that, I need a strong ability.

I need a strong ability so that everyone can love me…

At that moment, she felt a sensation as if a huge hand was reaching towards her face.

It was a terrifying feeling that made her feel like her neck could be snapped at any moment.

And then, gasping for breath, Thiel opened her eyes.

A strange ceiling came into view.
It was only then that Thiel realized she was in Asterian territory, not Nestian.

‘Why did they let me live?’

In a situation where only non-offensive actions should be chosen, she ate a lot of cake and vomited.
However, the maid helped Thiel wash and put on her pajamas before tucking her into bed.

‘Am I not going to be kicked out?’ 

Thiel thought while staring at the two droplets dangling from her chest.

At that moment, she heard the sound of someone chatting through the open door crack.

Unconsciously, Thiel got up from the bed and headed toward the direction of the sound.

Looking outside through the crack of the door, she saw Cassius, the grandfather she had just met, and the butler, Parden, standing outside.

At that moment, the Duke spoke in anger, saying, “We must kill that bastard right now…!”


As soon as Thiel heard the Duke’s words, she widened her eyes and stumbled backward.

Kill me? 

It seemed like the Duke was talking about him.

It was clear from the way Cassius glanced into the room where Thiel was standing.

Thiel trembled behind the door with fear.
Fortunately, Cassius closed the door and left the hallway.

“… Kill me?”

As expected, the Asterian family truly hated her.
The servants were only kind to him because they didn’t know who he was.
Zender was right that no one liked her.

Her mind went blank, and she couldn’t think of anything.
The thought of being killed kept echoing in her head.

“I have to run away.”

To survive, she had come all the way to Asterian, but she couldn’t be killed here.

Thiel bit her nails, then opened the door a little and turned around in place.

Thiel transformed into a small baby snow leopard.
The snow leopard looked out of the corridor, trembling.

Fortunately, there was no one in the corridor.

It was lucky for Thiel that it was now the time when soldiers were changing shifts.

The baby snow leopard slipped out of the room.

It wasn’t long before Lia realized that Thiel had disappeared.


“Miss is missing!”

Lia’s scream echoed through the mansion as the soldiers held torches and searched every corner of the mansion.

While Thiel was asleep, the darkness that had fallen over the mansion made it as bright as day.

Cassius, Duke Ewald, Parden, and Lia all held torches and searched for Thiel.


“Miss, can you hear me?”

“Miss! Where are you?”


Due to the large size of the Asterian mansion, numerous people were mobilized, but the search was not easy.

The Duke Ewald spread his hands, and flames rose from his wrinkled hands.

Suddenly, half a dozen small lizards appeared and fell to the ground.

“Find the child.
It’s a snow leopard with white hair and golden eyes.”

The salamanders quickly searched every corner of the mansion.

“Where did the child go?”

Cassius also released his salamanders and pondered.

Cassius’s salamanders were a more yellowish color than Duke Ewald’s.

‘Where could she have gone with her weak body?’

No one would have taken the child.
The fact that the youngest granddaughter of the Asterian family was still alive was only known within the family.


“I found her, the child.
In the basement.”

“The child is crying…crying.”

“Comfort her.
In the basement.
The white-haired child.”

The salamanders sent a signal at the same time.
Without even thinking about letting others know, Cassius ran down to the basement.

Translate from Korean to English:

The basement of Astarian Mansion was very wide and maze-like, and even the servants often got lost.
But how did they end up there?

Cassius walked blindly towards where the salamanders led him, with only the thought of checking the child’s safety.


“… baby.”

In the deepest part of the basement, where even the light barely came in, a girl sat alone.

The little girl who had been crying blankly turned her head and looked at Cassius.

The girl’s cheeks were once again covered with tear stains.

Seeing the little girl crying alone, Cassius’s heart ached as if it were tearing apart.

“Come here, little one.”

Cassius spoke gently, but the girl just stared at him blankly.

“Little one…, oh.”

Cassius finally realized the girl’s condition and fell silent.

The girl was not in her right mind.

Perhaps because she had been alone in the dark for so long, she kept talking to herself as if she were dreaming.

“Grandfather…? My, my ability doesn’t work, I don’t have any ability…”

The girl murmured with lifeless pupils.
Seething with anger towards Nestian, Cassius bent his knees and opened his arms towards the child.

“Come here, little one.”

“But Grandfather…,” the girl hesitated, rubbing her hands together.

“Instead, this came to me,” she said, holding out her palm.

A bright light shimmered clearly on the girl’s palm.

The light took the shape of a fish, then a leopard, then a handful of wind, and then swelled up as if it would eat Thiel.

Cassius widened his eyes at the sight.

“This is…!”

The bright light filled the room as if it would swallow everything in the world.

It was Thiel’s manifestation of power.

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