Chapter 27: You finally show your true colors, Bai Qingqing

Cheng Rui had been injured before and had scars on his body but later when he had gotten his ability, they had almost all disappeared.
This time, he had fought alone against mutated zombies he had never encountered and had been scratched from his shoulder to the middle of his back.
The hideous wound looked monstrous and if it was not treated properly, it would definitely leave a huge and indelible mark.

Bai Qingqing’s finger slid down the edge of the injury and when she reached the man’s sturdy waist, a hand grabbed her arm.
“Ah!” Startled, she turned around and saw Cheng Rui who was holding her slender wrist.
She didn’t know when he had opened his eyes but he seemed like he wasn’t entirely awake just yet and instinctively reached for her too intimate hand.

Being caught so suddenly, Bai Qingqing’s heartbeat echoed like thunder and a shy blush flashed across her face.
The man stared at her, his eyes became cleared and in a hoarse voice that had just woken up, he said: “Bai Qingqing?”
“It’s me.” Bai Qingqing saw Cheng Rui was about to get up and quickly used her other hand to hold down his uninjured side to stop him.
“Don’t get up, you aren’t healed.”
Cheng Rui paused for two seconds before lying back on the bed obediently, as he realized he was still holding her hand and let her go.
“I was just applying medicine for you.
How are you feeling?” Bai Qingqing asked with no change in her expression, “Do you feel the wound is getting better?” 
She lowered her eyelashes, her delicate face showed a trace of guilt and she whispered: “I’m so sorry.
You have been so seriously hurt because of me.”

Cheng Rui seldom communicated with women.
Even in the past, he would rather deal with his men than get closer to the women in the team.
Later, after joining the Thunder Squad, he had started talking to Bai Tiantian occasionally but more often than not when she took the initiative to give him food.
Since then, Bai Qingqing had saved his life in the parking lot and had changed a lot after losing her memory.
He felt that their relationship had become a bit ambiguous since the muscle poking incident and because he owed Bai Qingqing his life, it seemed that his injury was what he owed.
Cheng Rui didn’t complain at all; he felt that he had to protect her both in private and in public, and as he watched the guilty expression on her face and her distressed eyes, a stone dropped in the calm lake of his heart, causing a small ripple.

“Cheng Rui, fortunately you are okay.
Otherwise I wouldn’t know what to do.” She stretched out her finger and touched the wound lightly again, “It must be painful.”
Her slender fingers were white and soft and the touch on his back felt strange.
The indescribable feeling was different from the time where she had poked the muscles on his arm.
Cheng Rui wasn’t able to tell what emotion he felt but his throat became abnormally dry and he replied in a low and dull voice: “It doesn’t hurt.”
He wasn’t used to speaking to others and could only say a few words.
“How can it not hurt.” Bai Qingqing looked at him with a few tears in her eyes before adding softly: “You must be hungry, there is porridge in the kitchen.
I will go get it for you.”
Cheng Rui watched the girl get up and hurriedly walked away, and thought her back was really beautiful.

As soon as Bai Qingqing reached downstairs, she immediately reported the good news: “Cheng Rui is awake.”
She turned around and went to the kitchen to prepare the food to bring the man back.
Fu Chen and Shen Mingxuan were driving in the front, Bai Tiantian was resting in the room and Liang Zhiyu and Xiao Yang were sitting on the couch in the living room.
Xiao Yang watched her go back upstairs with the porridge and quickly followed her: “Is Brother Cheng really awake?”
Bai Qingqing nodded and Xiao Yang caught her with her before snatching the bowl from her: “I’ll help you.”
“Be careful.”
Xiao Yang grinned stupidly: “It’s not hot.”

The two of them entered Cheng Rui’s room and Liang Zhiyu also followed and in an instant, the small space became a bit crowded.
Liang Zhiyu checked on him and said after a while: “You are recovering well.
Don’t have your wound touch water for the next two days and take a good rest to recuperate.”

Cheng Rui instinctively looked at Bai Qingqing.
The girl also wanted to take the opportunity to brush up on her favors and she took back the bowl of porridge from Xiao Yang’s hands before walking to the stool beside the bed.
“Xiao Yang, Liang Zhiyu, please help Cheng Rui sit down, I will feed him.”
Cheng Rui hadn’t eaten for two days and had only been nourished by IV, and the two men did as she said.

Xiao Yang was aware Bai Qingqing had volunteered to take care of Cheng Rui and to apply his medicine; after all, he had been hurt to protect her.
Yet he couldn’t entirely suppress the bitterness in his heart.
Not only was there Brother Fu, but Cheng Rui had also become an object of his jealousy; if he were the one injured, Qingqing would take care of him gently!
It was said that women liked handsome and strong men like Cheng Rui, and his bright type was not as popular with the ladies.
No, he couldn’t let Cheng Rui get opportunities to court her!
Xiao Yang smiled: “Sister Qingqing, I will feed him instead.”
When these words came out, both Cheng Rui and Liang Zhiyu frowned; Xiao Yang feeding the big man with a spoon was a bit difficult to imagine.
Cheng Rui interjected coldly: “No, I will do it myself.”
Bai Qingqing’s dark eyes flickered and she quickly disagreed: “Don’t move! It took me a while to bandage your wound, if you move too much I will have to do it again!”
She then turned to look at Xiao Yang: “Xiao Yang, leave Cheng Rui to me.” After a pause, she added, “Unless you don’t believe I can do it.”
“No!” That was not the case at all, the young man was just jealous of Cheng Rui.

The corners of Liang Zhiyu’s lips twitched slightly and he pulled a reluctant Xiao Yang towards the door.
Xiao Yang looked back as he walked, just like a discarded little puppy, waiting for his owner to change their mind.
Bai Qingqing looked at his expression and smiled: “I will come to see you later.”
Xiao Yang cocked his tail and left.
Only Bai Qingqing and Cheng Rui were left in the room and she took the porridge before gently blowing on the spoon.

Cheng Rui looked at her long eyelashes like butterfly wings, her delicate nose, and her beautiful red lips and he felt a little warm. 
Bai Qingqing didn’t notice he was observing her and she brought the spoon to his lips and smiled: “Here you go.
It’s not too hot, you have a taste.”
Cheng Rui opened his mouth.
The temperature was just right and the taste was so delicious it awakened his stomach that had not eaten anything for two days.
Bai Qingqing fed him the large bowl of porridge with a gentle expression and asked when it was empty: “Are you full? Do you want more?”
“No need.” Cheng Rui shook his head.
“Then I will go down and go see Liang Zhiyu.” Bai Qingqing got up with the bowl and Cheng Rui slowly laid back down on the bed.

The team entered Huacheng in the afternoon.
The city was in ruins and had become a zombie paradise.
They found a hotel and cleaned up their surroundings before they could rest.
In the evening, Bai Qingqing continued to feed Cheng Rui, taking her nursing role very seriously, and strange expressions appeared in the other’s eyes.


The next day.
Bai Qingqing took the medicine box and went to Cheng Rui’s dressing when she ran into Shen Mingxuan who seemed to be waiting for her at the door.
He stared at her condescendingly and said: “You are quite enthusiastic about Cheng Rui.
What, were you moved by his heroic action and fell in love with him?”
Every man of the team was at least cordial to her but Shen Mingxuan was always coldly going against her.
He would always find ways to be irritated when it had nothing to do with her most of the time.
Now, Bai Qingqing enjoyed testing his limits, and because she had Fu Chen as a backing, as the baby sister of the captain, she could act a little arrogantly.
She really liked the fact that Shen Mingxuan couldn’t stand her but couldn’t get rid of her either.

According to his life experience, he seemed to like cute and obedient girls and his ideal type was Bai Tiantian.
Shen Mingxuan had a nasty personality and deep down, he liked beautiful and sassy girls who opposed him.
The more they ignored him, the more his desire to conquer was aroused.
That was why he had been a playboy before the end of the world.
Bai Tiantian’s lovely and gentle temperament reminded him of his mother and let him be her protector and believe this kind of girl was the most deserving to be loved.
He hadn’t realized what he really wanted in his heart yet and Bai Qingqing just needed to break his illusions and have him see it.

She ignored his provocation and lightly replied: “Get out of the way.”
She was always smiling like a little flower to others but always had a cold look and a disdainful tone when talking to him.
“Bai Qingqing.” Shen Mingxuan leaned over and lowered his voice, “I advise you to stop your tricks, you cannot afford to play with anyone on this team.”
“Oh, is that right?” Bai Qingqing narrowed her eyes and obvious mockery was in them, “Can’t afford to play…” She also got closer to him and looked at his furrowed brows before reaching out to touch his face, “Because you said so?”

Shen Mingxuan had not seen that coming and froze in place, He looked at the girl in front of him, at her beautiful face and her charming lips.
After her amnesia, she had completely changed; she no longer deliberately harassed men with vulgar methods but was now hiding her thoughts and let them get a good impression of her on their own.
Shen Mengxuan had not been on his guard enough and she had touched his face.
When he finally reacted, he grabbed her hand at once, almost breaking her wrist with sheer force.
With anger, he said: “You finally showed your true colors, Bai Qingqing.”
Bai Qingqing endured the pain and showed a provocative look, the corner of her eyes raised in an enchanting and seductive manner.
“What colors?” She mocked him, “You mean seduce you?”
Shen Mingxuan’s eyes flashed and all kinds of annoying emotions gathered in his heart.
He sneered and answered: “Seduced by you? Are you worthy?”
The door opened suddenly.

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