nt to hear from the door. 

Thiel frowned slightly. 

‘Wouldn’t people be asleep?’ 

The second floor of the mansion was always empty at this time, but Thiel, who had no way of knowing this fact, moved stealthily. But just when she was about to go down the stairs-

Step step- 

Thiel inhaled.
Her little chest swelled as if it would explode. 

“Lady Rowen, I told you not to go around at this time…- Hmm?” 

It was Rowen’s nanny, Zyra. 

Zyra, who saw the child’s form and assumed it was Rowen, widened her eyes at the golden eyes shining in the moonlight. And soon after realizing that it was Thiel, not Rowen, who was walking around the mansion at this time, she went on a rampage. 

“Oi, why are you here at this hour! You better come here right now!” 

Zyra’s shout echoed through the hallway. 

Thiel chewed her lips, not knowing what to do, in front of Zyra, whose face was flushed red as if it were going to burst at any moment. 

‘Oh my god.’ 

She had to run away, but her legs wouldn’t listen. 

To make matters worse, the mansion was getting noisy little by little, as if the servants of the mansion were running out in surprise. Zyra strode forward to catch Thiel. After shaking her head from side to side to clear her mind, Thiel began to run while hugging the blanket tightly. 

“Come here now! If you get caught this time, your room will be locked!” 

Thiel trembled and ran through the hallway.
She heard Zyra chasing after her. 

“Where should I go?” 

Zyra’s footsteps were getting closer.
Thiel rushed down to the first floor and out the mansion, and hid her body in the bushes in the garden. 

“The lady has run away! Find her!” 

She heard Zyra yelling.
Thiel trembled as she hid in the bush. Both of her eyes were filled with tears.
Thiel muttered, covering her face with her hands. 

“Oh my god… I’m going to get caught.” 

Hearing Zyra’s shouts, the servants were running out one by one. A servant approached after walking up towards the bush where Thiel hid. Surprised, Thiel ran once again without letting go of the blanket. 

“She’s here! Catch her!” 

Thiel, who had been running away like crazy, escaped by going into the outbuilding she had never been to before. The servants who saw Thiel running into the outbuilding hesitated and stepped back. The outbuilding was a place where their precious guests stayed, and it was not possible to enter without permission. 


‘Guests from the Imperial palace are staying.’ 

‘What should we do?‘ 

The worried servants soon turned their steps to inform Cender of the situation. However, a few stood in front of the outbuilding to keep an eye on Thiel to make sure she didn’t run away. Thiel ran frantically and pulled the first door she saw on the first floor of the annex. 

The door opened without resistance.
Thiel ran into the door without thinking. Then, looking at the annex hallway through the key hole, she gasped. 

Just at that moment-

“Who is coming into my room at this hour?” 

An unfamiliar voice came from behind. Thiel instinctively trembled and looked back. A boy who looked two inches taller than herself was standing behind Thiel with his back to the moonlight. 

The boy had his sharp claws pressed against Thiel’s neck. 

“Tell me who you are.
Otherwise, I will stab you in the neck and kill you.” 



“Help me…” 

As she finished speaking, tears fell from Thiel’s eyes. 


lan panicked and retracted his claws.
And he turned the girl around in his arms. 

A little girl with a tiny body, who looked two inches shorter than himself, was crying and shedding tears profusely. 


Ian, seeing the girl’s white hair, frowned in disbelief. The white hair was clearly a symbol of the snow leopard family.
However, there was only one girl in the Snow Leopard Mansion of the Nestian family – Rowen Nestian. 

Ian thought to himself what Rowen Nestian looked like once again. He didn’t look closely at her because he wasn’t interested, so he didn’t remember her well…but he could at least remember that girl had blue eyes, not gold eyes. 

In other words, this girl who fearlessly broke into the Prince’s room was not Rowen Nestian. He carefully examined the child’s shabby appearance. Pyjamas that were so thin one could see through it, and hair that hadn’t been combed for a long time.
Bare feet full of scratches. And even the old blanket that she snuggled in her arms. 

He didn’t know how she came into his room, but she looked like someone secretly running away.
Embarrassed, Ian swallowed guiltily as he looked at the girl. 

Then, he wiped the tears running down Thiel’s cheeks with his sleeve and said, 

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, answer me again properly and tell me who you are, okay? Otherwise, I will kick you out right away.” 

lan threatened.
Thiel paused as if pondering for a moment.
Then she opened her mouth, pursed her little lips. 

“I-I’m a snow leopard. I’m Thiel Nestian from the snow leopard family.
I have to run away from here.
I have to run…” 

Knock knock.

But before she could finish speaking, someone knocked on the door. 

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