is heart.

Liang Zhiyu had been a doctor before the outbreak and he squatted down in front of the couch before asking Bai Qingqing: “Where does it hurt? Can I check the wound for you?”
Bai Qingqing was not sure where she had been injured specifically, she just felt pain everywhere and she was a bit embarrassed to say so in front of everyone.
Observing the situation, Fu Chen ordered: “Liang Zhiyu, you help her.
Everybody else goes do their own things.”

Liang Zhiyu was gentle, reached out, and carefully held her arm before gently pressing: “Is it here?”
Now that the crowd had left and because Liang Zhiyu gave her a deep feeling of trust, Bai Qingqing relaxed and said: “Don’t hurt me.”
Liang Zhiyu was aware she had been injured trying to protect Cheng Rui and his heart was inevitably moved.
His attitude towards her softened and he put the usual coldness aside, patiently asking: “Don’t worry, I am just checking for injuries.
Does it hurt?”
Bai Qingqing listed a few areas and closed her eyes; Liang Zhiyu was worthy of being the doctor of the team and he quickly checked out where it hurt.
“How is it?” Fu Chen came back and asked.
Liang Zhiyou answered: “Her right arm is broken and I will need to reset the bone.”
Bai Qinqging’s face paled; she was really unlucky, in the midst of the action, she had no time to think and had instinctively rushed over to save Cheng Rui.
“I will do it.”
Liang Zhiyu nodded and went to find Bai Tiantian for medicine.
Bai Qingqing would need a few days of injections and painkillers.
Fu Chen looked down at the girl, whose delicate eyebrows were twisted in pain.
He said: “You have to bear it.”
Bai Qingqing wasn’t sure whether it was an illusion or not, but she heard a touch of softness in his voice and nodded gently.
It was going to hurt in any case, it was better to reset the bones right away instead of being in pain longer.

Fu Chen held her slender arm: “What did you collect in the store? Did you get sugar?”
Bai Qingqing’s mind went elsewhere, trying to recall whether she had taken any sugar or candy.
She suddenly felt intense pain and heard the sound of bones clicking together.
“Brother, you idiot.” She couldn’t help accusing him: “I didn’t really have time to think of something else.”
Fu Chen stared at her with deep eyes: “Did you grab any sugar?”
Of course, Bai Qingqing had swept all the candies she had found.
She had thrown them in her space and everything was mixed up with all kinds of supplies.
“Take it out.” Fu Chen said, “Give me a bag of candy.”
“What kind?” As she asked, she took a bag of hard candies and a large one of White Rabbit milk candies out. 
Fu Chen opened one of them, peeled off a piece, and fed it to her: “Open your mouth.”
Bai Qinqging ate it in surprise, the taste of the sweet delicacy pouring in her mouth, and she felt as if the pain on her body decreased a lot.
It might have been the apocalypse, clearly, Fu Chen knew how to coax others.
She narrowed her eyes slightly and smiled: “Thank you, brother.
It’s very sweet.”
Fu Chen picked her up and brought her to the girls’ bedroom before warning her: “Get a good rest, don’t mess around.
Liang Zhiyu will come over to treat you later.”
“Yes, brother.”

The Thunder Squad had originally planned to stay in Jiang City for three days; they wanted to loot the grocery store, then the granary, the weapon warehouse, and the hospital pharmacy.
Unfortunately, they had not expected there would be an accident and Bai Qingqing would end up with a broken arm.
However, her injury did not affect their schedule.
The team found a five-star hotel and Fu Chen, Shen Mingxuan and Cheng Rui went to clean it up.
Everyone moved into the presidential suite and, after today’s event, they rested and organized all the items they had taken.

Bai Qingqing had her own room and was lying comfortably to rest.
Bored, she took out a sketchbook from her portable space and started to draw with her uninjured hand.
After a while, Fu Chen came in and said: “Come eat.”
Bai Qingqing put away the unfinished drawing, got out of bed, and put on her shoes before following him out.
The team had gathered in the dining room and they watched Fu Chen take the chair out and serve Bai Qingqing food, just like an older brother taking care of his injured younger sister.
Everyone felt a bit complicated; Bai Tiantian bit her lips and ate silently, and hatred appeared in Shen Mingxuan’s eyes as he looked at the harmonious scene.

After eating, everybody rested in the living room.
Bai Qingqing was a little thirsty and got up to get herself some water.
Fu Chen had gone to take a bath and she looked a little pitiful with only one working arm, unable to pour herself a glass.
A cup was handed to her and she looked up to find Cheng Rui in camouflage clothes standing next to her.
“Thank you.”
Bai Qinqing sipped on the water and Cheng Rui said in a low voice: “Thank you for saving me.”
Bai Qingqing had not expected he would come over just to thank her.
With her bright eyes, she told him: “No need to thank me, we are a team, this is what I should do.”
When Cheng Rui heard her reply, he both felt grateful and had a better disposition towards her.
At this time, there was a sneer: “Cheng Rui, don’t be fooled.
This woman is trying to deceive you.”
Bai Qingqing gritted her teeth, wishing she could hit Shen Mingxuan with a hammer and wondering why he was so annoying.
Cheng Rui said: “Shen Mingxuan, did you forget what the captain said?”
Shen Mingxuan was very upset, how could two of them already be deceived by Bai Qingqing? This damn woman!
Bai Qingqing turned around to stare at him and asked in a serious tone: “Have I offended you?” She pretended to think about it and added: “Because of your looks, I mistook you for a woman.
Are you holding a grudge and is that why you keep targeting me?”
Shen Mingxuan’s expression suddenly sank and became very ugly.

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