“Guys, it’s good to have a warm atmosphere, but now I have to join the planning team meeting.”


Kang Yichae nodded at the manager’s words.


“That’s right.
I forgot because I was so shocked by Hoyoon hyung’s dance.”


“Do you want to die?”


When I said that, Kang Yichae giggled and followed the manager.
I was being serious, but Kang Yichae must have been joking.


Sung Jiwon also giggled and followed suit.




[Quest Arrival!:


‘Let’s persuade the planning team!’


Seo Hoyoon-ssi, it’s going well.
I’m a little worried about dancing, but…


Persuade the planning team.


Persuade Planning Team (0/1)


If succesful: Dance 10


If you fail: Dance -100]


Is the system good or not? I’m getting confused.


But these guys… Did they plan it well?


It bothered me that I was so preoccupied with the choreography that I couldn’t talk about the project even once.


The anxiety became a reality as soon as I sat down with the planning team.


“We want to do a monster concept.”


“Oh, no.
High school club concept.”


“Huh? Wasn’t our concept intelligent agent?”


Everyone was chatting and expressing their opinions.
You guys were so distracted by the choreography that you couldn’t really talk about the plan.
The planning team leader smiled awkwardly at the members who were confused after talking to each other.


“Um… I guess you haven’t talked properly?”


He was smiling, but it was a sign that he was upset.
I looked at him from the side with my mouth shut.


“We thought you had a clear vision because you were going to change the plan.”


“I want to coordinate with the planning team slowly.”


I intercepted it quickly.
The planning team leader looked at me with his eyes widened.


“Um, yes.
That’s right, Seo Hoyoon-ssi.
It’s hot today, isn’t it?”


= Aren’t you bothering me today?


“Yes, thank you.”


= Hn.


The planning team leader raised his eyebrows when I accepted it mildly.
See this? It was that look.


They thought it wouldn’t be a big deal because it was a pineapple project, but it turned out to be harder than they thought.
But they got it wrong.


Fighting spirit was my specialty.


Perhaps aware of that, Sung Jiwon clenched his fists and cheered me on quietly.


“Thank you for the last project.
Singing along to fruit is definitely a trendy and popular concept.
I can feel that you put a lot of thought into it..”


= It’s so out of fashion.
Did you use your brain before making it?


“Haha, thank you.
As you know, The Dawn is very popular.
We made it according to the expectations of the fans.”


= You’re not popular.
Even if it was bad, you have no right to say anything.


“Yes, you guys are indeed the planning team.
We trust and follow your delicate consideration and passion in everything.”


= What kind of planning team doesn’t plan anything? Are you a salary thief?




The head of the planning team kept his mouth shut, as if my words had been conveyed well.
Anyone who knew the context to some extent or had a sense of humor would know that we were having some kind of fight even while laughing hahahoho.


In fact, all the members were looking this way nervously, except for Jung Dajoon.


“I am really grateful!”


Except for Jung Dajoon, who expressed his gratitude with a bright smile.
Jung Dajoon might have been sincere, but it was an unexpected counter against the planning team.


‘Thickhead, nice!’


“There is something I want to revise a little bit in the plan, so I would like to ask you to do so.
Let’s listen to the song first.”


I pushed the planning team leader the moment when he was countered by Jung Dajoon.
As soon as the song was played, the eyes of the planning team leader and the dazed members sparkled.


When the song was over, the planning team leader nodded.


“The song is good.”


“It’s a Blue Tiger’s song.”


“As expected… I can tell at a glance.”


“Yes, I was lucky to get it.
If you listen to it, you’ll know, but the current plan doesn’t match the song, so I’d like to request a revision.”


I get that.
Do you have any directions in mind?”


Of course.
I took out the print that I had prepared.


“In the entertainment industry where new groups are pouring out every day, we need to find a clear direction for this group to stand out.
What do you think is the most important thing for a new group who is not doing well yet?”


“Haha, a sudden question? Hmm… Let’s see, popularity?”


The planning team leader laughed.
However, one of the planning team members who was next to him kept blinking her eyes.


I supposed she had something to say.
When I glanced over there, she blurted out.


“May I answer you?”


“Of course.”


I tended to be generous with proactive people.
When I nodded, the person who seemed to be the maknae of the planning team spoke excitedly.


“I… I think it’s otaku.”




I grinned.
At least, there was one person who had a good sense.


“That’s right.
Otaku, that’s the answer.”


The members couldn’t open their mouths easily as if they hadn’t caught on yet, and they waited for my next words.


“In the beginning, we need core otaku to lay the groundwork.
To do that, we need a new setting, a profound worldview, and content that makes waves.”




Jung Dajoon looked as though he had just realized something.
In addition, the planning team’s maknae nodded her head as if she totally agreed with me.


“Our song is electronic, but I want to add that kind of setting.
First of all, as a result of selecting the current trend, what is currently in the most demand, but relatively low in supply among idols, is a post-apocalyptic setting.”


I said, pointing at the print.


I wasn’t an otaku either.
However, as I understood the ever-changing need of the viewers while producing programs, analyzing this kind of trend was a piece of cake.


As my explanation continued, everyone seemed to agree.


“I want to lead it in this direction.
But I still don’t have enough knowledge of this field, so I want the planning team to add some details….”


The moment I said that.
The planning team’s maknae… suddenly jumped.


“Me! I want to do it!”


It was literally a sudden jump.
Both me and the head of the planning team were taken aback by the sight of her raising her hand and staring at me with sparkling eyes.


She poured out her words without a break.


“Right now, I completely agree with Seo Hoyoon-ssi.
Plus, the song is dark and electronic, so I think it’ll go well with post-apocalypse.
Regarding Apocalypse, what immediately comes to mind is the setting of science fiction, military, and regression.
In addition, there are five people, so if you divide them in half and create a confrontational relationship with each other, you can provide the characteristics of each member…!”




Originally, otaku tended to talk about what they liked without asking.


Silence suddenly lingered in the planning room.
Slightly suppressed by that momentum, I cautiously nodded.


“Oh, yes… then by all means.
Team leader, this person seems to have a lot of ideas, so can I ask her to take the lead?”


I’ve never seen her so excited before…”


It seemed she was originally interested in this kind of thing.
I checked her name.


Lee Jihyun.
I guessed I could use her well.


I turned around to ask for the members’ consent.


“What do you think? Is that all right?


I was going to push it in the direction I wanted anyway, but I would listen if they had a better idea.




Kang Yichae called me stealthily.


“What is it?”


“Hyung, did you get a serious head injury? How come you are so good at handling people?”


“Is it a compliment or a curse?”


“Let’s think of it as a compliment.”


Anyway, there was no objection.
Looking around the members with a shrug, Kim Sunghyun, Sung Jiwon, Kang Yichae, and Jung Dajoon all nodded in agreement.


“Then please proceed like that.
I’m sorry, but we don’t have enough time to prepare because the revision is so sudden.
I’m going to set up the lyrics with the composer tomorrow afternoon and start recording.
Until then, can you give us a general direction and a rough distribution of our parts?”


“Tomorrow afternoon? That’s a little difficult…”


“I can give you the rough direction!”


“…Ahem ahem!”


The planning team’s maknae gave me more strength than I thought.
The planning team leader glared, but the maknae tried to ignore him.


Well, fighting.


It was nice to have someone full of passion.


“Thank you.
Then I’ll send you the song separately.
Please let me know again when the plan is sorted out.”


After finishing what I had to say, I tapped the members.


“Let’s go back and practice.”




When I left the planning room with the members, I picked up my cell phone and texted Lim Hyunsoo.


[Me: I’m going to record tomorrow afternoon.
Please revise the lyrics.]


[Me: The schedule is a bit tight, but I look forward to your kind cooperation.
I’ll send you the overall plan now.]


As soon as I pressed send, an answer came from Lim Hyunsoo.


[Lim Hyunsoo: Crazy bastard, even if I refuse, you’re going to ignore it anyway.]


“How do you know?”


While I was giggling, the planning team leader came out of the planning room.
At the night shifts that suddenly fell from the sky, he glared at me for a moment and then sighed deeply.


“Seo Hoyoon-ssi, good work.”


“Yes, thank you for your hard work.”


“People suddenly change like this.
I guess you’re really sharpening your knife this time.”


“Haha, I have to work hard.”


If I didn’t sharpen my sword, it was impossible to clear this situation forever.
Who would be careless in this situation?


I had to go back and become a practiceworm.
The team leader nodded.


“It’s a bit of a tough schedule, but keep it up.
We’re a little concerned about The Dawn.”


You’re more gentle than I thought.
Social life was like this anyway, but it was nice to have someone like this.
Judging from his words, he was not that kind of an uptight person, and he might be originally competent.


The Dawn was really roughly planned and sent to them.


“I’ll do my best.”


“Your answer is refreshing.
Way to go.”


As the planning team leader left, the maknae bowed to me and chased after him.
It was not a bad combination.


[Quest completed:


‘Let’s persuade the planning team!’


The planning team’s maknae seems to be pushing it.


But success is success!


Persuade Planning Team (1 of 1)


Dance skill is added by 10.]


[Special gift for the newbie! A new system will be added.]


A new system?

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