andsome man in front of her: “… Cheng Rui?”
It took a second but everything came back to her.
Yesterday, the Thunder Squad had been separated after encountering zombies and mutant plants, and she had hidden in a house with Cheng Rui.

She rubbed her eyes and asked in a daze: “How’s the situation outside? Can we leave?”
“Yes.” Cheng Rui answered, “You go get ready, we will leave soon.
If it goes well, we will reach the Yaoyang base in two days.”

Bai Qingqing did as he said.
She went to the bathroom, washed her face, and looked at herself in the mirror.
Her delicate face was a little haggard, giving an illusion of sickly beauty.
The truth was it was really hard to rest when always on the road.
Combined with that, she had a small appetite and barely ate any nutritious food; she had lost a lot of weight.

She wondered if Fu Chen was okay and if he would reach the base safely.
She also hoped that the Professor and his wife were alright too or her side task would fail and she wouldn’t find any clues about the virus.

She left the bathroom, tied her hair to reveal her pretty face, and said: “Let’s go.”

Cheng Rui led her out of the house and neatly eliminated the few zombies trying to get in their way before the two of them got into the SUV.

Their car drove at high speed and over more undead while Bai Qingqing held a gun and occasionally practiced her marksmanship on stray targets.
Cheng Rui would help her adjust her angle from time to time and the more they drove, the more headshots she managed and the more crystal cores were grabbed.
The two of them were like lovers eloping in the last days, rushing on the highway towards the blazing sun.


When night started to fall, the car stopped at a gas station and they ran into a team of survivors.
There were five people, two couples and a middle-aged man with long hair and an odd local dialect.
It had been a while since anyone had run into another team and both sides exchanged a few words.
When they learned everyone was heading to the Yaoyang base, smiles bloomed on their faces.

The leader of the team was called Zhou Hang and his girlfriend was called Yang Li.
The two had originally been on their way to get married but the end of the world had come before the wedding.
The whole world had changed and they had escaped in a hurry.
Yang Li was very happy to meet other people and she smiled: “Tomorrow, we will be able to reach the base.”

Doomsday bases were mankind last inhabitable places.
People there did not have to worry about being bitten every single day, nor would they starve to death; as long as they were there, humankind had a future.

Zhou Hang hugged her and said: “Yes, we have been running for our lives for months now, we finally have hope.”
The group talked and laughed some more, even sharing their meal with Bai Qingqing and Cheng Rui.
Yang Li was curious about their relationship and asked: “Are the two of you dating?”
“Definitely!” The long-haired man laughed, “The two of them are definitely lovers!”
The other woman disagreed: “That’s not true, I think they’re just friends.” She looked at Cheng Rui with a smile, “Am I right?”

Zhou Hang and Yang Li were high school sweethearts and relationships like they had were rare in the last days; the end of the world had messed up any kind of normal relationships. 1 Survivors might say they were a couple but most of the time, women were just tools for men to vent their desires.
Bai Qingqing looked weak and must be one of those women who relied on a man to survive.
Otherwise, the two of them would have spoken about their relationship a while ago.

Cheng Rui pursed his lips and didn’t answer.

When the two teams had met, Bai Qingqing had noticed the woman and the gazes she gave Cheng Rui, her eyes brightly lit and full of desire.
The man’s expression beside her darkened but she kept staring at Cheng Rui.

Bai Qingqing grabbed Cheng Rui’s hand.
In a weak voice, she said: “He’s my brother’s friend.”
Cheng Rui was silent and a little uncomfortable.
“Hello, handsome.
My name is Wang Feifei, what’s yours?” The woman took the initiative to talk.
Cheng Rui glanced at her coldly, obviously not interested, and pulled Bai Qingqing back into the car.

It was silent inside and Bai Qingqing yawned lazily and lowered the seat to sleep.
But suddenly, there was a knock on her window and the woman appeared.
Taunting her, Wang Feifei talked to Cheng Rui over her.
“Handsome, are you hungry? I have bread and water.”

Bai Qingqing closed her eyes as if she hadn’t seen the intrusion and Cheng Rui opened his car to get out.
The woman thought he was seduced and she walked to him with a shake of the hips, her voice deliberately seductive: “Handsome, there are too many people here, let’s go a bit further.”

Bai Qingqing was about to fall asleep when he heard another knocking sound
Was it her or was Cheng Rui really fast?
She opened her eyes and frowned when she saw the man standing outside the car.
Fantastic, Wang Feifei’s boyfriend was coming to her instead of catching his girl cheating.

She opened the window and the man leaned over with one hand on the roof of the car and a smile on his face: “Little girl, I don’t think you ate anything tonight.
I have bread and water with me, would you like some?”
Bai Qingqing: …
What a coincidence, someone was sent directly to her door to practice her ability!


Whatever “normal” is supposed to mean… amaright?

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