The adventures of my isekai life

Chapter - 3 : The beggining of a new adventure

”By the way gandalf old man why does rogerberg town known as the town of beginning ”

”Ah….. a very old tale, this place was just some ordinary village before he came here, it was about 200 years ago the great hero Rudolf Rogerberg came here on the request of a local villager stating that there are many dangerous monsters lurking around the area and they need help, and the great hero not only help them but also destory the stronghold of each and every mosters which were nearby that village, leaving only weak monsters and animals. And the king was so impressed by his feat that he gives him the whole territory of that area as a reward to him. And from then on it was named as rogerberg town and upto this day there are no dangerous monsters lurking around that area so it is good to start if you are a newbie adventurer. ”

”Wow, i did know it had that kind of back story…., by the way old man, do you see the family of three sitting there, why do that family have animal ears and tails ”

”You don know about it?, is it not common in your hometown? ”

”No… I have seen it first time ”

”Okay then listen carefully, they are the dog people of the great wolf tribe. Dog people also comes into the commoner catagory in their tribe ”

”Oh… is that so, then that means you also belongs to some tribe? ”

”Isn that obvious i am a dwarf, and i also am a pure breed dwarf, you can tell that by the sharpness of my ears. They define how much pure breed dwarf I am ”

”Oh… that is so cool ”

”Hahaha I like you boy. I have a shop in rogerberg and its name is Rocks and Rubble, it is a weapon shop and i am a blacksmith by profession, if you need anything come to my shop i will help you and also give you a good discount ”

”Thank you very much old man, that will help a lot ”

And when we were talking like this the wagon driver shouted and said :-

”The town is arriving get ready with your ID ”

I looked at the old man and asked

”Id…. what is this ID? ”

”You don know? It is with you since your birth and it represents who you are ”

”Really and where can i get it ”

”You don have to get it you just have to summon it. Just try imaggining a image of an ID on your right hand ”

I try to do as the old man says, and a card suddenly came out of my hand. There was a lot of things written on the card like my name, age, criminal tendency….

”Old man, what is this criminal tendency ”

”It refers to whether you are dangerous or not and knight check it at every outpost for it for security, and unsummon your card now, you have to be careful around strangers, to not to summon your ID ”

”Oh…. ok, i undertand ”

When we were talking about it the wagon driver said :

”We have arrived at the town everyone get out of the wagon and show your ids to the knights ”

Everyone in the wagon get off and when i get of the wagon i see a huge wall surronding the town and in between the wall was a gaint gate where the knights are patrolling and checking everyones IDs and luggage. We approached to the check post, there, a knight said to me:

”Halt! show me your ID ”

I do axactly as the old man told me and the card appeared on my hand, and the knight beggining to check it.

”All clear, you may go now ”

I thought that this card or id is some kind of magical thing which appear when i think of it, and disappear when i want.

”Well that goes smoothly ”

Says, the old man gandalf standing besides me.

”Yeah, and that is all thanks to you ”

”This much is nothing kid. You should at least have that much common sense if you want to live or survive here, speaking of that what are you going to do from now on, i don think you have any money on you so i think you will have a hard time living here ”

”Yeah i don have anything and i don have any knowledge about this place either, but can you please give me some info about where i can make some money and get some food and sleep for cheap ”

”Yeah why not, you can get money from adventurers guild by completing jobs given to you, and you can get some food and some sleep in a inn and i can recommend a cheap inn. If you go straight then go right you will find rosevalley inn. You can take my name there and they will charge you a decent amount ”

”Thank you very much old man you are a great help ”

When we were talking the wagon driver came to me and said

”Hey kid, you didn pay your travel fare ”

”Um… how much is it? ”

”It is 10 pero ”

I guess pero is the name of currency used in this country.

”Uh.. sir, i don have any money on me ”

”What! so you are broke huh? And knowing that you still sit on my wagon ”

”Sir i didn know that it will cost money ”

”Hah! Seriously, that is your excuse, kids these days don even know how to make excuses ”

”Now now why don you calm down ”

Says the old man gandalf

”Take this 10 pero and be on you way ”

The wagon driver takes the money and gives of a stare to me as if he was not satisfied and he wants something else but he have to be satisfied with what he have.

”But old man, i don have any money on me or anything of value how can i pay you back ”

”Its ok my child you can pay me anytime you have money on you or you can also consider it as my parting gift ”

”Thank you old man i will definitely pay you back someday and i will also visit your shop to buy some things ”

”Definitely my child, my shop is always open for you and guess this is farewell for now ”

”Yeah, have a good day old man ”

With bright smile on both of our faces and a warm handshake we both have gone our seprate ways.

When i enter the town the market area starts and there were many stores in this area, such as some were food store, some were accessories, some were basic every day necessity store and when i walked by all these stores i see all kind of people. Some have dog ears or cat ears, some people were small in height, some people are so beautiful that my eyes get glued in that moment they had pointed ears, i guess they were elf people. And by admiring different things that i have never seen, i walk by the street and arrived at the adventurer guild. The guild have a huge building, probably the biggest on this street or maybe in this town. Maybe they have a huge bugdet.

”So from here i can get a job to make money to get some food ”

I wondered to myself staring on that huge building thinking what are the new adventures that awaits me behind this door.

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