The next day.

Ye Qingcheng walked out of her room and saw Qin Lu standing on the martial arts training ground not far away, not knowing what he was doing there.

After a moment of hesitation, she turned around and then walked over to him.

Because Qin Lu was so focused on his work, he did not notice Ye Qingcheng's arrival.

As Ye Qingcheng approached Qin Lu, she saw he was painting.

He painted a woman wearing an unusual outfit.

Although that woman's dress was strange, her face appeared beautiful.

“Who is the woman you are painting?”

The sudden voice sounded in Qin Lu's ears, startling him.

Only when he turned back did he realize that Ye Qingcheng had come at some point.

“Ay, what's with you walking without sound? Do you want to scare people to death?”

“Don't you want to die? Wouldn't dying from fear grant your wish?” Ye Qingcheng asked, laughing.

“Miss Ye, it's humiliating to be scared to death.
I can't afford to be such a weak-willed person!”

“Qin Lu, who is the woman you drew, and why are her clothes so strange?”

“She's a woman from Earth.”

“Earth? Where is that place? Where are all the women dressed in this manner? This is too unsightly!” Ye Qingcheng said with displeasure in her voice.

Dressing to attract men? Isn't it extremely shameful?

Having guessed Ye Qingcheng's thoughts, Qin Lu was speechless.

Modern girls often wear clothes with very little fabric to show off their beautiful skin.

Clothing in the Xuan fantasy world was highly conservative.
Hence, she couldn't cope with women's clothing styles on earth.

It was impossible to explain this cultural difference!

“Who is that woman?”

“Miss Ye, this has nothing to do with you.”

Hearing the words 'nothing to do with you', Ye Qingcheng's face darkened instantly.

Last night he said he loved her to death.
However, this morning he drew a portrait of another woman or a woman wearing revealing clothing.

This Qin Lu was simply incompetent, a bastard.

When he found out that Ye Qingcheng didn't look right, Qin Lu thought, 'Is she angry? If she is angry, I will add more fuel to the fire; she will kill me out of rage, wouldn't she?'

After thinking about this for himself, Qin Lu hurriedly said.

“Ye Qingcheng, look at you all day wearing tight robes.
You look so ugly.
Look at my goddess, this figure, this thigh, simply the best on earth.
You're nowhere near her.”

Ye Qingcheng has never been called ugly throughout her life.

Now Qin Lu said she was ugly and was also dismissed as worthless.
Immediately, anger surged in her heart, and her eyes flashed with killing intent.

On the other hand, seeing Ye Qingcheng's killing intent, Qin Lu was delighted.

‘The heroine is easily angered.
That's great, just add some more fire, and she was likely to kill me with a sword.’

The more he thought about it, the more excited Qin Lu became.

Then, Qin Lu held the painting he drew and pointed at two sizes of the lady in it.

“Ye Qingcheng, look at yourself.
Your chest isn’t as big as hers, and you lack long legs like her.
Hmm, although you both are women, why is the difference so vast between you two?”

Qin Lu said this while deliberately measuring Ye Qingcheng.

Initially, Ye Qingcheng was just angry.
However, now, seeing Qin Lu staring at her with drooping eyes, the spiritual Qi in her body surged, and her killing intent increased.

Just one word and she would explode.

If she explodes and kills him, he could complete his mission.

The moment Ye Qingcheng could no longer hold back her anger, a voice suddenly sounded from a distance.

“Qingcheng, long time no see.
How are you doing?”

As this voice came, Ye Qingcheng's anger instantly dissipated.

Damn it.

This guy interrupted him at just the right time.
Who the fuck was this bastard?

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