Chapter 39: Ye Jiahui (2)

The maid’s eyes widened in shock but before Ye Jiahui’s hand could do anything, her arm was entangled in purple vines and her expression changed drastically.
“You have an ability!”
“Can’t I?” Bai Qingqing asked, her eyebrows raised.

Ye Jiahui couldn’t free herself and her face darkened.
In a flash, knives flew in from the doorway and aimed at Bai Qingqing’s face and heart.
The purple vines immediately let go of Ye Jiahui to block the incoming attacks but knives kept coming her way.

The maid threw herself out of the room and dialed the one with shaking hands.
“What is it?” Cheng Yan’s voice sounded.
The maid cried fearfully: “Young master, Miss Ye and Miss Bai are fighting.
Come back quickly!”

Cheng Yan hung up with an angry expression.
Why was Ye Jiahui at his house? Cheng Rui’s little beauty could be easily killed!

He left his office and found Cheng Rui who was currently training soldiers.
“Let’s go.”

Cheng Rui drove to the villa and found the house in a mess as soon as he stepped in.
The maid was hiding and shivering in the corner, and Cheng Rui rushed upstairs.

The bed, the wardrobe, and the dressing table in her room were all in tatters.
The room looked like a battlefield but no one could be seen.
Cheng Yan looked around the empty room, his face distressed.
Cheng Yan noticed his brother’s muscles tense and the strong killing intent coming from the bottom of his eyes.
He grabbed his hand and said: “Cheng Rui, calm down.
Bai Qingqing will be okay.”
Cheng Rui shook his hand away and threatened furiously: “If anything happens to her, I will kill the entire Ye family.”

Cheng Yan didn’t doubt Cheng Rui was serious.
He followed him downstairs and asked the maid: “Where did Miss Bai go?”
The maid shook her head and cried: “I don’t know.”

Cheng Rui looked around the chaos.
He noticed an open window and immediately walked out of the villa.

“Cheng Rui!” A voice sounded.
A group of people arrived.
Liang Zhiyu, Xiao Yang, Shen Mingxuan, Bai Tiantian, the professor, and his wife had all arrived at the Yaoyang Base, but there was no sign of Fu Chen.
When Cheng Yan followed his brother, he also noticed these newcomers.
From their aura, he could tell at first glance they were all very powerful.

Bai Tiantian rushed towards Cheng Rui and asked: “Cheng Rui, where is my sister? Where is Qingqing?”
The team had not seen Cheng Rui and Bai Qingqing for almost ten days.
After entering the base, they had learned Cheng Rui was already at his brother’s place.
But why was Cheng Rui alone? Where was Bai Qingqing? Everybody had too many questions.
Fu Chen was still looking for her outside the base.
Bai Qingqing needed to be safe because if anything had happened to her, the captain would officially go insane.

The faces of the Thunder Squad’s members were solemn and they all stared at Cheng Rui.
Cheng Rui’s expression was dark; he had taken Bai Qingqing to safety but had also put her in danger.
Seeing his expression, Bai Tiantian shook her head, her eyes filled with tears and complaints: “You didn’t protect her?”

Xiao Yang rushed over and grabbed Cheng Rui’s collar: “Didn’t you? Didn’t you protect sister Qingqing? Of all people!”
Liang Zhiyu’s face sank but Shen Mingxuan really wondered if Bai Qingqing had really died just like that.
“Everyone, Miss Bai arrived at the base safe and sound.” Cheng Yan quickly explained, “But something just happened.”

The group who had started to feel depressed stared at Cheng Rui’s older brother.
“What happened?”
“It’s a bit complicated.” Cheng Yan answered, “But the most important thing right now is to find her.
She must still be nearby.”

Everyone split up to find Bai Qingqing and because the high-level area was full of eyes, they quickly found her.
Bai Qingqing and Ye Jiahui were laying in an abandoned warehouse in Area C, the two of them unconscious.
Xiao Yang rushed to Bai Qingqing and hugged her, his eyes full of worry.
“Qingqing, wake up.
Wake up.”

The girl didn’t stir but Ye Jiahui, who was not far away, opened her eyes and saw many strangers accompanying Cheng Rui and Cheng Yan.

She knew how to show weakness and got up to look at Cheng Yan.
“Brother Cheng, this woman attacked me with her ability and tried to kill me.”
She was the first to speak and the daughter of the base’s leader.
Cheng Yan would definitely be on her side.

The Thunder Squad knew Bai Qingqing had a portable space but outside of the purple plant that had protected her once, they had never seen her use any others.
And no matter how Ye Jiahui could hide her intent, the men could see the sharpness in her eyes at a glance and nobody believed her words.

“I will kill you.” Xiao Yang’s wood element appeared around him, ready to attack, and aimed at Ye Jiahui’s way.
The woman acted in a split second and blocked the branches with the warehouse’s door.
She looked at him with a pale face and cried out: “Are you crazy!”
She didn’t know where these people came from yet they dared attack her! But before she could do anything else, her neck was grabbed by a large hand.
The face she admired so much was now filled with terrifying killing intent.
“Cheng… Cheng Rui…”

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