n a while to make a mistake, which is something I wouldn’t normally do.

“Is there anything special about me?”

“That’s possible.
Or maybe it’s because of your eyes.”

“My eyes? Ah, it’s a rare color here.”

“More than that.”

Suddenly, there was a loud cheer from behind the first prince.
As my eyes turned to that direction at once, Delkian also turned to that direction.
Before I knew it, people gathered in one place, cheering and enjoying something.
There was also a crackling sound.

“They must be playing something fun.”

“Ah, the game.
Lady, do you want to try? You can also place a bet.”

Naturally, the topic changed.

“A bet?”

“Yes, I want to participate.
So, would you like to try it too?”

He gestured as if to follow him.
What kind of game is it that he is so passionate about? I followed him towards the crowd.

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“It’s a top.”

It was a simple game in which a long, slender top made of gold was rotated on a slanted board to reach one of the three grooves at the end.

“The middle one has the highest score.”

“Do they give the winner something good?”

Delkian, who had his hand crossed his arms, leaned slightly towards me and pointed at someone.

“That person is the one who is hosting this banquet, and he collects a lot of rare items.
He runs an auction house.”


Behind the man Delkian pointed at, the items stored in the clear glass dome caught my eye.
Seeing that none of them had been emptied yet, it seemed that no one had succeeded in winning the game.

“Would you like to try?”

“Shall we? I think it’ll be fun.”

While the couple failed, Delkian raised his hand and received two small tops.
He stretched out his palm as if to take it, and I picked up one of them.

“You can do both.”

“One must be done by Your Highness.
It’s a game.”

Before it was our turn, the eyes began gathering more.
Fortunately, no one tried to talk to Delkian as I stood beside him.

Delkian played the game first.
The cheers seemed to be twice as loud as the others.
Everyone looked at him curiously.
In his hand, the top spun around and began to roll on the board.
Unfortunately, the top, swaying to the right and swaying to the left, fell between the middle and the left grove.
The game host sighted.
The organizers were also smiling while drinking champagne.

“Ah, what a shame, Your Highness! It seems that the goddess of fortune didn’t come to your side today! It’s such a shame that no one has succeeded yet! Is no one would become the owner of Arisuke’s ice statue?”

The Arisuke’s ice statue seemed to refer to the transparent statue trapped in the largest glass dome.

What’s so special about that?

“It’s not made from a gem but from mana stone.”

Delkian whispered quietly as if he had noticed my curiosity.

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“Now, beautiful Lady! Do you want to start the game? I think it’s my first time seeing you.
Do you know how to play the game?”

“I just saw it, so I know.”

“Oh, I see, that’s good.
I wish you all the best!”

It’s finally my turn.
I tried to spin the top and asked,

“Mana stone?”

“Yes, it can be used in some pretty strange places.”

Is Mana stone distributed in the Empire? I thought it was blocked because it was precious and, at the same time dangerous, but wasn’t it? At first, I wasn’t interested in this at all.

Still, it’s a mana stone.
Suddenly, I got greedy.
I heard it costs a lot of money because the processing is very complicated depending on how you use it.
I unconsciously focused on the top, and the tension permeated into the hand that held the top.

Suddenly, Delkian burst out laughing.
I was just about to spin the top, but my concentration was disturbed, so I stopped frowning.

“Why are you… laughing?”

“No, you were so focused that your brows frowned.
Did you like mana stone that much?”

“…It’s not like that.”

Delkian still smiled, but I ignored it and focused on the top.
The host urged me, “Lady?”


The top left my hand.
For some reason, it was quiet as if someone had poured cold water.
When I wondered why everyone was busy looking at the top.

I’ve already lost interest.
This is because my top was leaning poorly in one direction without swaying left and right like Delkian’s top.


“Huh? Huh?”

It was then that my top was ridiculously swaying in the opposite direction.
The top was spinning at its fullest! With a light sound, it fell into the middle groove.

It was then that the top was ridiculously facing the other way.
The spinning top is a barrel! With a light sound, it slipped into the middle groove.


…It went in?

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