qing in anger.
Bai Tiantian quickly grabbed the woman’s hand and said: “Sister Hong, please let her go.”
The woman looked at Bai Tiantian, her face dark.
“Saintess, your task has not been completed yet, why don’t you continue the lecture?”
Bai Tiantian bit her lip, let her go, and looked at Sister Hong pulling Bai Qingqing out of the room.

On the way, Bai Qingqing asked with some excitement: “Sister Hong, are you going to take me to find a husband?”
The woman was not angry anymore, only cold: “No.”
“Sister Hong, where are you taking me?” Bai Qingqing looked at her surroundings, keeping track of the way as they walked.
The woman took her to an old house and threw her violently in a dark room before saying: “You will reflect on yourself here.
I will let you out once you admit your mistakes.”
“Sister Hong!” Bai Qingqing was unwilling to be locked, “What did I say wrong? Didn’t you say I had to get married?”
“You will stay here all night and I will let you out tomorrow.” Sister Hong pushed her with brute force, her eyes glowing with evil, “If you make trouble again next time, you will see what happens!”

Bai Qingqing was locked in a dimly lit room and listened to the sounds around her.
She hugged herself and tried to think of a way to get out of here.
She had really been too impulsive, Sister Hong was a rather decisive person.
Suddenly, a voice was heard in her mind: [The mission’s target A-mei had appeared.]
Bai Qingqing’s somewhat depressed mood instantly rose up; A-mei must also be locked up here!
Realizing there were other people in the room, she relied on the faint light to look around, until she found someone squatting in a corner, looking at her with horror.

“A-mei?” she asked softly.
The girl was so dirty she couldn’t see her face and when she saw Bai Qingqing approach, she shrunk in her corner.
“Don’t be afraid.” Bai Qingqing stopped moving.
She squatted down and added: “I am here to save you.”
A-mei shook her head in disbelief.
Her voice was hoarse after a long time without using it: “Who-who are you?”
“My name is Bai Qingqing.” She softened her voice, “Do you know Awang? He asked me to save you.”
A-mei’s reaction was obvious.
Her breathing fastened and she burst into tears: “He… Is-is he okay?”
Bai Qingqing took a tissue from her space and handed it to her: “Wipe your tears first, tell me everything.”
A-mei stretched her hand carefully and took away the tissue. 
“I have been locked up here for a month.
Is it really true Awang asked you to save me?”
Bai Qingqing couldn’t bear to lie to her: “My friend.
He is a friend of Awang and he asked me to find you.”
A-mei started crying again: “I have been here all this time.
There is no way to go out.
Someone is guarding outside, we can’t escape.”
“Trust me.” Bai Qingqing blinked at her, “I will get us out.”
She took out a gun from her space and A-mei’s eyes widened.
With a trembling voice, she asked: “You have a gun?”
Bai Qingqing stood up in the faint light and stretched out her hand: “Come on, I will take you out.”
A-mei put her hand in hers, hope in her eyes.
After praying so many times to be saved, maybe someone had heard her and she was finally getting rescued.

Bai Qingqing fired at the door lock and successfully took A-mei out of the small room.
Clouds shrouded the moonlight and the road was dark.
But perhaps because of this, they met no one on the road.
Bai Qingqing led the girl through the way, carefully bypassing several houses before sneaking into the old lady’s house.

When the old lady saw both of them, she rubbed her eyes as if she couldn’t believe it.
A-mei covered her mouth.
In tears, she said in a muffled voice: “Grand… Grandma.” She knelt on the ground and hugged the old lady’s legs, “It’s me, A-mei.
I’m back.”
The old lady reached out and pushed her shoulders, crying: “A-mei.
You need to go, they will come back to get you.”
“I won’t go.”

Bai Qinqging had not expected she had saved the old lady’s granddaughter by chance.
She helped A-mei up and asked the old lady to go lay down.
A-mei talked to her grandmother and after she coaxed her into falling asleep, she came to find Bai Qingqing.
“Brother Awang must have been arrested too, just like me.”
“Do you know where?”
A-mei frowned and guessed: “Probably in the old ancestral hall, on the north mountain.”
Bai Qingqing had been wandering on the south mountain for the past two days.
Except for the room they had just broken out, there was no place to hide people.
Unfortunately, men were patrolling the south of the mountain, and the north was mostly habited by men from the village.
It was not easy to go look for someone there.
“Sister Qingqing.” A-mei said with gratitude: “Thank you for saving me.
But if you cannot guarantee your safety, you shouldn’t take risks.
I will find a way to find Brother Awang.”
“I promised my friend, I must do it.” She also had to do the task, she needed to figure a way to successfully reach and enter the former ancestral hall.
“Why did the villagers separate you two?”
A-mei lowered her head and, her voice mixed with pain, briefly told their dramatic story.
After the outbreak, the two lovers had returned to Zhou village but their families and elders had opposed their union.
A-mei had gotten high education from the city and rebelled against Zhou village’s female customs, arousing the outrage of the villagers.
With Awang, they had escaped for love but had been caught halfway; one had been locked on the north mountain, the other on the south mountain, not allowed to meet each other in this life.

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