“Bad woman! Let go of Xiaohua!”
It was the first time Bai Qingqing had seen a child in this village and she was surprised to run into him in this house.
Her eyes slightly shone and she kept on stroking Big Yellow’s head.
“Child, come out to chat with big sister.” She took out a bag of potato chips from her space, “I will give you something to eat.”
The child was full of caution and suspicion.
He bit his lips and stared at the snacks before saying: “I don’t want it.”
Oh, a little obstinate.
Bai Qingqing opened the bag of chips and started to eat, feeding some to Big Yellow.
The smell and the crunch tempted the child’s gluttony belly.
He gulped and stared at her.
Bai Qingqing noticed his salivating look.
She got up, walked to the window, and stuffed the bag of potato chips through the gap.
“Here you go.”
The kid was somewhat surprised by her kindness and as he held a barbecue-flavored chip, he asked: “Can I really have it?”
“Don’t you want it?” Bai Qingqing raised her eyebrows, “then give it back to me.”
The child hugged the bag tightly in his arms, shaking his head. 
“I want it!” And as if he hadn’t eaten for a long time, he wolfed it down.
Bai Qingqing couldn’t help but say: “Eat slowly, don’t choke.”
The child glared at her with his dark eyes.
Don’t choke, ah! Did this bad woman think she could buy him with just a bag of chips? Just now, he had heard she was going to chop his dog up.

Bai Qingqing took some jerky from her space and played with the dog.
She had noticed that both the child and his pet were abnormally thin, she just didn’t know whether it was because of the end of days or if his family was particularly poor.
“Kid, what’s your name? Where is your family?” She asked through the window.
“Big sister” after the child had eaten, his mouth was sweeter, “My name is Abao.
Can you pretend you haven’t seen me?”
“Ah?? Bai Qingqing was confused, “Why?”
Abao’s big eyes had panic in them: “My parents say there are monsters outside and I have to hide at home or I will be taken away.”
Because of the zombies, the children were not allowed to come out?

“Who are you?”
A terrified voice joined in and a woman dressed in unusual clothes appeared.
She rushed over and yelled: “Abao! What did Mom say? Go back inside!”
Abao was scared; his face turned pale, he went back to his room in a hurry and disappeared from sight.
Bai Qingqing tried to explain the situation: “My name is Bai Qingqing, one of the new people who arrived yesterday.
I have no ill intention…”
The mother suddenly knelt in front of her and cried: “Miss, I beg you, don’t tell anyone about Abao!”
Bai Qingqing frowned and leaned over: “Get up first.”
“If you don’t agree, I won’t get up!” The mother was terrified and begging, “Miss, I implore you, I can give you food, just don’t say anything about Abao!”
“I don’t need anything.” Bai Qingqing’s space was already full of food, she wouldn’t take some from this family.
The mother knocked her head on the ground: “Please, please…”
Bai Qingqing was perplexed and felt she had no choice but to say: “How about this, give me a piece of corn and I will keep your secret.”
“Yes, yes!” The mother finally got up and wiped her tears.
She looked around, opened the door, and went in before coming out again with corn.
“Miss, take the corn.
Don’t say anything about Abao.”
Bai Qingqing held the vegetable and nodded.
“I promise.” She paused and added, “Is your husband named Awang? Or do you have any relative besides Abao’s father?”
The woman shook her head: “It’s only my husband and I.
Miss, don’t run around in the village, hurry back home.”
Bai Qingqing took the corn and left their courtyard.
After walking a few meters, she noticed Big Yellow was following her, staring at the corn in her hand.
She laughed: “Big Yellow, you also eat corn?”
The dog barked twice, drooling.
Unfortunately, Bai Qingqing didn’t want to give away her corn: “You can’t have that, I will give you some jerky later.”

She went to the remaining two households next, the dog on her tail.
Neither had the person she was looking for and had no choice to go back.
“Qingqing.” A voice came from the left.
After a whole day of exploration, it was the first time meeting with an acquaintance.
She breathed a sigh of relief and turned around with a smile to look at Xiao Yang and Fu Chen.
“Brother, Xiao Yang.”
Fu Chen had also changed clothes and was wearing the traditional costume.
The change made him look like a gloomy yet exotic tyrant and he had apparently been enlisted to do heavy manual labor too.
Bai Qingqing glanced at his shoulder with a distressed expression: “Brother, doesn’t your shoulder hurt?”
“It doesn’t hurt.” The man answered calmly. 
Xiao Yang pretended to be in pain and clutched his own shoulder: “Sister Qingqing, why do you only care about Brother Fu? I’m in pain too.”
Bai Qingqing looked at him: “Are you? Do you need any medicine?”
She had a lot of it in her space. 
Fu Chen stared at Xiao Yang and the light-haired boy received clear danger signals.
He scratched his head and said: “No need, I’m just joking.”
“Didn’t I tell you to not wander around?” Fu Chen’s voice was cold.
Bai Qingqing’s eyes showed worry and she replied: “Brother, I was anxious about you so I came to look for you.” She handed the corn to him, “This is for you, it’s sweet.”
“No, eat it yourself.” Fu Chen glanced at the patrol that was about to come over, “Go back quickly, don’t come out at night.”
“Yes, brother.” Bai Qingqing lowered her head in disappointment.
Fu Chen’s eyes moved slightly and whispered: “We will leave in two days.”
“Got it.” She turned around and walked back to where she had come from.

A few moments later, she stood halfway up the mountain with a grave expression on her face.
She observed the geographical environment of the village, thinking that she had to find her target tomorrow or it would be too late.

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