Chapter 23: He is the devil returned from hell

The man holding Bai Qingqing fell to the ground and died.
Just like a free bird, she rushed towards Fu Chen and crashed into his arms before holding him tightly.
“Brother, you are finally here! I thought you wouldn’t be able to find me.”
Fu Chen gently embraced her and whispered: “Don’t be afraid.
No matter where you are, I will always find you.”
Xiao Yang’s gaze was a bit complicated and he watched Fu Chen bitterly; he was jealous of the captain’s identity as an older brother, Sister Qingqing always took the initiative to hug him.
He secretly replaced Fu Chen with himself in his own fantasies and somewhat felt a little better.

Wucheng was a safe city and troops were patrolling everywhere.
Gifted people were not allowed to use their abilities casually and if the city’s resources were lost in a fight, they would be driven out of there.
Therefore, no one dared to make trouble inside of Wucheng, let alone commit a crime inside of Area A.
When Fu Chen and the others rushed in and killed someone, Zhang Zhong was taken aback and his face became dark and ugly.
“Who the hell are you? Who dares break into my villa?”
Fu Chen stared at Zhang Zhong with glacial eyes, as if he was looking at a lifeless thing.
His team had found out that the survivors of the auction had been sent to the prison for isolation and had hoped Bai Qingqing had been one of them.
When he had rushed there to find her, he had learned both her and Bai Tiantian had been taken away by one of Wucheng’s higher-ups.
He had almost gone crazy when he had heard the news.
Bai Tiantian was the darling of heaven; even if she encountered a crisis, she never seemed to be in real danger or anything serious.
Bai Qingqing however was different.

Before the end of the world, Zhang Zhong had been an ignorant and rich second generation.
After the awakening of his ability, he had become an important figure in Wucheng’s safe area, relying on his identity and his power to reign as a little monarch.
All the women who entered the city he found attractive would, one way or another ended up in his ends.
Their fate was naturally not good, either thrown to others, either tortured and raped by himself, like sex slaves with all dignity stripped away.
And after all these days of getting along, Fu Chen sincerely regarded Bai Qingqing as his baby sister; how could he tolerate his sister being abused and violated? Thinking of her fear and tears, Fu Chen became angry and wanted to fry Zhang Zhong’s bones on the spot.

“It doesn’t matter who we are.” Fu Chen looked at the men with a terrible expression and killing intent, “You will all die here tonight.”
“With just you?” Zhang Zhong laughed, “You dare come start trouble here without looking around!”
Zhang Zhong’s ability was level 3 and his men were all level 2.
After only a few months since the end of the world, they were already considered rather strong, and with the military protection just outside, he was not afraid of losing.
“You must either be brave or stupid to come to start trouble in my house!”
Zhang Zhong looked at his men and ordered: “Arrest them but don’t kill them.
It’s no fun to kill them too fast.”
He grabbed Bai Tiantian who was still beside him, locked her in his arms, and pinched her face in front of everyone.
“You can also watch them kneel down and beg for mercy.”

Bai Tiantian’s face was pale and she looked at the men of the team with fear and humiliation before crying out: “Don’t worry about me, just go!”
Although she regarded the Thunder Squad’s members as her saviors, she didn’t want them to be in danger and would rather suffer.
Shen Mingxuan’s expression became even colder; looking at Bai Tiantian, he remembered his mother’s past shame and yelled: “Let her go!”
Zhang Zhong smiled triumphantly: “Who are you to her? Boyfriend? Husband?”
He showed a satisfied expression: “I’ve tasted her, she’s good.
She should be good to play with for at least half a month before she gets boring.”
Hearing his insulting words, Shen Mingxuan’s face darkened even more and he attacked furiously.
Bai Tiantian ran back to the men and stood still in place like a piece of wood while Bai Qingqing was speechless at the situation.
Ah, she was standing still too.

Bai Qingqing withdrew from Fu Chen’s embrace and he hid her behind him.
Liang Zhiyu was calmer than the angry Fu Chen and Xiao Yang, and when he noticed Bai Qingqing’s skimpy dress, he took off his coat and handed it to her.
“Put it on.” 
Bai Qingqing took the coat with a grateful expression and whispered: “Thank you.”
Liang Zhiyu nodded slightly and turned around to look at all the Gifted men who were still hesitating to attack in the room.
Fu Chen had killed one of them with one single move and it had frightened several others, and Shen Mingxuan’s fierce and frantic attacks had placed Zhang Zhong in a defensive position.

There were a lot of troops in Wucheng but even if many of them were Gifted, it was not easy to stay in one piece and they needed to start fighting quickly.
“Trash!” Zhang Zhong shouted: “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and help me!”
Zhang Zhong would share women with his subordinates and friends, but he would also send them to feed zombies if he became angry, and the men moved against the Thunder Squad.

There was chaos in the living room and Bai Tiantian was crying in horror as she yelled: “Don’t fight! Stop fighting!”
Zhang Zhong looked at her pitiful appearance and felt very satisfied in his heart: “Little beauty, do you feel bad?” He laughed and added, “It’s not time yet, just wait and I will give you a good show later.”
He scanned the room again, looking for Bai Qingqing.
If Bai Tiantian was the pure and lovely gardenia, she was the enchanting and even more desirable rose.
The scorching gaze found her and Bai Qingqing raised her head.
When she saw Zhang Zhong’s lecherous and aggressive eyes, she felt like vomiting in her heart and became more vigilant.

Gifted in Wuzheng had been trained and had a lot of battle experience.
They cooperated and fought against Fu Chen as the furniture and lights in the room all shattered under the assaults of various abilities.
The entire villa shook and looked as if it was about to collapse.
Zhang Zhong had believed his men would be able to settle this fight quickly and had not expected they would actually get injured, nor to see his favorite house get destroyed.

“Trash! Kill them all!” The man screamed.
He thought that his order of catching them alive was the reason his men were losing, not believing that the Thunder Squad’s men had such strong abilities.

Fu Chen waved lighting and the opponent he struck instantly spat blood and fell to the ground.
He looked back at the small animal crouched in the corner and yelled: “Qingqing, go hide outside!”
Bai Qingqing ran to the side and shouted back: “Brother, be careful!”
In a loud noise, the villa finally collapsed.
Bai Qingqing dodged left and right, trying to make her way to the door when a huge piece of debris rushed towards her.
“Qingqing!” Xiao Yang yelled.
Shen Mingxuan had gone to rescue Bai Tiantian from Zhang Zhong’s hands and Liang Zhiyu and Fu Chen were both in the middle of the fight.
Xiao Yang was the closest and his wood ability surged forward frantically.
But he wasn’t fast enough.
Bai Qingqing instinctively raised her arms to protect her head and the huge stone fell fast.
As it was about to smash her, the chirping sound of the purple grass sounded and it quickly surrounded her.
In an instant, Bai Qingqing was enveloped in purple vines and when the rock hit her, it fell to the ground in pieces.
The purple ball rolled and flew out of the villa as it turned into ruins behind her.

The Thunder Squad’s members came out of the mansion from various places.
Shen Mingxuan was holding the intact Bai Tiantian, Liang Zhiyu raised his hand to push back his half-crooked glasses and Xiao Yang quickly ran towards the purple ball to check on Bai Qingqing.
Fu Chen was the last to appear, Zhang Zhong’s neck in his hands, and he used his mental power on him.
Zhang Zhong screamed: “You dare kill me? Do you know who my brother is? Kill me and the whole city will come after you!”
Shen Mingxuan put Bai Tiantian down.
He walked over and put his foot on the man’s head before saying cruelly: “Your brother cannot save you, nobody can!”
Liang Zhiyu and Xiao Yang were helpless around the purple ball, not sure whether Bai Qingqing was injured or even alive.
Fu Chen dropped Zhang Zhong and left him to Shen Mingxuan before striding forward to the weird plant.
“Qingqing, are you okay? Can you hear me?”
There was no sign of life from the ball.
Fu Chen’s face was dark and he looked with hatred at Zhang Zhong, who had just been kicked by Shen Mingxuan.
If anything happened to Qingqing, he wanted the man to beg for death.

He took a knife from his body and tried to cut the vines but wasn’t able to damage them.

As Zhang Zhong was getting beaten, he screamed loudly that they would all die in Wucheng.
The battle had caused a huge commotion and soon, soldiers would rush over.
To flee the city, they would have to pass through the same numerous checkpoints and hurdles, which was not only time-consuming but also dangerous.
If the team wanted to leave safely, they needed to temporarily keep Zhang Zhong alive.
Fu Chen walked to Zhang Zhong and threw lighting at him. 
“Ah!!!” Zhang Zhong howled and his arms were instantly chopped off.
Blood flowed out and the ground was stained in red.
Bai Tiantian cried out, unable to believe Fu Chen could be so cruel.
“My arms! My arms! Ah….!” Zhang Zhong’s eyes were filled with endless hatred, “I will never spare you even if I die!”
Fu Chen’s expression was glacial; he was the devil returning from hell himself, whether his enemy was a man or a ghost, what fear did he have?
They didn’t know if Bai Qingqing was still alive and Xiao Yang also kicked Zhang Zhong bitterly: “Do you think we will let you go?”

Wucheng’s sirens suddenly sounded, awakening people from their sleep; they hid in their homes or came out to check on the situation.
The soldiers were quickly alerted and they surged from two directions, and the city fell into panic throughout the process.
One team rushed to Area C and the other went to Area A.
Liang Zhiyu: “Captain, we should go.”
Fu Chen looked at Bai Tiantian coldly: “Rope.”
Bai Tiantian tremblingly took some rope from her space and Zhang Zhong was tied, gagged, and thrown into a military vehicle.
The purple ball that trapped Bai Qingqing was also loaded in, and the team went back to grab the seriously injured Cheng Rui before hurrying towards the entrance of the city.
Wucheng closed its gate at night and there were still a few hours before down; all they could do was to find a hiding spot to wait.
Fu Chen sat in the car and looked at the purple ball with heavy eyes in the dark space.

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