Emily is the only heiress of the Count Sinope family.

No, in fact, the title of an heiress is too much.
Because her parents passed away leaving only debts.
There aren’t many options left for the fallen Count, Lady Emily; to marry a man who is willing to pay off her debts.

Unfortunately, that man is Kylian Star, the head of the most notorious mafia family in the Vancent Empire.

She was living with her past life in memory, but somehow his name was not unfamiliar to her.
It wasn’t for the simple reason that Kylian was so famous.

There was something even more disturbing than that, but she couldn’t remember.

“Nanny, stop crying.”

The new bride, in a white dress, wiped her nanny’s tears with a troubled expression.

Although her family is now fallen, Emily was a dearly raised lady as the Count’s only daughter.

As such a precious lady became the hostess of a gangster family, the nanny’s grief is understandable.

“When I die, how can I raise my head in front of my master and madam?”

“Well…… Wouldn’t it be them who couldn’t raise their heads in front of me?”

Unlike other nobles, Count Sinope and his wife are not clever at all.
They like people and trust them easily.

Their guarantees grew to a level they could no longer afford, and in the meantime, they even suffered business fraud.
The count couple, who were traveling to and from the capital to settle their debts, eventually died in a carriage accident.

“It’s very sad that you are more beautiful today.”

The nanny changed the subject for no reason and do Emily’s hair under her ears.

Emily has blue eyes as clear as aquamarine.
In the past, the painter who painted her portrait lamented that there was no color to express her eyes.

Her rich, wavy brown hair and thick eyebrows are proof that she is an aristocrat, and her gorgeous neck and blemish-free, pure white skin caught everyone’s attention.

“You can easily blind one or two people if you want.”

“Are you asking me to cause bloodshed?”

Emily didn’t understand her nanny’s words at all.
Then, there was a light knock on the door.

“The ceremony will begin shortly.”

The nanny’s face darkened even more as the reality approached her nose.

There is no grown man from the Sinope family to hold Emily’s hand and enter the wedding ceremony hall.
This is because the Sinope family has no relatives.

Therefore, it was unusually changed to allow the bride and groom to enter at the same time.
Although they haven’t seen each other once, Emily was grateful for Kylian’s consideration.

“Nanny, I think the man who will be my husband is very handsome.”

When Emily finally saw the groom’s face, she felt her mouth dry with nervousness.
In fact, there were many other people who had sent proposals other than Kylian.

However, most of them were proposals for the concubines of nobles who were ten years older than Emily.
She’d rather marry the young, rich, and handsome Kylian.

“Can having a good-looking husband make you full?”

Still not liking his background, the nanny pouted her lips.

As Emily said, Kylian, contrary to his notoriety, is famous for his great appearance that is unforgettable at first sight.

No wonder the enemies who fought the Star family lost their weapons because they were captivated by his appearance.

As she recalled the rumors, Emily checked her appearance once more and, with the help of her nanny, grabbed the hem of her long dress and headed for the ceremony.

Upon arriving at the entrance to the ceremony, the maids approached her in a respectful manner.
They once again straightened Emily’s veil and dress.

“When you enter, Mr.
Kylian will be standing there.
All you have to do is approach him naturally and start walking arm in arm with him.”

“I see.”

Emily swallowed her saliva.

Finally, the door slowly opened and the scenery inside caught her eyes.
It’s all in black so it’s hard to tell if this is a wedding hall or a funeral hall.

Men in black coats, black pants, and black bowler hats were sitting on the guest seats, exuding a bloody aura.

Unknowingly, Emily took a step back.
Seeing them, she suddenly thought, ‘Can I marry like this?’

I know.
How ridiculous and pointless to come to think like this now.

Unable to take a step out of fear, someone approached her.


It was a very low and sweet voice.
The ‘Emily’ he pronounces was so elegant and smooth that she lost her mind for a moment.

“Come this way.”

He carefully grabbed her arm.
Wearing a long tail coat and boutonnière on his chest, he is, as expected, the groom, Kylian, who has a more perfectly handsome face than the rumors.

One of the strong, dark eyebrows under the straight forehead is slightly scratched by a scar from an unknown origin.

His deep, serene gray eyes and towering nose with a perfect shape harmonized with his sharp jawline, revealing dark masculinity.

Also, his tightly closed lips have a classic beauty, but at the same time look cold.
He is also so tall that even Emily, who is taller than average women, has to tilt her head to see his face.

He is handsome enough to make Emily give up on everything.
Emily, looking at Kylian’s face, decided to put aside her hatred for her parents for a while.

Arm in arm with Kylian, the wedding ceremony began.
It was frighteningly quiet except for the music playing.

‘By the way, what’s bothering me so much?’

Emily’s little anxiety came again after she saw Kylian’s face. I feel like I’m missing something very important.

Emily secretly looked at Kylian’s face carefully and was taken aback.

‘Gray eyes?’

Emily’s head tingled as if she had been struck by lightning.

The gray eyes of the Star family!

It was a descriptive line for the male lead of Flower Blooming in Hell, a book she had read in her previous life.

The male lead’s name is Daniel Star, so this man must be his father, Kylian Star.

‘Wait, then I’m playing the role of the mother who dies giving birth to Daniel?’

It’s so sad and ridiculous to remember such important content only during the wedding ceremony.

Of all the books she read in her previous life, it was her favorite one, and there is no way that she can’t remember.
How could this happen?

‘It’s because I’m an extra!’

Emily held back her tears.

The ceremony went on and the ring was already on her finger, and the time has finally come for the oath kiss.

She could feel Kylian’s hand rolling up the veil.
Without her realizing it, Emily flinched and tilted her head back.

‘A kiss alone won’t make you have a baby.
Come on, what’s wrong with you, Emily?’

She blamed herself, closed her eyes again, and waited for him to kiss her.

“Yes, this completes their vows.”

Emily frowned and opened one of her eyes.
Was it because she was so nervous that her face was paralyzed and she couldn’t feel it? Let alone the feeling of touching lips, the ceremony ended before she knew it.

Kylian pretended to kiss her and gave her a wink to end the ceremony.

Standing uncomfortably as if she had been dumped, she desperately wanted to kick him, but Kylian called the henchman who was nearby.

“Giovanni, escort my wife to her room.”

Emily looked up at Kylian with questioning eyes, and he said, “You must be tired from today’s schedule, so skip the reception and rest in your room.”

Kylian’s treatment made no sense as the new bride rested in her room without greeting the guests.

She looked around the hall once again.
Yes, it’s too much for her to walk around and say hello among these scary people.

Whatever Kylian’s intentions, Emily was not confident enough to survive the reception.
She quickly accepted his words and decided to follow Giovanni.

In the Vancent Empire, where the Carpathic is the state religion, most weddings are held in temples.

However, despite being a Carpathian, Emily held her wedding in the castle due to the groom’s strong arguments.

Emily, who had been through a lot of trouble, didn’t care whether she was getting married in a temple or a castle.

But as she was walking on this maze-like complicated path, she began to feel increasingly frightened.

“I hope I won’t be locked up……”

Emily only muttered under her breath, but Giovanni’s hearing was twice that of the others.

He pretended not to hear Emily’s muttering and hurriedly led her to the doorstep to avoid any misunderstanding.

“Then I will take my leave.
Please go in and rest.”

“Oh, yes.
Go ahead.”

Giovanni glanced at the face of his master’s wife.
Unlike when he dealt with other people, he treated her with more respect. But I don’t know if Madam noticed it. Then Giovanni left.

When she entered the room, a maid was waiting to change her clothes.
Emily felt a strange relief when she saw her.

With the help of the maid, Emily, who changed into a comfy indoor gown, ordered the maid to leave.
She remained alone in the room, lost in thought.

Realizing that she possessed a character in a novel, Emily smiled as she was contemplating how her life would be.

Anyway, the original story hasn’t even started, and she is just an extra passing by in one line, so she won’t have much of an impact.

I will live a simple life!”

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