Memory Loss


Lim Seung Hyun suspected that the memory loss was all part of Yoo Yeon Seo’s plan.


‘Memory synchronization is just too painful.’


He must have been really desperate to have fallen for it.
At this rate, he might end up living permanently in the hospital.


He came up with a strategy using his past experiences from the countless drama and moves he watched in the repository of 2207.


‘Amnesia is a cheat.’


It was a strategy to cleverly hide the memory loss from those closest to him and make them suspicious.
Hadn’t he always been good to his grandfather before? But now, he couldn’t remember anything else.
But now, he couldn’t remember anything else.
He felt helpless.
And the result of the test on the person guarding his hospital room.

*      *      *      *      *

[‘The young master spoke politely to us…’]


[‘Did you see Seung Hyun leave work early?’]


[‘Earlier when I brought him a book, he actually thanked me?’]


[‘Really? That second young master?’]


[‘Is it because of the accident that he’s acting so strange? It’s just like amnesia.’]


‘Don’t speak carelessly.
Still, wouldn’t it be nice if he’s truly changed like that?’]


[‘A good kind of memory loss.’]

*      *      *      *      *


The effect was clear.
Thanks to his condition, which came to the brink of death, everyone believed without a doubt that it was the aftermath of the accident.


“Beta, what percentage is the synchronization rate currently at?”




“It’s still far.”


In his spare time, he synchronizes his memories occasionally, so as not to overload his body.
However, since he is trying to remember the whole 26 years of one person’s life, there was also a lot of unnecessary useless information.


But he did know one thing.
The ‘real’ Yoo Yeon Seo was a bit of… a strange guy.


‘Doesn’t it seem like he’s abusive if he fires his manager on a whim?’ He used a money gun to scatter cash in the middle of Seoul out of boredom, paralyzing the area.
In the mind of a normal person, he was the owner of a personality that seemed incomprehensible.
Is that what happens when you have a lot of money? Even so, his brother seemed fine.


“It’s time to go, young master.”


“Did you bring what I asked you to prepare?”




Lim Seung Hyun quickly handed over the clothes in his hand.
When Yoo Yeon Seo received it, he quietly sighed.
What kind of clothes cost more than his monthly salary.


“Excuse me… but the managing director is waiting outside.”


“Hyung? I see.
Let’s go out then.”


Yoo Yeon Seo took off his hospital gown and put on the new clothes.
The clothes were soft, in line with the character of someone who wouldn’t spare a glance at anything less than top-notch quality.
The feel of the fabric was beyond his imagination for someone who was originally from 2207.


The original Yoo Yeon Seo, who was full of self-love, took good care of himself, and also splurged on his appearance.
Even though he has been bedridden for months, his body was still perfect, with spotless skin and a face that is even good-looking to the eyes of a man. ‘Is this why his fan club can’t let go of Yeon Seo even though he couldn’t act well?’ He had such thoughts.


‘Ah, I am Yeon Seo now.’


Separating the lives of Kang Jin Hoo and Yeon Seo wouldn’t be of much help in the future.
To put it bluntly, ‘Yeon Seo’ is Kang Jin Hoo’s first and last method acting.


‘I really can’t get used to it.’


Is it because his new unrealistic appearance is different from Kang Jin Hoo’s? He was busy checking and tidying himself in front of the mirror.
He took a deep breath as he walked away.


“Yeon Seo.”


He vigorously opened the door and stepped out with confidence, Yoo Eun Ho was standing right in front of him.
He was taken aback by the closeness.


“What, did you come to grab me?”


“I didn’t come to grab you.
Let’s go.
Grandfather is waiting for us.”


“I am right, you did come to grab me.”


Yoo Yeon Seo laughed.
Fortunately, within the 1.35% of random memory synchronization, there was a small memory of how Yeon Seo normally behaved towards his elder brother.


Despite giving a hard time to his grandfather and teasing his father, Yeon Seo treated his elder brother Eun Ho relatively politely.
This was because Eun Ho wouldn’t easily give in to his stubbornness.


The relationship between Yoo Yeon Seo and Yoo Eu Ho was no different from a typical brotherly relationship.


“So, you came to personally escort me home? That’s not the case, right?”


“Ha, yes.
You’re right, I’m here to grab you.
Don’t give grandfather a hard time this time.
Please just let it go this once.”


“Just look at what grandfather is doing.”






If you look closely, it was a scene of Yoo Yeon Seo scolding and Yoo Eun Ho enduring the scolding.
Fortunately, Yoo Eun Ho didn’t seem to have any suspicions.


In fact, Yoo Eun Ho felt a little soft after receiving Lim Seung Hyun’s report that Yoo Yeon Seo’s memory was not intact.


“Ah wait, I have to make a stop before I go.”


“Where? Grandfather hates waiting.
You know that.”


“I’m not running away.
I really have something important.
Do you think Grandfather will understand?”


Yoo Eun Ho belatedly observed his younger brother’s outfit carefully.
The black formal wear looked like a mourning suit.


*      *      *      *      *


The place they went to was where the last manager of Yoon Seo, Kim Jong Ho Kim’s parents lived.


“Please accept my condolences.
May he rest in peace.”


“…Please take a seat.”


As Yoo Yeon Seo respectfully bowed his head, Kim Jong Ho’s parents invited him inside.


Eun Ho, who was watching this from behind, forgot to control his expression as his eyes grew wide.
In fact, he followed Yoo Yeon Seo because he was afraid that he would upset the bereaved family, but it was different from what he expected.


‘Typically, he would make a sarcastic remark about being asked to sit on such a humble floor.
Am I out of my mind?’


“Next to you…”


“It’s my older brother.
Don’t worry about him.”


Kim Jong Ho’s parents noticed Yoo Eun Ho, but Yoo Yeon Seo redirected their attention.
Anyway, they wouldn’t be here for long.


“By the time I regained my senses, the funeral was already over.
I came because I felt it was my duty to pay my respects, even though we won’t be staying long.”


Eun Ho touched his chin to hide his surprised face.

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