ed she was lying to him, she would die an ugly death.
If she was even just a little concerned about staying alive, she needed to act like a younger sister well.
Bai Qingqing retracted her gaze, picked up a cooked chicken wing, and walked quickly towards Fu Chen.
“Brother, I made this.” She bent down slightly with a soft and coquettish smile: “You taste it.”
Fu Chen looked at the girl in front of him, his face still dark: “I don’t like chicken wings.” (TL note: what a picky eater)
“Oh.” Bai Qingqing was surprised but didn’t want to give up, “brother, it’s a honey chicken wing.
It’s delicious, try it.”
Fu Chen looked at her begging expression and reluctantly accepted: “Give it to me.”
Bai Qingqing handed him the food.
She sat down in a chair next to him and picked up a cup of water before taking a sip.
Fu Chen looked over and she noticed he was staring at her again.
Bai Qingqing licked her lower lip, confused: “Is there something on my face?”
“This glass of water is mine.” Fu Chen answered.
Bai Qingqing: “…” 
She didn’t mean to make that mistake! The water hadn’t been touched and she was thirsty so she drank it.
Her eyes flickered, domineering yet cute, and she said: “Well it’s mine now.”
Fu Chen stayed silent and after taking two or three bites of the chicken wing, the girl next to him immediately handed him a new cup for him to take a sip of it.
Bai Qingqing looked at him anxiously: “Brother, how does it taste?”
“Not bad.”

Bai Qingqing looked devastated: “No, I cooked it for a long time, you should at least praise me with a few more words.”
A very quick smile flashed on Fu Chen’s face before he pursed his lips: “Not bad.”
Bai Qingqing: “…” He really cherished his words like gold.
“Qingqing!” Xiao Yang shouted, “Your corn is almost ready, come take a look!”
“Oh, coming!” Bai Qingqing ran over at once.

Shen Mingxuan and Bai Tiantian also went to take the cooked food and put it on the table.
As they placed the dishes, they looked over at Bai Qingqing who was chatting with Xiao Yang.
Bai Tiantian blurted out: “Xiao Yang seems to like my sister very much.”
Shen Mingxuan, Cheng Rui, and Fu Chen looked at them, staring at Xiao Yang who was grinning wildly like a fool, obviously trying to please the girl.
“Brother Fu, you should watch out for this woman and don’t let him be manipulated.” Shen Mingxuan sneered.
He really disliked the gorgeous Bai Qingqing and his intuition told him she was faking her memory loss.
Cheng Rui’s handsome and cold features didn’t move as he stared at the girl, wondering in his heart if she liked boys like Xiao Yang.
Bai Tiantian glanced at Fu Chen and asked: “Captain, what do you think?”
A few doubts flashed in his heart for a moment.
If Xiao Yang really liked Bai Qingqing, it meant he was at least immune to Bai Tiantian’s magnetic charm.
Moreover, Bai Qingqing and Xiao Yang were at the age they could fall in love, if the two of them really liked each other, he had no reason to stop them.
It was even working in his favor, wasn’t it?
Fu Chen answered: “Whether he likes her or not doesn’t matter, it will depend on what Bai Qingqing feels.”
The man was as indifferent as always and even if it was about his “sister”, there was no fluctuation in his emotions.
Bai Tiantian bit her lip, ignoring the alien emotion spreading in her heart.

The table was filled with colored and fragrant dishes and everyone sat around to start eating.
Xiao Yang kept chatting with Bai Qingqing and gave her food she liked from time to time.
“Xiao Yang.” Shen Mingxuan suddenly said, “Do you like Bai Qingqing?”

Xiao Yang glanced at the girl’s face first, then turned away with a guilty conscience.
His cheeks were slightly red and he stammered: “Brother Mingxuan! You..
What nonsense are you talking about!”
He looked at Bai Qingqing again, who was startled, and said with anger: “Brother Mingxuan, don’t joke around! You will cause trouble for Sister Qingqing!”
The group looked back and forth between him and Bai Qingqing silently.
Bai Qingqing bit her corn and mumbled: “Are you guys misunderstanding? You are all so much older than me, I am a little afraid to talk to you.” 
She lowered her eyelashes and added in a whisper: “Xiao Yang and I are almost the same age, it’s easier to get along.”
“…” The men were accidentally insulted.
If Xiao Yang was the youngest, Cheng Rui and Liang Zhiyu were the oldest, followed by Fu Chen and Shen Mingxuan who were both several years older than her1.
Bai Qingqing sat with her head down for a while, until she got up with her corn and left.
“Qingqing, where are you going?” Bai Tiantian asked anxiously.
“Just for a small walk by the river.” Bai Qingqing didn’t look back.
Bai Tiantian looked worried: “She walked so far already, I hope there won’t be any accidents.”
Shen Mingxuan replied with a tone as glacial as his face: “There are no zombies around but if she wants to die, let her.”
“Shen Mingxuan!” Xiao Yang glared at him, “Sister Qingqing has lost her memory, she is not the same as before! Stop aiming at her!”
“Do you really like her?”
“It’s none of your business!” Xiao Yang tried to suppress his anger and added: “Qingqing doesn’t take you seriously, is that why you always target her?”
Shen Mingxuan was irritated.
How could he care about that kind of woman? He liked Bai Tiantian’s warm and gentle personality.
He grabbed Xiao Yang by the collar, his face murderous: “I advise you to think twice about what you said!”
Xiao Yang was about to fight back when Liang Zhiyu’s indifferent voice was heard: “You two big men are arguing about such a little thing.
You are so noisy and you don’t even pay attention to your surroundings.”
Shen Mingxuan let go of Xiao Yang, glared at him disdainfully, and left.
Xiao Yang sat back down angrily, his face ugly, and he looked at Fu Chen: “Brother Fu, go find Qingqing.
I’m afraid she is in danger.”

If I remember well, Fu Chen is 23 and Qingqing is 18 or 19?

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