Chapter 30: Ambiguous angle

Hmm what was that? A slap on the wrist and a gift to make it all better? Bai Qingqing picked up the small exquisite diamond earrings and asked: “Brother, where did you get those? When we went to the mall this afternoon?”
Fu Chen raised his hand and squeezed an earlobe.
They were pierced and nobody would see if they didn’t pay attention but when she had picked the pink diamond ring with a lot of joy in the store, Fu Chen had looked around and found earrings of a similar type, before taking them silently.

Fu Chen answered indifferently: “Grabbed them there.”
His cold and slender fingers rubbed her earlobe and their sensitivity gave Bai Qingqing a strange feeling.
“You just grabbed such nice diamond earrings?” Bai Qingqing fought against the tingling sensation and added, “Put them on me.”
She gave him back the earrings and took a small mirror from her space.

Fu Chen stayed silent for a few seconds, thinking that she had just been bullied and was crying a moment ago, and resigned himself.
He pinched the small diamonds and carefully helped her put them on.
“Is it done?” Bai Qingqing asked.
Fu Chen loosened his grip on her earlobes: “Done.”

Bai Qingqing excitedly looked at herself in the mirror, moving left and right, obviously very satisfied.
She turned her head and smiled at the man: “Thank you, brother.”
Fu Chen couldn’t help but think that although his sister was squeamish, she also was very easy to coax.

There was a knock on the door and Bai Qingqing put away the small mirror.
“Brother, let’s go, dinner must be ready.”
The two of them walked out of the room and the people gathered around the dining table looked at them.
When they saw Bai Qingqing’s red eyes, Xiao Yang immediately asked: “Qingqing, why are you crying? Did the captain scold you?”

He hadn’t seen Bai Qingqing for the whole day and thought Fu Chen was angry with her because of the fight.

Shen Mingxuan’s lips curled up with a sneer.
If Fu Chen really scolded Bai Qingqing, that would be great.
Unfortunately, the mood between the two of them looked even closer than before.
Cheng Rui’s eyes sank and he looked at Fu Chen.
He put his hands on the table tightly, thinking their captain would want to talk to him.
Bai Qingqing quickly explained: “Brother didn’t scold me, I accidentally bumped into something.”

She walked over to Cheng Rui and sat down, reaching out to hold his bowl and feed him as usual.
But before she could, he stopped her.
“No need.”
“But your injury…”
“Is a lot better.” Cheng Rui replied calmly, “I can eat it by myself.”
Bai Qingqing nodded but added: “Don’t force yourself, just tell me if you need help.”
Bai Tiantian also said: “I can also help.”

Xiao Yang felt like the grievances in his heart and stomach were about to suffocate him, and he went to stand in front of Bai Qingqing after dinner, eager to get some care from her.
It was okay for a man to get hurt, not to mention from a fight, but he just wanted her comfort and acted like a little puppy waiting for his owner to pet him.
Someone was taking the initiative to get closer, how could Bai Qingqing refuse? She peeked at Fu Chen who was talking with Liang Zhiyu and waved at the boy, whose heart started beating faster.

“Sister Qingqing.”
Bai Qingqing instinctively raised her hand to rub his head and she said in a low voice: “Let’s go to the balcony.”

Xiao Yang nodded.
The two of them separated again and headed outside one after the other.
To prevent the zombies from being attracted by the light, the curtains had been drawn in the suite and only the cold light of the moon fell on the balcony.

There was a recliner outside and Bai Qingqing asked Xiao Yang to sit down before taking medicine out of her space.
She stood in front of him, squeezed some ointment out, and used a cotton swab to apply it on his face.
She was not gentle but deliberately using a little force.
Xiao Yang hissed: “It hurts.”
Bai Qingqing stared at him: “I thought you weren’t afraid of pain.”
Xiao Yang felt aggrieved in his heart and he watched her with a somewhat ugly face.

“Are you angry?” Bai Qingqing looked at him and said, “Xiao Yang, I thank you for defending me this morning but your impulsivity will only cause me trouble.”
There was a hint of relief in the boy’s expression and Bai Qingqing continued: “Have you ever thought what would everyone think of me when you fought with Shen Mingxuan?”
“Because of me, brothers in arms are fighting.
Everyone will think I’m a disaster and deliberately provoking you.”
Xiao Yang showed a regretful look on his face: “But Shen Mingxuan treats you like that, I just can’t help but feel angry.” He stared at her and took her hand, “He hurt you.”
“Just save me from his hand, my brother can punish him.”

Xiao Yang was sad; he was not strong enough and she could only rely and trust Brother Fu.
Perhaps in her eyes, he really was just a rash and impulsive boy.
Bai Qingqing had to keep targeting them in the future, it was better for her to not have them fight.
Otherwise, knowing Fu Chen’s character, she would be driven away from the team even with her portable space.
But it didn’t mean she couldn’t be nice to Xiao Yang.
“Where else does it hurt? Let me see?” She asked gently.
Xiao Yang hesitated but answered: “A bit painful in the stomach.” He hadn’t held back his punches, neither had Shen Mingxuan.
Both of them had dealt with rather strong blows.

“Let me see.”

Xiao Yang felt a little embarrassed but lifted his clothes to reveal his waist and his abdominal muscles.
They were not as powerful and defined as Cheng Rui, perhaps a little thin in contract, but he was tall and full of youth and vitality.
Bai Qingqing coughed lightly and knelt down: “I will apply more medicine.”
Xiao Yang didn’t dare to look at her and hummed in agreement, his face turned sideways.
The corners of Bai Qingqin’s mouth twitched; the boy was innocent.
But seeing the big bruises on his torso, she felt guilty and concentrated on rubbing the ointment for him.
The cream was cold and Xiao Yang hissed.
Bai Qingqing raised her head: “Lighter?” 
“No, no.” Xiao Yang stammered and explained with some shame, “The ointment is a bit cold.”
Bai Qingqing chuckled: “It will be better soon.”

Xiao Yang stared at the girl squatting in front of him and smiled.
The moonlight fell on her charming face; she was as beautiful as a deity and it made his heart beat faster.
As Bai Qingqing applied the medicine, the curtains were pulled aside and the whole team saw the scene outside.
The light of the room spilled on the balcony and both Bai Qingqing and Xiao Yang turned their heads at the same time.
They felt a little embarrassed and when they saw everybody’s shocked face, some guilt spread in their hearts.
From the other’s perspective, their position was indeed a little ambiguous.
Fu Chen sullenly opened the door and pulled Bai Qingqing up.

“What are you doing?”
Bai Qingqing looked at him blankly and showed him the cream in her hand: “Giving Xiao Yang medicine.”
“It turned out to be medicine.” Bai Tiantian blushed, “I thought…”
Liang Zhiyu and Cheng Rui had strange expressions and Shen Mingxuan’s cold eyes were unhappy.
Of course, Bai Qingqing was aware what kind of misunderstanding they all had but pretended to be naive: “What?”
Bai Tiantian vigorously shook her head.

“It’s nothing.” Liang Zhiyu pushed his glasses and said with a soft smile, “Why are you being so sneaky to apply medicine for Xiao Yang?”
“I’m going to rest first.” Xiao Yang thought he was about to get murdered by Fu Chen’s gaze and stood up abruptly.
He tugged at the wound and made a hissing cry, before rushing back inside.
Cheng Rui’s eyes were dark.
He glanced at Bai Qingqing and Fu Chen and turned his back to head to his room too.
The others left too and only Bai Qingqing and Fu Chen were left.

He held the girl’s hand and said: “Not listening to your brother again, are you.”
Bai Qingqing sighed: “Brother, Shen Mingxuan hurt Xiao Yang, and he’s injured everywhere.
He is quite pitiful.”
Fu Chen was the closest to Xiao Yang in the team, almost treating him like a younger brother.
Of course he didn’t have a problem with it.
But he hadn’t gone to Liang Zhiyu and had acted pitifully towards Bai Qingqing instead; Xiao Yang’s teasing his sister didn’t make him too happy.
“I am not blaming you.” Fu Chen took her back to the room and said, “Xiao Yang has thick skin, let Liang Zhiyu deal with him if he is injured and ignore him.”
Bai Qingqing happily responded: “Yes, brother.”


The Thunder Squad had decided to spend a few days in Huacheng to gather some supplies and the next day, everybody got ready to head to the hospital to collect medical resources.
After the outbreak, not only living supplies were scarce, but the collapse of a large number of pharmaceutical companies had led to insufficient medical supplies in the world.
Many people had died from minor diseases and wounds got easily infected; it was primordial to look for various medicine and drugs every time they got the opportunity.
The Central Hospital of Huacheng was very large and divided into two buildings.
Because it had been abandoned for half a year, it already looked gloomy from the outside.

Bai Qingqing held Fu Chen’s hand nervously and followed him.
The team was divided into two groups; Bai Tiantian, Shen Mingxuan, and Liang Zhiyu went to Building A, and she went to the other with Fu Chen, Xiao Yang, and Cheng Rui.
After two hours, they would meet at the door.
Since it was daytime, there were no zombies outside the hospital and they could feel a gust of wind as soon as they stepped into the building.
The four of them walked lightly in the corridor and slowly searched the rooms.
Where they arrived at the warehouse, they opened the door and walked in.
Bai Qingqing collected everything she found; now that it was level 3, she had so much free space in it.
As soon as she finished grabbing everything on her current shelf, something suddenly rushed towards her with a terrifying and hideous rotten face.

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