[Hello, say hello again


I know you’re wavering


You’re supposed to come to me anyway]


“Ah… How could you pick this one?”


The manager kept muttering.


We picked up the lot and put our heads together while listening to the song over and over again in the dorm.


Sung Jiwon said slowly.


“It’s all right, we already… We know all the songs.”


“Yes, because Jo Woosung sunbae-nim told me.”


Joo Woosung told us the first mission and all the songs, and we finished preparing as much as possible by listening to all five songs over and over again.


But the problem was, the song that we chose was the least popular song.


[Maybe I can’t do it anymore


Maybe I’ve already lost


Still, I muster up the courage and walk again] 


“…it’s not bad, it’s not bad…”


“There’s nothing great.”


The more I listened to it…


The more unappealing it was.


“Was this popular?”


“No, it didn’t make it to the chart.
This is a b-side track, and Like Girls sunbae-nims weren’t well known at the time.”


Like Girls debuted seven years ago, and they were an unknown group until four years ago when one member rose to the top by bursting through entertainment.


After winning first place, the video of all the members crying and singing an encore was still famous on various SNS.


It was touching, and the group was really nice, but…


The problem was, this was a song from their ruined debut album.


Kang Yichae rubbed his chin.


“Perhaps… All five lots have this kind of song?”




“No, it’s possible.
Out of the list I got from Joo Woosung sunbae-nim, only this song popped up.
If they said they would support Today properly, they would have given them a White Cherry song, and the rest would be like this.”


That was a plausible statement.


In fact, considering that Kim Heeyoung had a bitter face, such manipulation might have been involved.




“If it’s really like that, it pisses me off.”


“Hey, the producer can’t help it either.
There’s a lot of pressure coming from the top.”


Right, Kim Heeyoung couldn’t help it either.


For the first time ever, Kim Sunghyun looked pretty in my eyes as he said the right thing.


“It’s lively.
The concept is about pushing someone you’ve been having a crush on because you like them.”


“It has a cheerleader vibe.”


“I think a cheerleader concept would be nice.”


“Hyungs… We have one more lot.”


Then, Jung Dajoon brought in another crumpled piece of paper.


“What should we do about this, hyungs?”




As the lottery note unfolded on Jung Dajoon’s hand, the letter ‘Peter Pan’ was revealed.


It was too vague.


It would have been better if we got a mermaid or Cinderella.
They were both famous and had a clear concept.


“The story of Peter Pan… It’s about Wendy’s going to meet Peter Pan and leave for Neverland, right?”


“I’ll be Tinkerbell.
Who wants to be Peter Pan?”


“I want to do it!”


Everyone seemed to be talking seriously, but I didn’t come up with any good ideas.


Jeong Dajoon, who was wrapping his head, collapsed.


 “Hyungs, hyungs… I’m not smart, so I can’t do this.”


“Hey, you think we’re smart?


“Hyungs are great… I’ll practice well… If Jiwon hyung tells me to roll, I will roll… .”


Then Jung Dajoon really started rolling on the floor.
Kim Sunghyun’s eyes cooled off, and Sung Jiwon sighed deeply.


‘Actually, there’s no problem with the song’s popularity.
I’d rather cover a less popular song.’


The popularity of cover songs was not directly related to our popularity.
On the contrary, there were many opportunities to rebound if we did well.


But the problem was…


“Hmm, you know.”


Sung Jiwon rubbed his chin. 


“A bright and cute song, its compatibility with Peter Pan… It’s an issue.”


“Don’t we have several issues?”


“…Yichae-ya, that’s true, too.”


“Sung Jiwon, what do you think?”


I threw my gaze at Sung Jiwon, pressing down on the back neck of the negative scoundrel Kang Yichae.


Sung Jiwon, who skimmed through the contents of the lot, let out a sigh as the ground disappeared again.


“It doesn’t fit our concept.”


It was the correct answer.


If government forces and revolutionary armies that regressed after committing suicide not too long ago suddenly came up with a lively concept, only fans would like it.
The group’s image would certainly be blurred.


It wasn’t a very good move for an idol who had to captivate not only the fans they had already secured, but also the public.


“We already lack popularity, so we need a song that can clearly show the group’s identity from the beginning.”


“That’s right…”


“But what we got is a cute and lively Peter Pan concept!”


Jung Dajoon, who had stopped, suddenly rolled on the floor of the dorm again.
Kang Yichae murmured as he watched him sweep away all kinds of dust.


“Why do you buy a robot vacuum cleaner? We have Jung Dajoon.”


“Are you saying I’m trash, hyung?”


“No, you’re a vacuum cleaner that’s good at removing the trash.”


“Be quiet, both of you.
It’s distracting.”


It was so noisy that I couldn’t think straight.
No matter how good I was at planning, I couldn’t think of any fresh and good ideas in this situation.


Then, Sung Jiwon’s cell phone rang.


“What is it?”


“Huh… I don’t know.
Wait, sorry.”


“It’s okay.
Take it!”


Sung Jiwon tilted his head and took the call.
Even if it was sasaengs, we didn’t have a service number anyway, so I just left it alone.


Soon, however, Sung Jiwon’s face hardened.




“Who is it?”


Kang Yichae whispered to Kim Sunghyun.
When Kim Sunghyun signaled with his eyes, Sung Jiwon turned the speaker on.


[Oh, Sung Jiwon.
You still haven’t changed your number?]


It was Yoo Hyuk.


[How’s the concept meeting going?]


“So, so.”


[Haha, why is your voice dying? Anyone who heard it would think the world is doomed.]


So obvious.


I put my arm on the sofa and clicked my tongue.
He knew we’d picked a bad lot, so he was calling to tease us.


[What did you pick?]


“Our Like Girls sunbae-nim, Want You.”


[Hmm… What was it? I’ve never heard of it.] 


He was being sarcastic.
If I recorded it now and spread it outside, he would have been robbed and ridiculed by Like Girls fans, but Yoohyuk was so arrogant that he didn’t cover his words.


[We picked White Cherry’s Lemon Love.
I can’t wait! It was very popular not only in Korea but also abroad, right?]




Two lines of deep, dark wrinkles appeared between Sung Jiwon’s forehead.


At this point, being able to annoy Sung Jiwon, who was called the living Bodhisattva among the members, Yoohyuk was great in a way.


Of course, looking at their faces, the other members were not in a position to talk either.


[Oh, of course, we don’t have enough time.
How can I practice this intense choreography in three days? I’m jealous of you guys.
Yours looked easy.]


When I glanced at Kang Yichae, who was still listening to the talk with his chin resting, he smiled and waved a recording screen.


‘Wow, Kang Yichae is thorough.’


I would have recorded it too.


I gave him a thumb-up and listened to Yoohyuk’s talk.


Yoohyuk continued the call with Sung Jiwon as if he was determined to provoke him.


[Good for you.
We also have a lot of schedules, so we don’t have enough time to practice, but you must have a lot of free time.
Aren’t you guys having it easy?]




[Aren’t we going to be at a disadvantage? I’m jealous of your members.]


Sung Jiwon put on a calm smile.


He clearly always had a smile on his face, but it was an expression I had never seen before.






“I didn’t ask.”


 Silence descended.


“Are you free? Just go practice.”




Then Sung Jiwon hung up the phone.


The manager, the members, and even I stiffened.


That kind Sung Jiwon…


Sung Jiwon, who was always considerate of others no matter what they said…


It was the first time I’d seen him speak so bluntly.




“Sung Jiwon, what’s with you?!”


Everyone stomped on the floor of the dorm and laughed.


I held back a burst of laughter and patted Kang Yichae.


“Hey, Kang Yichae.
You can’t use that whole recording file.”


“Ah, I recorded it to catch his weakness, but I didn’t know Jiwon hyung would do that!”


“Sung Jiwon said… ‘I don’t ask, I don’t care’.”


“…I-Is that so?”


Everyone couldn’t hold back their laughter and rolled around.


In the meantime, Sung Jiwon was gradually embarrassed when he firmly cut us off.


“Oh, my cheekbones hurt….”


“It’s even funnier because we didn’t expect that from Jiwon hyung.”


“I think Hoyoon hyung has stained him.”


“Hey, why are you bringing me up?”


When I punished Kang Yichae, who was teasing me with a smirk, by putting him in a headlock, something suddenly popped into my head.




Because people didn’t expect it, we could reveal more of our individuality by drawing a contrast.
Unpredictability was what made people more enthusiastic when they got caught off guard.


‘I think the picture will be pretty.’


Sung Jiwon picked up the lottery note that he had put down on the floor when answering the phone.


As I looked at the note with [Peter Pan] written on it, ideas and strategies came rushing into my had like a dam bursting.


“Thank you, Sung Jiwon.”


“Hn? What did I…?”


I put the note on the table and Kim Sunghyung came with paper and a pen after I beckoned him.


Then I started pouring ideas on it like a madman.


“Hey, there we go.
It’s over.”


“Hoyoon hyung again…”


Jung Dajoon murmured.


“Listen first.”


At first, they were shy, but the more they listened to me, the more excited they became.


After a long talk, we finally smiled at each other.


“Let’s call Lim Hyunsoo.”



* * *


[What? What did you pick?]


“Like Girls’ Want You.”


[Oh~! That].]


Indeed, she was really a composer, Lim Hyunsoo understood right away.


When I turned on the speaker, the members, especially Kang Yichae, listened to Lim Hyunsoo almost zealously.


[You picked a good melody.
It’s because the arrangement is a bit messed up.
Such a pity.
Wouldn’t it sound better if I fix it a little bit?]


She caught me.


“Hmm hmm.”


A moment of silence passed. 


[…Hey, it can’t be.]


I grinned.
And I dropped the game of words.


“…Blue Tiger-nim.”


[Ah, shit, what is it, again? I am scared]


“Genius composer-nim.”


[I won’t, I won’t, I won’t do it!]


“Lim Hyunsoo-nim.”


[I have something urgent to do, so I’m hanging up!]


So Lim Hyunsoo hung up on me, 


[Me: ^^]


[Me: ^^]


[Me: ^^]


[Me: ^^]


[Me: ^^]


[Me: Between Us]


[B: Only this much]


[B: Can’t you?]


[Me: ^^]


[Me: Am I the only one who’s confused?]


[Me: Can’t we be friends?]


[Me: I’m upset… Really…]


[Me: In the end… I, again… hiks…ㅠㅠ]


[Me: Should I act like I did back then?]


[Lim Hyunsoo: You madman]


[Lim Hyunsoo: Stop it]


In the end, Lim Hyunsoo had no choice but to call me again.


Lim Hyeonsoo growled and threatened that she would keep this debt I owe her forever.


Yeah, sure.


Like that, The Dawn threatened Lim Hyunsoo and we got what we wanted.


It’s a fairytale-like happy ending.



After three days of practicing.


We arrived at the Shining Star’s first recording site.

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