[Professor… I think burying me in the mountain behind the school would be faster than graduating.
Why do I have to go to school?]


[No… And why isn’t Black Call making a comeback? Don’t you want to work for an agency?]


A graduate student who posted on SNS cursed her professor to her heart’s content today.


Being a late fan was scarier, but she used to be a casual fan when she was a student and it all changed after meeting Black Call Joo Woosung three years ago.


‘This guy… He’s handsome…’


She shed tears as she re-tweeted Joo Woosung’s photo content, which had been there for almost 3 months, on her social media tweet.


Black Call was a male idol group ambitiously released by a large entertainment company a few years ago and was a top-tier idol group in Korea.


In the first place, Joo Woosung was called Muggle’s fan gateway, but after crossing it at once, she became a true core fan.


She posted curses at the agency in annoyance, but a star notification from Joo Woosung popped up.




Crazy, is it finally a boyfriend shot?


#Advertisement #I thought I was going to die because of the guy who only put up his brand name and didn’t show his face properly.


But today, he finally uploaded his face!


After happily moving past it, the graduate student frowned at the next uploaded video.


“What’s this?”




[Daepasong Entertainment]


It had only been two days, but because I had so many things to do, I felt like I hadn’t come here for a long time.


I sighed as the company building looked even more old after a look at Joo Woosung’s apartment.
Still, there was a powerful weapon hidden in my cell phone.


As I stepped into the building, I saw Jung Dajoon wandering in the lobby looking anxious.






Jung Dajoon opened his eyes wide, and hurriedly ran towards me and grabbed my arm.


“Hoyoon hyung, why aren’t you answering my calls?”


“Hmm… Your diction is good.”


“Ah, hyung!”


Ugh, I didn’t know if he was asking a question or making my ears bleed.
I asked, taking my arm off him.


“How have you been?”


“How have you been?”


Kang Yichae came out from the side.
He shook his head, smiling like a madman.


“It’s been awesome, the last two days.”


“Sunghyun hyung made a fuss… The atmosphere was really cold.
Jiwon hyung covered for that… No, that’s not the point.
Have you finally given up?”


“Give up on what?”


“Hn? Didn’t you come here because you couldn’t get the song?”


These punks, they didn’t have enough faith in me.


I pressed the back of Jung Dajoon’s head as he innocently looked up at me.
At that moment when Jung Dajoon couldn’t avoid what happened in an instant and shouted ouch, I made eye contact with Kang Yichae.
A look of ‘no way’ passed through Kang Yichae’s eyes.


Kang Yichae, just like I thought before, he looked like an idiot but he was quick-witted.


Kang Yichae asked.






I replied sullenly.
Kang Yichae still had doubts about me, but he calmly headed to the practice room.


There, I saw Kim Sunghyun and Sung Jiwon talking with serious expressions.
The two jumped when they saw my face.


“You’re here?”




Kim Sunghyun to this side.
I could also feel Sung Jiwon’s troubled gaze.


Why is your expression so dark?




Sung Jiwon hesitated and approached me.


“You’ve suffered a lot.”




“I heard Composer Lim Hyunsoo has a rough personality and a foul mouth… Did you hear anything harsh?”


This was another unexpected development.


Sung Jiwon was probably consoling me on the premise that I had failed.


“I did hear it.”


“What… What did he say?”


“Crazy punk, crazy, asshole… I heard all sorts of things.”


Lim Hyunsoo was still foul-mouthed.


As I objectively laid out the words I had heard, the atmosphere in the practice room, which was already on the verge of exploding, became even more tense.






Jung Dajoon looked sad as if the world was almost destroyed.
I thought Kim Sunghyun was going to be sarcastic, but surprisingly, he kept his mouth shut as he considered my feelings.


“…Yes, good work.
Don’t be so disappointed that you didn’t get the song…”


“What are you talking about? When did I say I didn’t get it?”




“Of course I got it.
I told you I’d get it.”


Everyone had a blank face, unable to accept reality.


I walked past them to head to the speaker and connected it to the phone.
The speaker was dirty.
I should buy a new one when I got paid.


And I played the music file that I had received on my phone in advance.
I recalled the phone call when Lim Hyunsoo handed over the file.


[Hey, seriously… I’m suddenly inspired! Something comes to my mind.
Isn’t my talent crazy?]




[This bastard, are you listening?]


At first, it was a hum.
as if it were in the water


And after a while, a beeping sound began to play out as if it had come to its senses.
An intense electronic beat began.


[I get excited… I put this and that.
There are parts that I still don’t like, so I’m going to change them.]


At any rate, he was a perfectionist.
I thought he wouldn’t do it, but Lim Hyunsoo sang the guide song himself.
Temporary lyrics were also added according to the concept I conveyed.


It was a husky voice of a woman, but there was no problem changing it to a male key.


[Say it again, we’re at the beginning


I will come back every time


You are afraid of this strange feeling of déjà vu, 


No need to be scared]


‘The lyrics are pretty good, too.’


Even without saying that it was a Blue Tiger song, this was so obvious.


Lim Hyunsoo’s favorite beat, song, concept, and style.


He whined and pulled out a real beat and melody.


‘You’re good, Lim Hyunsoo.’


Three minutes and forty seconds passed, and the song was over.


It really came out well.
On top of that, we could add more detailed planning and stories, and ask Lim Hyunsoo to revise the lyrics.


“What do you think?”


I turned to the members with a satisfied face.
I thought they’d be jumping up and down in excitement, but they were all…






They were silent.


“What’s wrong? Are you still suspicious?”


Do they think it’s not a Blue Tiger’s song? Sung Jiwon shook his head as I was seriously contemplating whether I should prove it by making a video call to Lim Hyunsoo.
It seemed he was able to understand.


“I trust you.”


Then why the hell? What is this silence?


“How did you get this, how do you know each other… Apart from that.”




Meanwhile, Kim Sunghyun opened his mouth.
He seemed hesitant.


“Is this ours?”


“Of course.”


I didn’t have to say that I received it as a talent donation.


Kang Yichae was silent for a long time before he opened his mouth.


“…The song is good.”


Suddenly, Jung Dajoon sniffled at those words.
Everyone was flustered.
I was the most dumbfounded.


“Are you crying?”


“No, I’m not crying… It’s embarrassing..”


“Why are you crying?”


Usually, if you asked a crying person why they were crying, there would be no answer.
However, I was so bewildered that I couldn’t help but ask.


Instead of Jung Dajoon, who was busy sniffling and pretending not to cry, Sung Jiwon patted him and explained.


“I guess it’s because the song is so good.
We, really… We got a song that I thought only the large agency could get.
I can’t believe it.”




“Dajoon suffered a lot for a year.”


Ah, at least they weren’t saying they didn’t like it.


At Sung Jiwon’s kind words, Jung Dajoon couldn’t come back to his sense and continued to sob.


Then Kang Yichae suddenly stood up and clapped.


“Let’s all clap.
Applause to us who are free from the pineapple curse.
Give another round of applause to Seo Hoyoon!”


Fortunately, the mood changed.
It was a relief that Kang Yichae had a strong mentality.


Everyone didn’t say anything, but it seemed they felt grateful toward me.
Even Kim Sunghyun.


“…Good work.”


He didn’t say thank you directly until the end.




I quickly changed their image.


‘Aren’t these guys going to get their assurance wrong…’


Because they were all naive.
I waited bitterly for this sudden warm atmosphere to subside.
And when Jung Dajoon stopped sniffling, I clapped my hands.


“Yeah, guys.
Then let’s talk.”


Wondering what else to bring up, the other members kept their mouths shut and stared blankly at each other.


Knowing that they would be defenseless and unprepared, I nodded and threw them a print I had prepared.
Kang Yichae who was nearby snatched it swiftly.


“What’s this?”




“What data…?”


“Picking a song isn’t the end.
Dance, lyrics, planning.
I’ve picked all the trends that are trending these days.”




As Jung Dajoon was confused, Kang Yichae and Kim Sunghyun seemed to have noticed and were already looking through the data.


That’s right, idols need to be quick-witted.


“Make a plan according to the song and put it together.”




“You can’t apply Pineapple’s plan here.
I’ll tell the president to revise this completely.”


Originally, it would be correct to plan first, then compose, write lyrics, and choreograph, but we only had one month left.


It’s better to think you’re already dead.


Everyone nodded their heads vigorously as if they were all cheered up.


“I’ll do my best.”


“Hn! Let’s do that!”


“It’s 2 o’clock now”.




I looked at my cell phone.


“Finish it by three.
Then I’ll go to the planning meeting.”


You guys have to pay for the meal now, too.


“T-That’s impossible…”


“No, I’ll do it.”


When the manager and Jung Dajoon opened their mouths, Seong Jiwon jumped in.
His eyes were full of venom.


I’ll leave this to you.


I beckoned to the manager.


“Come out with me.”


“W-Why me?”


“Huh? Hoyoon hyung, where are you going? Aren’t we supposed to do this together?”


Of course, since I was a PD, I could do it with my eyes closed when it came to planning, but now there was something more urgent than that.


In response to Kang Yichae’s question, I pointed upward.


“To meet the president.”


Everyone opened their mouths wide.


“T-To fight?”


“It’s because I have to turn it all over.”


“Hoyoon-ah, I’m sorry that you have to take the bullet.”






[…Um… Umm…]


Even the system window, which had been sarcastic, was at loss for words and sighed at the naive members.


“It’s fine.”


I turned my head, grabbed the manager, and strode toward the president’s office.


The manager was restless, but he had to take care of his errands.


“You said you’ve fixed the contract, right?”


“Uh, t-that, it’s not a work that requires contacting the president…”


“I’m going to revise the entire plan, so I should go in and have a consultation.”


…was actually an excuse.


I needed to confront the president alone.


When I arrived at the president’s office, the president that I saw last time was still looking at the documents with a frown.


“What’s this?”


“Hello, this is Seo Hoyoon.”




“Are you here to talk about the contract?”


The president narrowed his eyes.


“Yes, for that too.”


Contact me next time.
You keep popping up all of sudden….”


It’s because I can’t trust you, asshole.


I couldn’t trust this damn enterprise where nothing was done even though there was only one month left until the comeback date.


As I stayed still, the president sighed and gestured to the manager.






The manager quickly brought it out behind me.
I sat in front of the president and quickly skimmed through the contract.


Usually, people in their early 20s and those who rolled into the practice room to become idols didn’t know what this was and stamped it first.


“I looked it up and found that there was no proper contract yet.
So I made it again according to the standard.”


The manager gave me a detailed explanation.
I asked after dryly flipping through the 10-page document.


“Did you tell the president that I’m going to overturn the plan?”


“Huh? Uh… I told him about it roughly, but…”


It seemed it had slipped through.


“You’re going to overturn the plan? Why?”


“It’s a waste of time.”


I watched the president frown.
He must be thinking it was just bravado.


Then the manager suddenly jumped in from next to me.


“Ho-Hoyoon isn’t just saying this! He brought a song from Blue Tiger!”


‘Ah, shit.’


I was going to use that at the critical moment.
He was trying to cheer me up, but he was clueless.


After giving the manager a cold glance, I turned to the president.
The president looked interested.


“From Blue Tiger?”

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