on her forehead, his expression faintly reverent and full of devotion.
“I will make you happy, Qingqing.”
Bai Qingqing felt the thumping of his heartbeat increase in his chest, and her cheeks flushed.
It felt as if he was making her a promise.
Cheng Rui hugged her for a bit longer and finally let her go back to her room.


She didn’t see Cheng Rui the following day and learned from the maid he had followed Cheng Yan to the highest-level part of the base, probably preparing for a new job.

Bai Qingqing played games on her phone for a while until she entered her space.
Her spatial ability was level 3 and her plant one was level two.
She was neither high nor low in the last days, but definitely not strong enough for her to wander alone.

Her body was now able to enter the space and although time was limited that way, she would be able to escape in the event of an attack, or eventually forcibly pull zombies or humans into the space.

But her ability to control plants and animals needed to be upgraded soon.
She would have to reach level 4 to be able to control mutants just as strong and only when she rose to an even higher level would she be able to control many at a time.
She used to love to grow plants and flowers and raise cats and puppies.
Once both her abilities would be upgraded, she would be able to keep some in her space.
This was pretty awesome.

Staying at the Yaoyang Base to be raised by a man and wait every day for him to come back and spoil her wasn’t anything she aimed to be.
But while she only needed to eat a few crystal cores to reach level three, she needed much more to upgrade to level four, of even higher-level.
Unfortunately, Tier five zombies had consciousness and intelligence and were really not easy to deal with.
At a time like that, she really missed her fake brother.
He might have been a bit of a psycho, he really spoiled his baby sister.

Bai Qingqing stood in her space and glanced at her shelves full of items, feeling full of security.
Although these materials and resources belonged to the team, they were all in her space and she could use them as she pleased.

She looked at her small strawberry field.
She hadn’t had time to pick it completely and some of the ripened fruit had already fallen to the ground.
If the purple plant hadn’t eaten all of them yet, it must be that her space power was getting stronger.

The little purple plant sensed her enter the space and swayed at her feet: “Master~”
Bai Qingqing squatted down and looked at the plant.
It used to be a first-tier mutant plant but had now reached the second level; it was now much easier to communicate.
“Did you miss me?” She touched the leaves.
“Chirp, chirp, I did~” It answered.
“Good boy.”

She looked at her field again, which was bigger than before, and wondered what to harvest next.
But as she started to think about it, a voice sounded from outside the space.
“Miss Bai, wake up.”
“Sleeping during the day?” said the domineering voice of a woman, “You really do not understand the rules at all.”

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