Chapter 1: Ding, open the cannon fodder counterattack heartthrob script

“Bang bang bang—”
“Bai Qingqing, open the door—”
There was a heavy knock on the door and a panicked voice with a sense of urgency followed it.
Bai Qinqqing opened her eyes drowsily, groaning under the assault of a splitting headache, and observed her surroundings.
A two-meter bed was placed in the bedroom and on it was lying a handsome young man.
He was wearing camouflage short sleeves and black trousers; his profile was exquisite and perfect, his eyes were closed, his breathing heavy and his whole body was cold as ice and exuded danger.

Bai Qingqing was at first a little confused, until memories that did not belong to her appeared in her mind.
The clearer the images were, the uglier her face became.
She had not expected she would transmigrate into a book, let alone one during the end of the world.

The goddess of this world was called Bai Tiantian and was both the half-sister of her original body and the heroine of this apocalyptic love battlefield.
In the novel, the end of the world had come because of scientific experiments: viruses had spread and caused humans to become zombies.
After humans became zombies, they would bite everybody, and as long as someone was bitten or scratched, they would become infected in their turn.
The speed of the infection had been uncontrollable and armed suppression had been useless.
Too fast, the zombie virus had spread to the entire world; cities had fallen one by one and the planet had soon been overridden by the undead.

Mankind had faced an unprecedented crisis and, in order to defend themselves, humans had begun to evolve and awakened supernatural powers.
As the heroine of this world, Bai Tiantian had been one of them.
She had not only gained a water power but also a portable space everybody sought.
She and her sister Bai Qingqing had been born wealthy and had been trapped in their villa when the end had come.
They had been rescued by the Thunder Squad after a while and had rushed to the nearest Doomsday Base.

In this apocalyptic world, women were as short as food, and Bai Tiantian had become popular right away; she had captured the hearts of one man after another.
The men bowed down to the beautiful, kind-hearted, and soft Bai Tiantian, secretly loving her and willing to die for her.

Bai Qingqing was mind-blown for a minute; five men for one woman, Bai Tiantian was truly talented.

There had been droughts, there had been floods, and Bai Qingqing had only been there to beautify the female lead.

Bai Qingqing had not been as lucky as Bai Tiantian and had not awakened any useful abilities.
She had been taken in by the Thunder Squad purely because she was her sister and, as a result, her restless heart had become jealous.
Because Bai Qingqing had no abilities, she had wanted to hug a man’s thigh and any member of the Thunder Squad had strong background and abilities.
As long as she had seduced one, she would have been able to guarantee her safety and eat delicious food and drink hard liquor1.
Unfortunately, despite her beautiful face and attractive figure, those men had remained blind to her charm, only liking the sweet and innocent-looking Bai Tiantian.
Jealous and full of envy, Bai Qingqing had started to deliberately target and be rude to Bai Tiantian; the big guys, realizing how she was treating their sweetheart, had looked at her with nothing but disgust and had decided to leave her in a nearby base.

After the end had come, mankind had established several bases where ordinary people could be sheltered.
But for an adult woman, the price had been to become a bed warmer.
And when Bai Tiantian had agreed with the rest of the team, Bai Qingqing’s hatred had made her insane and she had taken the risk to drug the Thunder Squad’s captain Fu Chen, in order to become his woman.

No one had expected that the weak Bai Qingqing would have been bold enough to drug Fu Chen and that’s how she had succeeded.
After the medicine had been given, the two had been locked in the same room but Fu Chen had directly knocked her out with his special ability.
The next scene had the team rushing in to save their Captain, and Bai Qingqing to be put on trial.
Bai Qingqing had acted evilly and had tried to rape Fu Chen, how could have she stayed any longer with them? She had been driven away immediately but not before she had tried to murder Bai Tiantian in her insanity.
Bai Qingqing had ended up being shot in the head by one of the heroine’s admirers and her corpse had been thrown in a pile of zombies.
In the end, only broken bones had been left.

Bai Qingqing shuddered and heard a voice in her head: [Ding, open the cannon fodder counterattack heartthrob script.
Please seduce the five male protagonists to complete the task.]
Bai Qingqing’s first thought was that this system was crazy: asking her to seduce the five men who belonged to the heroine… wouldn’t it be better to let her die directly?

“Captain! Are you alright?”
“Bai Qingqing, if you don’t open the door we will break in…”
She was now facing the crisis of being caught red-handed.
If she failed to solve this situation, she would be thrown to the zombies and there would be no chance to seduce those big guys that already hated her guts.

[3, 2, 1… the mission starts now.]
The door slammed open and hit the wall in a loud noise.
Bai Qingqing decisively chose to faint; she closed her eyes and heard a rapid sound of footsteps getting closer to her, not daring to move.
“Captain.” Several people talked at the same time and everybody gathered around the bed, asking about their captain with worry.
“I’m fine.” A husky, slightly magnetic voice responded.
Bai Tiantian looked at the man with blushed cheeks, her heart beating anxiously yet with expectation; after being given an aphrodisiac, Fu Chen should feel uncomfortable and Bai Qingqing and her were the only two women in the team.

Fu Chen glanced at the unconscious woman on the ground, a dim light flashing in his eyes, and forced his body up before saying coldly: “Xiao Yang, help me to the bathroom.”
“Yes, Captain.” Xian Yang bent over, stretched out his hand, and grabbed Fu Chen’s arm to help him get out of bed.
Bai Tiantian was still blushing and about to follow but Fu Chen looked back at Bai Qingqing on the ground, his intentions impossible to read.

There were three other men in the room: Shen Mingxuan, Liang Zhiyu, and Cheng Rui.
Watching their captain look back at Bai Qingqing’s figure, Shen Mingxuan raised his foot and kicked her: “Is she dead or alive?”
Bai Qingqing felt pain but she did not even dare to breathe, letting him kick her as he wanted.
Bai Tiantian pulled Shen Mingxuan’s arm: “Mingxuan, stop it, my sister fainted.” She looked at Liang Zhiyu and added: “Brother Liang, can you take my sister away?”
She did not wait for their reply and followed after Xiao Yang, who was supporting Fu Chen.

The people left in the room did not move, Cheng Rui stood against the wall, his arms crossed on his chest, and Liang Zhiyu pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose before asking nonchalantly: “What should we do with her?”
The Thunder Squad did not have many material resources yet they had carried Bai Qingqing around for Bai Tiantian.
But this woman was vicious and had even drugged their captain. 
Shen Mingxuan kicked the girl again, his tone full of disdain: “What else? Just find a place to throw her and feed her to the zombies.”

Bai Qingqing was still acting unconscious and tried to endure the pain while thinking of a solution.
At present, the place where the Thunder Squad resided was a scenic villa far away from the city and the base.
If she was to be left alone here, she would definitely die.
Besides, she had the task given by the system to do and she needed to find a way to stay with the team.
But maybe her body was more injured than she thought: as she prayed again and again in her heart to not be thrown to the zombies, she fainted for real.


“Wake up.”
As soon as Bai Qingqing woke up, she met a pair of cold eyes.
The man standing next to the bed was slender, with deep ink-black eyes that were staring at her indifference, yet somewhat calculating.
With the memories she had gained, Bai Qingqing realized he was the man her original body had drugged, Fu Chen, the captain of the Thunder Squad.
This was definitely the biggest crisis of her life right now but an idea came to her in an instant.
Her gaze became full of innocence and confusion and she slightly opened her red lips: “Brother?”

Fu Chen narrowed his eyes and stared at the woman on the bed.
Her black hair was scattered behind her head and there was a stain of red blood on her forehead; she looked battered and exhausted.
He remembered that, in his previous life, when Bai Qingqing had woken up, she had yelled at him to take responsibility.
And because she had been unwilling to be driven away, she had tried to kill Bai Tiantian and had been shot in the head by Cheng Rui.

Seeing Fu Chen’s expressionless face, Bai Qingqing felt uneasy and continued to pretend to have amnesia.
She rubbed her forehead and said: “It hurts, why can’t I remember anything?”
She tilted her head and looked at the man with fondness: “Are you my brother?”
Fu Chen leaned forward slightly, reached out his hand to grasp her chin, and stared at her gorgeous face.
He was carefully sizing her up, trying to confirm whether she was acting or not.
Bai Qingqing frowned lightly and her eyes became wet: “Brother, it hurts so much.”
Fu Chen’s slender fingers rubbed her lips, his expression dark and gloomy.
His voice was cold: “… Sister?”
Whether she had real amnesia or was acting, he had other ideas.

Fu Chen was reborn.
He had come back to the past and decided not to repeat the mistakes that were made in his first life.
In his previous life, the members of the Thunder Squad had been crazy infatuated with Bai Tiantian; they had all acted as if possessed, dogs at her beck and call, and willing to share the same woman.
And because he had been the only one to reject her, his teammates had felt he had failed Bai Tiantian and had gone against his orders many times.

Survival in the apocalypse had been inherently difficult and because Bai Tiantian had been born with the Virgin Mary aura, regardless of time and place, the Thunder Squad had always been rescuing injured people and animals.
And none of the members had ended well.
Shen Mingxuan had tried to save Bai Tiantian from contracting the virus.
Xiao Yang had gone to save a mutant rabbit for her and had nearly died.
Cheng Rui had been bitten by a mutant plant and broke his arm… And in the end, the whole team had fallen into a trap because of her and they had died in the mutant beast cave.

Fu Chen didn’t know what had caused his men to adore Bai Tiantian to the edge of reason and thought that if he kept Bai Qingqing to his side, he might be less afflicted and not become obsessed in his turn.

Bai Qingqing was surprised to see Fu Chen accept this amnesiac sister character and lowered her eyelashes to cover the joy in her eyes.

The man led her downstairs and all the gazes of the group fell on her as soon as they joined the living room.
Liang Zhiyu was the closest to her.
He was wearing gold-rimmed glasses, slightly hiding a pair of fox eyes behind, and falsely looked gentle.
He was still the easiest to get along with.
Xiao Yang was a handsome, bright, baby-faced man with short maroon hair.
He gave a young and tender impression.
Cheng Rui had sharper features, his eyebrows like a double-edged sword and his eyes as piercing as a hawk.
His whole body was ice-cold and strong, exuding the oppressive aura of a soldier and making people scared to look at him.
As for Shen Mingxuan, the one who had kicked her, he had a standard little white face.
The pair of peach blossom eyes under his handsome eyebrows made him look like a womanizer.
And Bai Tiantian, who was sitting beside him, looked innocent and lovely, her pure face nervously looking at her.

Facing everyone’s scrutiny, Bai Qingqing hid behind Fu Chen, grabbed his arm, and asked in a soft voice: “Brother, why are they looking at me like this?”

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