ctures shot for the album cover, and film the music video once the planning was done.
We were in quite a hurry to do these things. 


The conversation had stopped for a while and only the sound of us eating ice cream could be heard, but then Kim Sunghyun asked me something. 


“What did you talk about in the president’s office?” 




It was obvious that the trust in our relationship would fall apart if I told him about the settlement and cancellation fees.


“I told him that I’d overturn the plan.” 




That’s why I wanted to cooperate with the planning team.” 


“I think it went better than we thought.
I don’t know if they’ll manage to finish everything by tomorrow though.” 


“I think it’ll work out.
That team’s maknae seemed really passionate.”


I didn’t know what the results would be, but they should be able to finish a rough data analysis by the deadline tomorrow. 


If we kept what we liked and cut out what we didn’t like, the rough skeleton of the plan would be completed to some extent.


“When we get the plan tomorrow I should go to Lim Hyunsoo-ssi… No, the Blue Tiger and ask him to revise the lyrics.” 


“That fast?” 


“That’s right, we have to make our comeback in about three weeks.” 


If we didn’t work fast, the comeback would be delayed, which would cost more money, leading to the president being unwilling to invest more in The Dawn, whose future was uncertain.


We had no other choice but to somehow make this work with our current budget. 


“You’re a bit different.” 


Kim Sunghyun suddenly spat out these words. 




“You seem like a different person from one year ago.”


That was surprising.
I wasn’t really a different person, but I did get rejuvenated and had to pretend to be an idol that didn’t even exist before, so I guess he was right as well in saying that. 


I spoke quickly. 


“I just decided to do my best.”


“Yes, hmm…” 


He was pretty sharp.
Through the choreography practice, I was able to grasp the characteristics of my fellow members with whom I would share joys and sorrows in the future.
Overall, they were pretty quick-witted. 


Except Jung Dajoon.
I felt like someone had sucked out all his common sense when he grew up. 


“Anyway, thank you.” 




“It felt like the other members had already given up, but now the atmosphere has completely changed.
So, thank you for that.”


Kim Sunghyun pretended to be calm, but after he said everything he wanted to say he looked embarrassed.
I shrugged and answered him sincerely. 


“If you’re thankful just give me a cig…”


“Are you joking?” 


He was firm… With tears in my eyes, I let the thoughts of getting cigarettes leave my mind. 


“Are you okay with the practice?” 


“Sung Jiwon is scary.”


“He scares me too.” 


Before entering the practice room, Kim Sunghyun seemed to have an easier time talking to me, probably because he felt more relaxed.
In this choreography, it was easier to make the movements a bit bigger, I also had to learn where to breathe as part of the choreo.
I was given a lot of tips and taught a lot of tricks so I tried to engrave them all in my mind. 


When I entered the practice room, the members welcomed us. 


“Hyung, ice cream!” 


“Just take this.” 


This sight made me feel strange.
As a PD, it was a sensation that a third party could not feel.


I couldn’t quite figure out what this feeling was, so I just pushed it aside and spoke with a nonchalant expression on my face.


“Hey, let’s stay up the whole night.”






“No! Nooo!” 




“A–igoo, if this isn’t Seo Hoyoon-ssi who doesn’t need to work for anything―.”


“Did you have a drink this early in the morning already?” 


“And whose fault do you think it is that I can’t get through the day without alcohol?” 


Lim Hyunsoo greeted me sarcastically.
When I talked back to him before entering the recording studio, the members behind me looked at Lim Hyunsoo and me alternately with shaken eyes. 


I glanced at the quest window before me. 


[‘First recording!’ 


Let’s finish our first recording safely. 


The quest will continue until Kim Hyunsoo is satisfied. 


Success: 300p 


Failure: Lim Hyunsoo’s favorability will decrease significantly.


In addition to choreography practice, we practiced the song according to the guide song’s lyrics during breaks until 7 am.
Of course, I had no time to practice a single line because I was busy with the dance. 


After sleeping in the break room for two or three hours, we went straight to Lim Hyunsoo’s studio, so the members looked terrible.


“Hello! I’m looking forward to working with you.”


“It’s an honor to be working with you!” 


“Ah, yeah, yeah.”


I just sat down on the sofa familiarly, leaving behind the others who were diligently greeting Lim Hyunsoo.
Lim Hyunsoo just casually held a cigarette between his fingers and turned on a lighter as if he didn’t care about my attitude anymore. 


“Do you want a smoke as well?” 




I glanced at the members.
Lim Hyunsoo took the cigarette out of his mouth, making a ridiculed expression.




“What? Why? Didn’t you have one the last time you came over as well?”


“There are minors here.”


Jung Dajoon was a minor.
Lim Hyunsoo had an expression that seemed to say ‘You care about that? Weird’, but surprisingly he put away the cigarette obediently.
Of course, he still mumbled something.


“So you’re not going to smoke at all?”


“I want to quit.”


So I also took away Lim Hyunsoo’s cigarette right when he was about to smoke.
If I saw him smoking, it would make me want to do that as well.
But I couldn’t smoke right before the recording…


Lim Hyunsoo’s eyes opened wide as he shook his head.


“That won’t last long, Hoyoon.”


“Yeah, thank you for sharing your experience.”


“…Crazy bastard.
Just show me what you prepared.”


Lim Hyunsoo held out his hand as if asking for the plan we wrote up.
He nodded when I handed him the printout we received from the planning team.


“Oh… Hm.
So it’s that kind of plan.”




“Hmm hmm.”


I could feel the members growing more nervous every time Lim Hyunsoo nodded.
They looked like they would faint immediately if he were to frown.


He didn’t even say anything.
There’s no need to be so scared, guys.


After reading the printout till the end, he nodded.


“It’s alright.”


“Phew, I’m glad…”


“Overall, this is planned out well.
This concept works well for songs like this.
These days, they only add trendy settings… I just have to convey the vibe with the lyrics.”


We’ve already distributed the parts, so keep that in mind while writing the lyrics.”


“Hey, that’s a given.
I’m Lim Hyunsoo.”


“Of course, our great Blue Tiger-ssi.”


“You bastard, bow down to me.”


Even while swearing, Lim Hyunsoo continued to help me obediently, as if he liked the plan a lot more than he let on.


I gestured to the members who were hesitating next to me.
They should pour out the ideas they had thought of beforehand.


“This part, there should be more flashback to the past…”


“Oh, I’d like to keep the word target locked on.”


“I think it’s better to use words that people can remember right away than vague ones…”


Looking nervous, the members continued to talk about their opinions and commented on their part.
Lim Hyunsoo replied sincerely to them.


“That’s tacky.”


“Oh, the word target should be fine.”


“No, that sucks.
It feels more like it would suddenly accelerate at this point.”


After 30 minutes, Lim Hyunsoo was even more excited than the members.
This was why I liked him.


As we looked at each other with our arms crossed, Lim Hyunsoo, who had roughly finished organizing the lyrics, looked around the members and said.


“Yeah, that’s enough for the lyrics… I can just edit them again later anyway, so just go with the guide lyrics this time and sing them once.”


“Yes! Understood.”


“First… Let’s see, the main vocalist should go in.”




Sung Jiwon nodded.


…You look a bit nervous.

1. Cheongsimhwan is a pill formulated with thirty odd herbs including bezoars, ginseng, and Chinese yam root, used to treat various symptoms such as numb limbs and fit of apoplexy, epilepsy, etc.
in traditional Korean medicine.
Sumber: Wiki. 2. Melona (메로나) is a South Korean ice pop, manufactured by Binggrae Co.
Although the product is called “Melona” and is identified by its melon flavor, the ice pop also comes in other fruit flavors, such as strawberry and coconut.
Each 80 ml/2.7 fl oz bar contains 130 kcal of energy as of 2009.
Sumber: Wiki.

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