and it happens to be Jiang Yao’s turn today.

Among these educated youth, Jiang Yao is the laziest.
Even though it was somewhat insignificant to be mentioned, she did, however, do some real work for this past half-month of the harvest season.

However, Jiang Yao was too exhausted to even care about the food at the educated youth’s house.
She would be the first to take a shower every night when they come back from the field, then eat a bowl of sweet potato rice that always has more sweet potato than rice and go to bed.

But there is no such treatment today.
She can only accept her duty to cook.

Jiang Yao hasn’t cooked a few meals all her life.
She didn’t pay attention to the taste, and directly cooked sweet potato rice.
After watching others do it a few times, she thought she could also do it.

In fact, in the Qingyuan production team and even the entire Shan Ping commune, she is the most famous beauty among the educated youths.
Her graceful back fascinates all beings.
If she glances back and smiles, she’s become even more beautiful.
Usually, there are people who come over to help her with the work.
Many people helped her with simple tasks such as cooking, and they took advantage of this opportunity to perform well in front of Jiang Yao.

Of course, these extreme efforts are limited to men, not women.

Just like now, as soon as she opened the rice jar, the old educated youth, Jiang Chao, came to her and said pleasantly, “Yao Yao, you’ve been tired all day, let me help you cook.”

“No, we are all on duty.
If we break the rules and let everyone have their opinion, it’s not good.
Jiang Yao coldly refused.

In fact, Jiang Yao didn’t care about the rules.
She just doesn’t want to have any relationship with any man other than Zhao Pengfei.
She left the blessings of living in the city and came to the countryside to live in a rural community to be with him.
If Zhao Pengfei misunderstood her, wouldn’t she have suffered in vain?

While talking, Jiang Yao had begun to wash rice, leaving Jiang Chao with her slim and ruthless back.

He was unwilling, but he could only greedily look more, and then turn out.

Jiang Yao cleaned the rice, then added more than half of the pot of water, put the pot on the stove, and cut the sweet potato.

After Jiang Yao cut the peeled sweet potato into granules, she poured it into the pot, and Du Yuejiao came in quietly.

“Yao Yao.” Du Yuejiao quietly walked to Jiang Yao and whispered to her.

“Jiao Jiao, have you finished taking a bath?” Jiang Yao smelled the familiar smell of soap on her and smiled.

“Finished washing!” Du Yuejiao also smiled and said, “The soap you gave me smells good.
Thank you so much!”

“Why are you so polite? We are good sisters.
Of course, we share wealth and woe.” Jiang Yao said sincerely.

Du Yuejiao sneered in her heart, but she didn’t let it show on her face.
She moved closer to Jiang Yao.

Obviously, everyone has been sweating all day.
At this time, anyone who hasn’t taken a bath must be smelled of sweat, but Jiang Yao didn’t smell bad at all.
In addition, they all wrapped themselves tightly and went down to the ground.
Others were stewed black, and Jiang Yao’s skin is still tender and white.

Du Yuejiao was so jealous that she forced herself to hide her discomfort and whispered, “I’ve found something for you.
Tomorrow’s production team won’t work.
Tonight is a great opportunity.
You can take advantage of it.”

With that, she turned out a small bag from her pocket and quickly stuffed it into Jiang Yao’s trouser pocket.

Although Du Yuejiao didn’t say it clearly, Jiang Yao knew it was an aphrodisiac.

A few days ago, when Jiang Yao made up her mind to do it, she was quite majestic.
Now that things were ready, she became a little timid.

She looked at the door.
After confirming that there was no one, she hesitated and said to Du Yuejiao, “that… I really… Do I really have to do this?”

God knows how much effort Du Yuejiao took to bring Jiang Yao into the pit without moving, giving her the idea to pretend to be drugged and then take the opportunity to seduce/attract Zhao Pengfei.
If she were to back out now, wouldn’t she be working her ass off for nothing?

Du Yuejiao looked at Jiang Yao’s hesitant appearance and said, “If you don’t do it, Zhao Pengfei will really fly.”

Noticing that she was too emotional, Du Yuejiao softened her tone and said, “Yao Yao, I’m anxious for you.
Haven’t you noticed that recently, besides going back to his cousin’s house after work, Zhao Pengfei was almost inseparable from my sister?”

Of course, Jiang Yao saw it.
For the past half a month, Du Yuejia and Zhao Pengfei have stayed together as soon as they started work.
Zhao Pengfei helped Du Yuejia with her work a lot.
Otherwise, she is also a female educated youth, and no matter how capable she is, she can’t finish working on the ten centimeters a day task.

Let’s forget about centimeter-work.
Anyway, she doesn’t rely on it to eat her meals.
The thing that makes her angry is that the whole production team is now gossiping about how Zhao Pengfei and Du Yuejia were in a relationship.

Usually, the women in the production team tease them.
They wouldn’t explain nor respond, which made the people more imaginative.

“I see.
I’ll act tonight.
” Jiang Yao is cruel.

Du Yuejiao couldn’t help but hook her lips, but she still said hypocritically, “Yao Yao, I know it’s too cruel for an unmarried girl to do this, but you’re going to marry Zhao Pengfei in the future.
Just take it as the first time in advance.
Don’t be afraid.

“I’m not afraid.” The shy young girl said.

Zhao Pengfei is a man who has been on the tip of her heart since she was a child.
In this life, she doesn’t want to marry anyone but him.
Although tonight was not the right place, it might be unfavorable and I heard that it hurts for the first time.
She was not afraid at all but looked forward to it.

Du Yuejiao looked at Jiang Yao’s lustful eyes.
She secretly despised Jiang Yao but was very satisfied at the same time.

Zhao Pengfei can usually resist the beauty of Jiang Yao, but Jiang Yao will become more charming after taking medicine.
A man and woman alone inside a room, can he still reject the fire and be like Liu Xiahui? She doesn’t believe it. [1]



↑1 A reference to Liu Xiahui, who is an upright person.

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