[Title: The reason why Kim Seonghyeon absolutely hates Today, thoroughly analyzed after watching Shining Star.

First of all, only facts have been organized, excluding a few controversies.

Kim Seonghyeon is a genuinely upright and well-behaved young man.
Kim Seonghyeon’s stories? They’re overflowing.
It’s just that they’re not well-known because he’s so modest… It’s natural for him to be nice to his fans, maybe because he has three younger siblings, but he also takes good care of his members.
He’s been involved in volunteer work with abandoned dogs, orphanages, and even a small organization he has supported for six years. On the other hand, Today, they’re screwed up.

First, their fan-hatred is extremely severe.
(Their fans are like bodhisattvas for putting up with it)

They only pretend to be friendly to successful people.

They love clubs and girls even more.
There are rumors of sponsorships and assaults, but since these are not facts, they are excluded for now.

So why does Kim Seonghyeon hate Today? I think the connection is Seong Jiwon.

Seong Jiwon was originally the center of Today, but suddenly left and joined Daepaseong Entertainment.
He then debuted with Kim Seonghyeon.
The two have a good relationship.
But this time, in the broadcast, we see the following scenes:

Today ignores Seong Jiwon

Seong Jiwon tries to laugh, but his expression is not good

As they quickly pass by, Today is heard swearing at Seong Jiwon

Kim Seonghyeon’s face stiffens next to him

Today’s disdain for Seong Jiwon is evident.
This is just the tip of the iceberg.
I think this is the decisive reason why Kim Seonghyeon hates Today so much.

Conclusion: Today has a messed-up character, and Kim Seonghyeon hates them for it.
Those who claim Kim Seonghyeon is a school bully after seeing this are just antis who can’t grasp the context.

└Why are you so mad?

└└I already gave you the conclusion, you fucking bastard.
Can you even pass the college entrance exam at that kind of level?

└Oozing with sincerity[1]

└Spitting facts, bullshit my ass[2] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You’re obviously a Kim Seonghyeon fan ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Go to another forum, not here

└└Isn’t Kim Seonghyeon too overrated, to the point of attracting anti-fans? Are you a fan of Today?

 └But it seems like a valid point… When I watch the show, I also feel that Today is biased ㅋㅋ Especially more toward The Dawn

└└Agree ㅋㅋㅋ Today’s One and Only[3].

└Bring up actual evidence of Today’s character


 └If this is true, it’ll be a holy pilgrimageㅋㅋ]

I checked the community and nodded.
With the ratings approaching 6 percent, it’s only natural that all attention is focused on Shining Star.

The stories about Kim Seonghyeon were slowly resurfacing, well-organized, and very good.


I couldn’t help but let out a stifled laugh as I texted Kim Jaeyeon.

“The time has come.”

“The time has come indeed.”

Jeong Dajun intercepted from the side.
I glanced at him.

“Finally! We can face each other on stage!”

“That’s not what I meant, but… sure.”

I patted Jeong Dajun’s head.
He was so pure and innocent, with chubby cheeks that made him look like a tiny puppy.

“Your gaze was weird just now.”


“You looked at me like a small animal….”


“Ah, hyung!”

He was quick-witted in times like these.
Ignoring what Jeong Dajun was saying, I glanced at the stage.

The final competition was to be broadcast live.
We were at the broadcasting station for a special rehearsal to prevent accidents.

“On the day, there’s a dry rehearsal and then a camera rehearsal before the actual broadcast.
We still have plenty of chances to prepare, but today we must perfectly align our movements.”

“Jiwon-hyung is at it again…”

“What did you say, Ichae?”

“Hyung, you look great today! The best!”

Kang Ichae quickly gave a thumbs-up.
Seong Jiwon knew everything but just let it slide with a “ㅎ”[4] expression.

The final competition.

“We’re heading towards the end.”

The other members’ rehearsal began.
The order was determined by drawing lots, and we were right before Today.

The members seemed slightly disappointed, but I thought it wasn’t bad.

And then…


Before I could finish my thought, the vocalist of Maze approached.


“You’re looking sharp today, huh?”


Maze’s vocalist was friendlier than I had thought.
He grinned and approached me, greeting Seong Jiwon casually.
He seemed to have grown fond of me for some reason.

I guessed that clashing with Today significantly impacted his favorable impression of me.

“Did you prepare well?”

“Not bad.
How about you guys?”

“Haha, we’ve let go of our greed a bit.”


“Ah~, the leisure of being first place.
Today is also late.”

Maze’s vocalist sighed deeply.
He seemed to be fishing for information.
I deliberately stayed quiet, and he shrugged his shoulders.

“You guys still don’t know.”

His reaction was a bit different than usual.

He had a self-mocking edge.
He looked around to see if there were any microphones or staff nearby, then whispered to me.

“Actually, Today is the predetermined winner.”


So that’s what he meant.

Did you just find out now?

I remained unfazed, but Maze’s vocalist grumbled, seemingly unable to sense my indifference.

“Ugh… I was so shocked when I heard that yesterday.
Then what does all our hard work amount to? We cursed so much yesterday.”


“Well, the program’s ratings are so good anyway.
Even if we don’t rank first, there’s still something to gain.”

True enough.

Maze’s vocalist quickly adapted to reality.

“We should just take what we can get.”

Anyone would’ve done the same.

“Why are you giving up already?”


That’s when Today burst in energetically, even before the vocalist could ask me what I meant.



They were even greeting the staff, something they didn’t usually do.

“It’s a great day!”

So they say.


Innocent brain, huh.

It’s understandable since they’re having a smooth ride until the final competition.

Watching their pompous shoulders soar high, I locked eyes with Yu Hyeok.
He grinned and approached me.

“Oh my, isn’t this our pitiful hoobae?”

“Yes, sunbae.”

I responded nonchalantly.

“I’m in such a great mood.
I’ve been waiting so long to see you guys fail miserably today.”

“Hey, hey.
Stop bothering the kid.
They’ll cry if you poke them now.”

Soon, all of Today’s members had gathered.

Their catty laughter and taunts were quite tiresome.

“So, is being pathetic your concept today? I bet you didn’t even prepare your stage outfits.”

“Leave them alone.
What would their agency know?”

Once again, it was The Dawn vs.

I wondered if the camera was filming this.
Even if it doesn’t make the broadcast, I’d like to keep this scene for myself.

“The one with the big mouth can’t even say a word today.”



[Didn’t you hear me call you sunbae? Are your ears blocked?]

As if the system window was annoyed on my behalf, I glanced at it, and Yu Hyeok became even more excited.

“Finally lost your nerve? Did getting egged and ranking fifth knock some sense into you? Shouldn’t you have joined a big agency if you’re bitter?”

Woof woof… woof woof woof…

I quietly translated his barking in my head.

The Dawn members frowned at the situation.
Seong Jiwon strode over and stood between Yu Hyeok and me.

“What’s going on?”

“Ah, our savior has arrived.”

Yu Hyeok sneered.

“Jiwon, I’m really curious.
How do you feel? You pretended to be so clean but screwed up big time.”


“I told you this would happen.
Why didn’t you listen to me?”

Jiwon didn’t react to his words, but his gentle face turned icy.
Unfazed, Yu Hyeok continued to taunt him.
Instead, an angry Kim Seonghyeon pulled Jiwon away.

“Don’t listen to that nonsense.”

“Wow, you two are close.
But Jiwon, can you trust him? Isn’t he the one who hit you when he got mad?”

Jiwon’s expression changed.

“Watch your mouth.”

“Jiwon, you used to talk so much trash about us, but what’s different about him? Is a school bully okay with you? I just can’t follow your tiny brain.”

“Yu Hyeok.”

“Huh? Go ahead, say it.”

Yu Hyeok poked Jiwon’s forehead with his finger.
Jiwon’s face visibly hardened.

But, seriously…

This jerk?

Why is he bothering someone else’s member?

A sudden wave of anger surged in my calm heart.


I quickly pulled Seonghyeon and Jiwon away from him.

While they stumbled back in surprise, I swiftly pushed them back.

“Uh, uh?”

“Stay put.”

I deliberately blocked their path and looked at Yu Hyeok.
I asked him quietly.

“Sunbae, are you a gangster?”


“Why are you messing with someone just minding their own business?”

Yu Hyeok was visibly flustered.
My voice echoed throughout the quiet set.
The staff and members of other groups all turned their attention to us.

“Fuck, what kind of tone is that to use with your senior? Did you just swear at me?”

“My tone has always been like this.
And you’re the one who just swore, sunbae.”

“Wow, seriously… Aren’t you afraid of anything?”

“I am, but not of you, sunbae.”

The guy next to Yu Hyeok clenched his fist.
I tried to maintain a calm demeanor as I looked at them.

In truth, I was a bit irritated.

A nobody like him dared to bother someone as important as me.

I can tolerate other people messing with me, but not you guys.

I’m the perfect tsundere.

I crossed my arms and let out a deep sigh on purpose.

“Sunbae, I’ve been thinking about it.
Why do people like you always bother those just minding their business? But I came to a conclusion.”

I snapped my fingers.

“It’s because you’re ugly.”


“You must be jealous of our good looks.”

Yu Hyeok was dumbfounded, with his mouth hanging open.
Then, he turned red with anger and charged at me.

“Hey, what’s your deal?”

“What’s yours?”


It seemed like I had hit a nerve.
Yu Hyeok was momentarily at a loss for words, his eyes rolling back in his head.

“I really don’t know what you believe in to act up like this.”

“Acting up?”

“You guys will never be number one, no matter how hard you try.”

“Oh my, how scary.”

I yawned.

Furious, Yu Hyeok grabbed me by the collar.

“I’m going to make sure you fail.
You won’t be able to set foot in the entertainment industry ever again.
I’ve had enough of you guys.”

I chuckled, fluttering my ears.

“It’s always the same threats wherever I go.”

“You little… Do you think this is a joke?”

“No, it doesn’t seem like a joke.”

I had heard the same threats back when I was a PD and even in my current situation.
These threats had become so clichéd that they were boring.
Yet, I always had a response.

“Do you know? I’ve heard that kind of talk at least ten times… But I’m still here, alive and well.”


“But what about you?”

I pointed at him with my finger.

“Will you be okay?”

Then, Yu Hyeok furrowed his brow, not understanding what I meant.
Suddenly, Today’s manager burst in, gasping for breath, his face pale.


“Ah shot, what’s going on?”

“Hey, Yu Hyeok! You guys!”

Yu Hyeok turned around.
He had been enjoying teasing me and now seemed to be in high spirits.

“Hyung, come in later.
I need to teach these guys a lesson today.”

“Forget about your damn teaching! Dude! You guys are in big trouble!”

“Ah, what is it?”

I made sure to etch every detail of this moment in my memory—the rough spit flying out of Yu Hyeok’s mouth, Today’s members furrowing their brows, and the fear in our members’ eyes.
I will never forget this delightful moment, no matter how much time passed.

This was the climax of the story.

Then, a scream erupted from the staff members.
Hearing the noise, Yu Hyeok whipped his head around, and his face turned pale as he heard the following words.

“Today, involved in drug use…?”


Standing next to the staff, Kang Ichae glanced over and let out a snicker.
He then deliberately looked at the staff member’s phone, making it seem like he’d noticed it by chance, and spoke loudly.

“All the members of the idol group ‘Today’ have reportedly been purchasing and using drugs through an acquaintance since 20XX.”




They’re done for~

Feigning pity, I placed my hand on my forehead and lowered my gaze, but Kang Ichae’s voice didn’t waver.

“In addition, a video from a club in Seoul that the investigative team obtained shows Today’s member Yu Hyeok brutally assaulting a customer! My goodness!”


“How did that…?”

“Oh dear, what to do.”

You won’t go far~

I hummed and looked at Yu Hyeok, who was pale as a ghost.
His hands were trembling with panic.
Watching the panicked Today members reminded me of the hard times that had passed.
I exchanged glances with the Maze vocalist, who seemed to notice that I was too composed amidst the chaos.

‘Don’t tell me?’

‘Yeah, that’s right.’

I smiled mischievously and squinted my eyes, not saying anything out loud.

Of course, I knew everything.

Did I just know?

I planned everything from the beginning.

The long and winding road that led to the Shining Star case started like this:

First, the information that Joo Woosung told me.

– “The first place is already decided.”

– “Really?”

Second, getting a hint through the Maze vocalist.

– “Today… those guys are known for playing dirty.”

– “Oh, is that so?”

Third, squeezing Kim Jaeyeon for information.

– “I found it! I found it, the Today’s drug picture!”

– “Haha, really?”

I had been waiting for this moment for quite a while.

So, what’s the conclusion?

If the first place has already been decided…

We just need to take care of the predetermined winner.

Garbage belongs in the trash can!

I looked at Today, then turned to Kim Seonghyeon, who seemed shocked by how trashy Today was.

“Drugs? Assault?”

Yu Hyeok shivered as he paled even more.
Everyone around him quickly searched the internet, and articles about Today filled the screen.

“Hyung, this has to be a mistake, right? The agency can still cover this up, right?”

“I don’t know.
I’m trying my best, but it’s spread too much.”

“Where did this come from? Who the fuck spread this?!”

Thanks to the great paparazzi Kim Jaeyeon.

Seeing Yu Hyeok’s mental breakdown was satisfying, like chugging a cold beverage.
He glared at me when our eyes met, and I smiled sweetly.

“What should we do, sunbae?”


“Can we even step foot in this industry anymore?”


At that moment, Yu Hyeok’s eyes completely flipped.
He seemed to have a hunch.

He suddenly started shaking and raised his hand to hit me, grabbing my collar and shaking me violently.

“You knew, didn’t you? That’s why you were so confident, right?”

“What are you talking about, sunbae?”

“You… you, Seo Hoyun! You can’t be…”

Yu Hyeok trembled.

“Was it you?”



Although I wanted to answer with a wide smile, I just tilted my head innocently.
I brushed off Yu Hyeok’s shaking hands from my collar and dusted off my clothes.

“I don’t know… sunbae.
I’m just a fragile person who cries when touched.
How could I do something like that?”

“You… you…!”

“Ouch, that hurts.”

I pretended to be in pain and smiled, infuriating Yu Hyeok even more.

“Seo Hoyun, you son of a bitch!”

With all the eyes on us, he raised his fist to hit my face.
I frowned, wondering if I should just take the hit.

Well, whatever.

It wouldn’t be bad to create one more headline.
I could take a hit but at that moment…


Jeong Dajun pushed me away, grabbed Yu Hyeok’s arm, and knocked him down.

“Ah! Aargh!”

He was literally knocked down.


The bustling set suddenly became silent.
Even I, who was grinning moments ago, couldn’t help but be in awe.

It was neither Kim Seonghyeon, Kang Ichae, or Seong Jiwon.

It was the youngest, Jeong Dajun.

“We, we….”

Jeong Dajun clenched his fists and stuttered.
And finally, with flushed cheeks and teary eyes, he screamed.

“Don’t mess with my hyungs!!”

At that moment, we all must have thought the same thing.

Not scary at all…

…a puppy?

How cute.

…a pooch.

The once docile pooch now had its tail raised, growling fiercely.

Anyway, I tilted my head and looked down at Yu Hyeok, who was knocked out on the ground.


It was the beginning of the hardships for the drug idol.

[1] 정성추 is an abbreviation for 정성스러운 추천, which means a sincere recommendation.
It is often used sarcastically online as insincere.

[2] The original text contained the term “ezr,” which is a rough English equivalent of the Korean slang term 이지랄 (i-ji-ral or ee-zee-r).
It can be translated to mean “bullshit my ass” in English.

[3] 원투데이 is a play on words combining ‘one’ and ‘Today.’ It means that someone is the only one who is picked on or favored by Today.

[4] It’s a Korean emoticon that represents a laughing face.

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