“I heard Sister Ye led the righteous people to overthrow the demon sect this time.”

“As a result of the battle, she destroyed a devil sect master, two demon masters, and more than 500 devil disciples.
Surely, it was a great accomplishment.”

“Sister Ye is the pride of our Saintess Sect.
If only I had half of Sister Ye's strength!”

“I heard Sister Ye brought back an injured man.
Do you know their relationship?”

“I don't know.”

“I have never seen Sister Ye so nervous.
That man should be close to her.”

“No way, isn't senior sister Ye already engaged to senior brother Xiao Yichen? Why is she so close to another man?”

“Could senior brother Xiao be cuckolded?”

“Don't talk nonsense.
If Senior Brother Xiao hears about it, it will be troublesome.”

Just as these female disciples discussed in low voices, a human figure suddenly appeared.

“Senior brother Xiao!”

“What were you discussing just now?”


“Senior Brother Xiao, you are here to look for Senior Sister Ye, right?”

“Yes, I heard that Qingcheng had destroyed a demon sect, so I came to congratulate her.
Where is she?”

“Senior Sister Ye is on Wuchen Peak.”

“Thanks, I'll go find her.” Xiao Yichen thanked them and rose on his sword into the sky

But, the female disciples suddenly returned to their senses when Xiao Yichen flew toward Wuchen Peak.

“Oh no, Senior Sister Ye and that man are still on Wuchen Peak.
Won't Senior Brother Xiao see them?”

Thinking about how much senior brother Xiao liked Senior Sister Ye, he would become crazy when he finds her staying with a man on the Wuchen peak for three days!

On the Wuchen peak.
Qin Lu could not catch up with Ye Qingcheng, so he had to return to his room.

Although he didn't complete the mission this time, it was postponed for a year, so he still had a chance.

It was just that a year wasn't too long, but not too short.


However, if Qin Lu moved away from Ye Qingcheng now, there was a high probability that he couldn't meet her again.
As a result, this would significantly lower his chances of being killed.

Therefore, he decided to stay by Ye Qingcheng's side and think of a way to make her kill him.

As Qin Lu had nothing to do, he began to inspect the room.

This was a woman's room.
There weren't many things in it, but a faint womanly scent filled the room.

This scent was the same as that of Ye Qingcheng's body.
It smelled pleasant.

He didn't need to think much; this was Ye Qingcheng's room.

Just as Qin Lu inspected the room, a smell caught his attention suddenly.

Qin Lu thought it was Ye Qingcheng who had returned, so he hurriedly walked out.

However, he saw a figure descend on Wuchen Peak.

Seeing this youth, Qin Lu's complexion instantly changed.

After all, he was none other than Xiao Yichen, the novel's protagonist.

He was the blessed child of heaven, with plot armor.

Furthermore, he grew up liking the heroine.

Therefore, the protagonist's jealousy escalated when Qin Lu, the villainous cannon fodder, suddenly stepped out of her room.

Qin Lu could only watch as Xiao Yichen's face darkened, and a powerful killing intent emanated from his body before he could say anything.

“Who are you, and why did you come out of senior sister Qing Cheng's room?”

Qin Lu was overwhelmed by the jealous protagonist's killing intent before he could answer the question.

“But he's only in the Golden Core realm.
How could I fight an expert in the Nascent Soul realm?”

Damn, let's not provoke the protagonist.
If I die now, I can't accomplish the mission.

What to do, what to do?

That's it!



“I think you are Xiao Yichen.
Senior brother Xiao is a dragon and a phoenix among men!”

“I'm Qin Lu, Ye Qingcheng's distant cousin.

“I also came to Wuchen Peak looking for my cousin, but she isn't there.
Does Senior Brother Xiao know where she is?”

“A distant cousin?” Xiao Yichen froze for a moment.

Within seconds, he retrieved his killing intent, and a smile resurfaced.

“So it's cousin Qin Lu.
Sorry, I misunderstood you.”

“This is a small meeting gift.
Accept it.”

Xiao Yichen said that as he casually waved a bottle at Qin Lu.

Qin Lu reached out his hand to catch it and immediately opened it to take a look.
It was a fourth-grade Qi refinement pill.

This realm-breaking pill benefitted the Golden Core realm's breakthrough into the Nascent Soul realm.

This realm-breaking pill enabled the Golden Core realm to breakthrough into the Nascent Soul realm.

Since Xiao Yichen sensed Qin Lu was in the Golden Core realm, he handed it over to him.

Sure enough, the protagonist acted generously.

“Thank you, senior brother Xiao.”

“Since senior sister Ye isn't here, I won't bother.
Farewell.” Xiao Yichen turned and flew away with his sword.

“Senior Brother Xiao take care.”

Seeing Xiao Yichen fly far away, Qin Lu's face changed.
“What a silly protagonist.”

After that, he returned to Ye Qingcheng's room, put the Qi gathering pills in his mouth, and began cultivating.

The protagonist wouldn’t be fooled for long despite being fooled this time.

Qin Lu would be powerless if the protagonist decided to kill him.

His mission was to be killed by the heroine but not by the protagonist.

Last time, he was almost stabbed to death by the sub-division Demon Sect Master.
There must be no more accidents this time.

The power of the Qi-gathering pill quickly took effect, and Qin Lu thoroughly refined its ability into his own.

Time passed quickly, and it was evening in the blink of an eye.

After taking three Qi-gathering pills, Qin Lu's strength improved again.

Just as he was about to take the fourth Qi-gathering pill, an aura caught his attention.

When Qin Lu lifted his head, a lady in white robes appeared.

Ye Qingcheng returned.


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