“Hahaha! It’s fun, it’s fun.”


Instead of responding, Director Jung just laughed and walked away.
I was a little offended, but I got over it.


After the teaser and filming of the jackets for each member were finished in the morning, the music video shoot continued smoothly.


Not gonna lie, I felt like I had danced the choreography at least 20 times.
10 of them were particularly difficult because we had to dance with water under the set.


I asked why the water was laid, wondering if there was a special reason for it, and Director Jung gave me a clear explanation with a thumbs up.


“It’s hard to add CG to the filming because of the low budget, so by adding water and making you suffer directly from it, it will come out pretty.”




As a person with no money, I kept my mouth shut and continued to form a formation with the members.


[Dance +1]


[Dance +2]


[Dance +2]


[Dance +1]


‘Why is the system so generous today?’


[‘The actual match is the best!’


Dancing in real combat adds to the tension, so your experience points are doubled!]


It was a kind explanation.


After experiencing the status abnormality the other day, my distrust of the system window only grew.


“I’ll take a break and come back!”




Coming out of the set, Jeong Dajoon pushed himself into a corner and was resting with a hot pack wrapped around his ankles that turned red from the constant dancing in the cold water.


…I felt like this would look good in a pitiful way?


“Kang Yichae.”




When gesturing to Kang Yicahe, I pushed the camera toward Jung Dajoon.


“Dajoon-ssi, are you cold?”


“Ugh, no, I am fine!”


Jung Dajoon jumped up in surprise, pretending that he wasn’t cold.
Sung Jiwon handed over the blanket he had covered himself with.


“Use this.
They said there’s still some time left until the next shoot.”


“I am fine!”


It was uncomfortable to see Jung Dajoon forcefully and bravely answering.


He hadn’t been able to eat or sleep well for almost two weeks, and since he came here, he’d been doing heavy labor.


Even the participants of the contest programs I was producing didn’t work their asses off like this.
Especially since Dajoon was the youngest, I was sometimes reminded of Seo Hojin…


No, what am I talking about?


‘Why am I giving them affection?’


While Kang Yichae was conducting a brief interview with the camera pointing at Sung Jiwon, Jung Dajoon asked me.


“Is Hoyoon hyung really okay?”


“Why do you ask?”


“Hyung, it hasn’t been a few hours since you went to the emergency room.
What if you collapse again?”


Ah, what are you talking about.
I was fine because the status abnormality was already resolved anyway.


I inadvertently patted Jung Dajoon’s head.


“I’m worried about you, Jung Dajoon.”


“…What, what’s this? Is this a drama?”


Jung Dajoon grumbled and stepped out of the corner.
Kang Yichae got further away as he headed to Kim Sunghyun, who was monitoring with Director Jung.


Jung Dajoon stared at him and said.


“But it’s really touching.
Being able to film again like this…”


“Say that when the camera turns to you.”


“I’m saying it because it’s in front of you, hyung.
I am so embarrassed, how can I say that?”


No, rather, you could buy a sympathy vote.
I was about to give him advice, but I stopped because it seemed dangerous for a rookie to get too much sympathetic comments.


Jung Dajoon said with a small sigh.


“I was really about to give up every single day, but everything seems to be going well after Hoyoon hyung came back.”


“I see.”


I needed to get results.
So, of course, I laid out everything I could.


With the hoarding that poked my conscience (though you may not believe it) and risks that were too great if I got caught later, I had to lay the groundwork as best I could.
I had no choice but to leave the rest to the public.


“I once had a bad agency experience.”


“Is that so?”


“I’m just grateful to my current agency…”


Your current agency isn’t that great either… It was probably different if you were an actor, but as an idol, you didn’t even belong to the tier.


I kept my mouth shut and looked at Jung Dajoon who shuddered.


What would have happened if I really signed a contract with that agency? I’m getting goosebumps.
If it wasn’t for the person who stopped me then…”


“Who stopped you?”


A few years ago, there was someone who told me to come back to my sense and asked why I was in that kind of place.
He was a staff of a broadcasting company… Strangely enough, I don’t remember his name or his face.”




Jung Dajoon said, ‘Ah’ and clapped his hands.


“Come to think of it, he kind of looks like Hoyoon hyung.
It’s very similar.
The way you talk, or the atmosphere…”




I felt out of place.
For a moment, my head was pounding.
Just as I was about to grab Jung Dajoon and ask him, Kim Sunghyun called us.


“Let’s shoot again!”


“Yes, I am going!”




“I’ve talked too much about useless things.
Let’s go and work hard again, hyung!”


“Uh… yes.”


I slid my eyes from him and answered.
Jung Dajoon was running hard, but I couldn’t help but follow him.


No way, no way… No, it couldn’t be.
I shook my head and looked at the set.


It was time to concentrate.


Less than a few days after the shooting was over, the teaser was hurriedly released.


It was an action that was taken because we were conscious of the leaked comeback song.




“Ha, destroy the company…”


An office worker, who had separated herself from K-pop for almost two years due to all kinds of K-pop personality controversy, arrived home exhausted from work.


Although she had cleaned up the SNS that she had used for fangirling, she left her private account alone because she had acquaintances who she had been enthusiastically interacting with for several years.
As she was lying on the bed watching a cute cat video or retweets and refreshing her timeline, she suddenly saw that the timeline was plastered with ‘???’.


“What’s this?”


The person who plastered the timeline was an acquaintance who was a casual fan of Joo Woosung and only had a private account like she did.
She thought it wouldn’t be a big deal, so she tried to skip past it, but she found out that the video was retweeted.


It was a music video of an unknown idol, The Dawn, who she lightly criticized for having a bad name.


‘The noise marketing is amazing here…’


Of course, they were also famous as righteous people who helped a grandmother catch a robber.
However, it was Joo Woosung’s Byeolstar that first began to catch people’s attention, and up until the leak of the comeback song, they steadily appeared in the community.


‘Well, I heard they’re handsome.’


Not long ago, when an acquaintance cried a lot because the teaser of each member was released, that moment passed unnoticed.
Because there were so many idol groups in Korea.


Heck, about one-third of Korean people were idols.


A few years ago, the idol she was stanning was caught in a personality controversy, so she no longer had a good perception of K-pop.
Of course, she listened to the songs a little bit, but…


[My tears are flowing.
This is the taste of spicy K-pop… Indeed, they are the new future]


[We are announcing the guide to The Dawn’s war stream.]


[It’s been so long since I’ve watched a music video with a story like this, I love it ㅠㅠ Apocalypse SF drama + uniform + techwear + Cheongbeom-nim song, you want me to shut up and listen to it??? To just stuff it to my mouth?]


[Everyone, it’s urgent, what’s the name of the brunette?????? So innocent???? I got a heart attack]


[For me, it’s the black hair;;;;; Who is the black hair guy??? This K-Pop Grandmother urgently needs to know]


[Love… It starts with ‘what the fuck is up with this dude?’]


But the timeline was so popular that she got interested.
They were all K-pop veterans, so they wouldn’t get interested in just any idols.


Besides, ‘Cheongbeom’ was the nickname of the composer Blue Tiger.


‘Oh… I like all Cheongbeom’s songs.’


She pressed the NewTube link.
Five minutes was fine.
She usually skipped it and looked at the early part before turning it off,


She turned on the comment window together to check the members’ names, familiarizing herself with their names.
It was easy to remember because there were only five of them.


‘Let’s take a look.’


Screeching noise came out, as if she was playing an old video.


Three figures appeared on the black screen.




Sung Jiwon, a brunette wearing a dark uniform, held a gun and pointed it at the two men lying on the floor in techwears.
The two who collapsed on the floor were said to be Kim Sunghyun and Jung Dajoon.


Sung Jiwon licked his lips.


– I’m sorry.


She thought that the gun was pointing at Kim Sunghyun, but he pulled back his hand and aimed it at his head.
The moment Kim Sunghyun opened his eyes wide.




The screen was covered in black.




Did he kill himself?


She involuntarily closed her mouth and couldn’t take her eyes off the video.


After a few seconds, the black screen slowly brightened.


Duung, duung.


Along with the sound of drums, Blue Tiger’s unique beat rang out.
She got goosebumps.


‘As expected of Cheongbeom…!’


A song was much better when large companies poured in the capital.


At the same time, Sung Jiwon slowly opened his eyes and stared at the screen under the blindingly white light, and he began to sing.


[Give me, Give me, Give me Second Chance


This feeling ringing in my head.
In other words, I’m back]


“Crazy, is this a regression?”


A K-pop and web novel addict, she noticed this setting right away.
In the first scene, Sung Jiwon committed suicide and reset his life again.


Sung Jiwon staggered and glared at the mirror in an old bathroom.


[Close your hands tightly, I can never miss this opportunity]


‘The song is good.’


No… This taste is worth experiencing?


While seriously evaluating the song, the scene of the group dancing in a dark place was inserted.


She thought the camera was going to zoom in on the character Kang Yichae, but when he pretended to turn the camera with his hand, the screen switched.


[Ooh, Pick card, a clear future]


It was Seo Hoyoon.
He sat down in a chair, tapping his feet leisurely and skilfully shuffling the cards.
Then he picked five cards from the cards that were facing down.


One by one, Spade, Queen, Ace, and Joker came out.
Even when the Joker came out, Seo Hoyoon was calm.


[Low chances make you anxious, there’s no need to be]


Wearing a uniform, Seo Hoyoon checked the last card alone and smiled with one corner of his mouth raised.
He put down the card in his arms and sang leisurely, walking to the side with his eyes on the camera.


[It’s okay, I’ll lead you]


“What… What….”


Dark blue hair close to a black color and the look that seemed to be planning something, it perfectly suited her taste.


“What… No, not yet.”


Did she just get pulled into a fandom?


No, she didn’t.
It wasn’t like that.


While she was confused, the music video went on steadfastly.


Seo Hoyoon and Sung Jiwon wore navy blue uniforms, while Jung Dajoon, Kim Sunghyun, and Kang Yichae wore techwears.
Seeing the contrast between them, it seemed they had taken the concept of the government army and the revolutionary army.


[Come to me, Come to me,


Don’t be Afraid, come to me


I have my second chance]


Junng Dajoon, who was lying down with Kim Sunghyun in the first scene, frowned at the dazzling white light.
Then the choreography was cross-edited.


Isn’t it cheating to sing Cheongbeom unnie [1] ‘s song in techwear outfits?


When Jung Dajoon and Sung Jiwon grabbed each other’s arms, Kim Sunghyun appeared from under them and sang.


[ I’ll say it again.
This is the start.]


At the same time, Kim Sunghyun, the leader of the Revolutionary Army, was seen running somewhere with an assault rifle.


[I will come back every time


You are afraid of this strange feeling of déjà vu,


No need to be scared


I’ll lead you]


At that time, Jung Dajoon bent down and Kang Yichae stepped on his back and appeared spinning in the air.
It was truly a feat.


[Stand up with the target, I have confidence


I don’t miss this cold feeling]


In the scene when ‘cold feeling’ was sung, Kang Yichae grabbed a sniper gun.
Jung Dajoon was his target.


Weren’t they on the same team? Why was he shooting him?


Before she could solve the question, Kang Yichae winked with a mischievous face, so she forgot what she was thinking.


‘So handsome…’


[Your face that I can see even when I close my eyes


I ain’t gonna miss this time]


Sung Jiwon and Seo Hoyoon started singing again, with Kang Yichae rattling, one arm pulled back in the choreography as if he was shooting a gun.


[ I’ll say it again.
This is the start.


I will come back everytime]


Between the splendid high notes and solid harmony, the music video was approaching the highlight.


In the place where it rained, Sung Jiwon approached Jung Dajoon, who had fallen.
Kim Sunghyun glared at Sung Jiwon with resentment.
Sung Jiwon trembled with fear.


[This strange feeling of déjà vu.
Don’t be scared.]


“Oh, this….”


This was similar to the first part.


At that moment, the high-pitched tone rose, and Sung Jiwon pulled the trigger toward his head, just like in the first part.


– Bam!


The gunshot rang out again.
But what fell down was Sung Jiwon’s gun.


From far away, Kang Yicahe, who was dressed in techwear, called someone on a walkie-talkie.
Sung Jiwon collapsed and tried to pick up the gun, but someone kicked the gun away with his foot.


[No, there is no need to get lost


I’ll find a way]


And the camera gradually zoomed in.


The expressionless face of Seo Hoyoon, who was wearing the same uniform as Sung Jiwon, was revealed.
Sung Jiwon’s eyes shook.


[This time, in this life, surely


I will save you (Save you)]


‘He didn’t die in the first scene!’


She got goosebumps.


The scene captured all of The Dawn in a mess, and the screen moved to the choreography.
The sight of the water splashing on the floor in line with the choreography that fell like a knife was fantastic.


[Give me, Give me, Give me Second Chance]


The last chorus resonated, returning to Seo Hoyoon’s first card shot.


The last card Seo Hoyoon checked was revealed, and it overlapped with Sung Jiwon.


Heart King.


[Give you, Give you, Give you Second Chance]


Seo Hoyoon smiled stealthily.
At the same time, the sound of drums rang out as if following the beat of the heart.


Slowly, the music video faded to a black screen and the title was revealed.


[The Dawn – Second Chance]




She didn’t know where her decision to only watch for one minute had gone.


She calmed her pounding heart and entered SNS with trembling hands.


[The Dawn… What???]


[What did I just see????]


[ㅅㅂ Please explain why Seo Hoyoon didn’t kill Sung Jiwon]


[Did Sung Jiwon get betrayed?]


[Did he get hit?]


[Did he get hit by Seo Hoyoon?? What’s with that handsome guy? No, I… Still okay.
I am not falling for them]


[No, I think I am falling for them..]


[First of all, guys, please give me an explanation (begging)


└ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋAigooㅠㅠㅠㅠIn the end, you too… Do you want to listen more? (link to the explanation)]


Originally, an otaku fell the hardest when they denied being an otaku.


While she was in denial and looking for a publicity article about The Dawn, a related article appeared under it.


[Starting mango chart reorganization… Reflecting 70% of real-time charts, not 24-hour aggregate results]


It was an article that had nothing to do with her yet, but Seo Hoyoon, who was still practicing in the practice room as dawn approached, had a different idea.


[Mango 100, which adds up the 24-hour aggregate score and the real-time chart by 3:7.
The 24-hour aggregate score will be 100% reflected in the late night hours….]


Seo Hoyoon, who had been reading the article while lying down in the dark corner of the practice room, put down his phone with a smile.


The music site had been reorganized.


‘It’s just as I heard.’


So, that meant it was time to start the game.

1. Unnie is how a girl calls girls older than her.
It was also at this point that the translator realized she has f*cked up.
Yes, Lim Hyunsoo is a woman… I am sorry, I’ll fix it if I have the chance, though I can’t do anything about the first few chapters.


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