Chapter 39: Ye Jiahui (1)

Bai Qingqing opened her eyes slowly and noticed the maid standing behind a woman in a white pantsuit.
The woman was in her early twenties, with an obvious arrogant temperament, and was looking at her with cold eyes.

Bai Qingqing sat up but didn’t leave the comfort of her bed.
She asked calmly: “Don’t you know you shouldn’t enter someone else’s room without being invited?”
“Miss Bai.” The maid introduced in a hurry, “She’s the daughter of the Base’s leader, Miss Ye Jiahui.”
No wonder she dared act so haughty.
Being the daughter of a Base’s leader was basically similar to being an Imperial Princess in ancient times.

Ye Jiahui noticed Bai Qingqing’s overly beautiful face, fair skin, and delicate appearance.
She looked like a weak lotus flower and she had not expected she would dare talk to her like that.
“Miss Bai, how about having a chat in the living room?” She said.
Bai Qingqing yawned and replied: “Miss Ye, I have not slept enough just yet.
Please leave.”

Bai Qingqing remembered that this little princess Ye Jiahui was one of the more important supporting characters in the original novel and had also been used as a contrast to Bai Tiantian’s gentleness.
But Ye Jiahui was very different from her own cannon fodder status; she had a powerful family background and ability, was deeply favored by her father, and even more scheming than her fake brother.

Ye Jianguo, the leader of the Yaoyang base, had originally wanted to marry Ye Jiahui to his second-in-command Cheng Yan.
But Cheng Yan had still been in love with his late wife and had sworn he would never marry again in this life.
When Cheng Rui had reached the Yaoyang Base, Ye Jiahui had fallen with him at first sight, both for his appearance and strength.
That same night, she had told her father she would not marry Cheng Yan either.

Ye Jiahui had been confident enough she would be able to seduce Cheng Rui but she had not expected that the man had been colder than an ice cube; he hadn’t spared a single glance in her direction and had greatly affected her.
She hadn’t understood why he wouldn’t take any interest in her when she had been so beautiful and her family had been so powerful.

When she had learned that Cheng Rui had a crush on Bai Tiantian who had come to the base with him, her jealousy had gradually turned her insane; she had started by bullying Bai Tiantian in various ways until she had decided to take her out.

The end of days had magnified the dark side of human hearts and as the daughter of the base’s leader, it had been way too easy for her to make someone disappear.
And Bai Tiantian hadn’t doubted Ye Jiahui; she had believed she wanted to be friends, not to kill her and take her position.

As a result, the silly and naive Bai Tiantian had fallen into Ye Jiahui’s trap and had almost been killed outside the base in order to save a group of children.
After that, Cheng Yan who had never been satisfied with his current status had organized a coup with the help of the Thunder Squad.
He had destroyed the whole Ye family for legitimate reasons and had become the new leader of the Yaoyang base.
But later in the novel, survival had become even more complicated and Cheng Yan had been killed by mutated zombies.
Cheng Rui, the strongest ability user at the time, had become the next leader.

But right now, Cheng Rui had taken Bai Qingqing to his brother’s place and hidden her.
When Ye Jiahui had learned Cheng Rui had a woman, she had found an excuse to come meet her.

Unlike Bai Tiantian, who had been gentle and had helped the maid clean and cook in the novel, Bai Qingqing was lazy and slept all day, and was obviously displeased with such an arrogant lady.
But she didn’t want to waste time fighting with yet another cannon fodder, she just wanted to tidy up her space and go back to sleep.

“Miss Ye.” The maid didn’t want any conflict to start and said, “Didn’t you come to get something? Let me bring you to the office.”
Ye Jiahui was already angry and she slapped the other woman: “Did I ask you to speak?”

Whether it was before the end of the world or after, humane society had always been divided into classes and while not everybody was like that, a lot of people from the upper class always felt superior and never treated the lower classes as human beings.

The apocalypse had made it worse.
The life of ordinary people had become much lower than that of ability users and Ye Jiahui could hit people just because she wanted to.

Bai Qingqing didn’t like that.
She stood up and looked at her coldly.
“You don’t like it?” Ye Jiahui crossed her arms on her chest and said proudly, “I’m just teaching the maid a lesson.”
The maid covered her cheek and did not dare to show anger or any kind of emotion.
She apologized humbly, despite her red and swollen face.
“I apologize, Miss Ye, it’s all my fault.”
She then asked carefully: “Do you still need me to take you to the office?”

Ye Jiahui sneered.
She glanced at Bai Qingqing who wasn’t speaking and turned around to leave.
“Stop.” Bai Qingqing said.

The maid immediately looked at her with begging eyes; right now, it was better to not start a dispute with Ye Jiahui.
Bai Qingqing was delicate and weak, she would definitely suffer in the end.

Ye Jiahui turned back to face her and sneered again: “Who are you to dare to tell me to stop?”
Bai Qingqing’s eyes were dark and she asked lightly: “What about you?”
The men of the base would usually curry favor and please Ye Jiahui like dogs all day long.
No one had even talked to her like that and Ye Jiahui quickly walked to Bai Qingqing.
She stretched her arm high and was about to slap her too.


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