Chapter 31: Giant mosquitoes (2)

The car was rushing from one side to the other the city, still pursued by a large number of mosquitoes.
Seeing that the sun was about to set, they could not stay outside for too long and they headed to a nearby college.

The team quickly got out of the vehicle and killed the zombies around, before hiding in the building.
The mosquitoes couldn’t see them anymore and after flying around the school for what felt like forever, they finally left.

This was the first time the Thunder Squad had run away so cowardly.
Unfortunately, those mutant insects were really not easy to handle and they were too many.
It was better to hide instead.

There were zombies in the building, mostly former students, and they were all quickly killed.
As soon as everyone went upstairs, a door opened from the inside and two people came out.
“Don’t shoot!” The old man said.
The team stared at the elderly couple, never expecting that people would still be alive after Huacheng’s fall.

“Please, come in first.” The man said again.

The Thunder Squad entered the small room and sat on the couch and stools to rest, as the couple greeted them.
“My surname is Li and I am a professor at this school.
This is my wife.” Professor Li spoke.
Bai Tiantian asked: “Why didn’t you reach a survivor’s base? Are you trapped here?”

Professor Li explained that after the end had come, he and his wife had not found any way out and had only been able to stay in this small apartment.
Fortunately, his wife usually hoarded food but it had been really difficult to survive until then.
Electricity and water had not been cut yet in Huacheng but they couldn’t waste any resources.

They had managed to contact their son last month and learned he was at the Yaoyang base.
The old man didn’t want him to come to pick them up and risk his life.
The couple persisted there until they met them today.

Professor Li had an elegant temperament and spoke very gently: “I know this is difficult to survive and old people like us are a burden.
But I beg of you, can you send my wife to my son’s base? He is doing research over there, he will definitely be able to help you.”

Everyone looked at Fu Chen.
Huacheng was only two days away from the Yaoyang base and bringing this couple was not too troublesome for the Thunder Squad.
But the road was dangerous and they had to think about their own safety first.
Bai Tiantian looked at the thin elderly couple and glanced at Fu Chen with tears on her face.
At the same time, Bai Qingqing received a mission from her system.
[Side mission number two: Help the old professor and his wife find their son Li King.
If the mission is completed, you will receive clues related to the virus and the end of the world and 1,000 points.]

The old couple had not been mentioned in the original novel but since it was a task related to the virus, it had to be accepted.
Bai Qingqing looked at Fu Chen and said: “brother, we are also heading to Yaoyang base.
Let’s take Professor Li and Aunt Li with us.”
Fu Chen was not a kind person but he wasn’t cruel either.
He lightly replied: “Tomorrow, you will leave with us.”
Professor Li bowed to him, gratitude in his eyes: “Thank you.
Thank you so much.”

The room was not big but the couple took all of their quilts stashed at home and covered the floor for them.
Bai Tiantian was careful for once; after suffering a loss in Zhou Village, she did not expose her spatial abilities and helped them organize the bedding arrangement.


The next day, the team got ready and set off again.
Huacheng was not a place they could stay for a while and their RV crushed the zombies all the way out of the city before quickly driving away, towards the Yaoyang base.

Since the end of the world, the climate had become unpredictable.
It started to rain heavily at noon and the sun reappeared shortly after, illuminating the wilderness.
When it set, they parked the car and prepared for the night.
There were two more people in the RV and the sleeping accommodations needed to be rethought.
The old couple took a room and the girls took another.
The remaining five men had to share the last room and the couch in the common room.

They were about to reach Yaoyang base and Bai Qingqing couldn’t sleep.
She had not heard of the system’s success in seducing Xiao Yang or anything from Cheng Rui and didn’t know where she stood.
Obviously, her relationship with Cheng Rui had evolved but he still didn’t like her.

Cheng Rui and Shen Mingxuan were currently the ones keeping guard.
They were usually busy during the day and rarely spoke at night.
Bai Qingqing got dressed.
She took a men’s jacket from her space and a soda, before getting out of the car.

The two men had nothing to talk about and were both sitting on the roof of the car, silently observing the surroundings.
As soon as Bai Qingqing opened the door, they noticed her.
She looked up to the roof with a soft smile and whispered: “Cheng Rui, come down.”
Cheng Rui immediately got up.
Shen Mingxuan looked at her with disdain, even more obviously since she had deliberately revealed her true character a few days ago.

Bai Qingqing handed the jacket to Cheng Rui and said with concern: “The night is cold and your injury isn’t completely healed yet.
Don’t freeze, put it on.”
Cheng Rui’s ability was fire and he was not afraid of getting cold.
But he took the coat obediently and put it on.
Bai Qingqing also handed him the soda and added: “This is also for you.”

After he took the can, Bai Qingqing stretched out her hand and pulled at his clothes.
She showed a begging expression and said: “Cheng Rui, Doctor Liang told me you were a sniper in the army.
Can you teach me how to shoot?”
Cheng Rui’s eyes went dark for a second; it turned out she was acting all caring because she wanted to ask for a favor.
Bai Qingqing felt a little nervous and clasped both hands in front of her chest.
She blinked and said: “Please?”

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