The Most Villainous Player

04 - Prologue to Trouble...?

”Dugwaahh!! What the heck! ” I screamed.

Did I fall asleep? I shook my head and got up.

Where am I?

Im in a white space, there is nothing. Just an endless vast of space.

I feel warm. Specifically my chest.

I looked and saw a flame.

Literally, a flame. Its sticking out in my chest.

”Bwahh!! What the **! ” I tried to take it out but it won die out. I tried everything but its for naught.

”It won come off! ” What the heck is this?!

”Ughh! Noisy, noisy! What are you a child? ” A little girl voice rang. ”Thats your core!! ”

”What?! Core you say?! Where are you? Show yourself! ”

”Shut up! It took you so long to wake up and the first thing you do is whine?! Look behind you and just get this over with! ”

”Im not whining! And what did you say get it over!? ”

”LOOK!! BEHIND!!! ” I felt my ear ring at that scream.

”So loud! Okay, okay, stop shouting, Im going deaf… ”

”Hmph! You
e the one whos so noisy. ”

”Right, wait… more importantly, who are you? I can hear your voice clearly in my head… ” I asked while trying to shake my head.

”Ill explain later. Just get it done already… ” The voice sound tired.

I have so many questions. Also, did she say my core earlier? I looked at the flame in my chest again. Its warm and it doesn hurt or anything like that.

I sighed and look behind me. The first thing I saw was a panel.

[Player Diabolus]

[Queue: Ready]

[Do you want to join?]


Player Diabolus? Is that my ingame name…? I-I can remember, what is this…

I shook my head and pressed the accept button and soon my body disappeared.



[Welcome, Player Diabolus!]

[Joining shortly after the Introduction]

[Welcome to the World of Survival Evolved!]

Survival Evolved… why is it familiar? I thought.

[Did you ever wonder what life feels like in the wilderness?]

[Humanities groundbreaking discovery leads to alternating the reality itself. The human species found themselves in a not so unfamiliar world where their common sense doesn apply into. A world where everything is untouched. Literally. Everything is a mystery, from the new species around to the matter everything is made of. At least thats how its supposed to be.]

[Now, exactly a thousand years passed, the humans are fighting with their lives on the line. Knowing their knowledge from their past world would do them a little, their only hope is to adapt and survive.]

After a long introduction that felt like watching a documentary, a panel appeared before me.

[Would you like to start a Tutorial Session?]


I pressed the accept button. Soon I found myself transported in a forest.

Chirp, chirp… I heard the birds tweet. What lays upon everywhere was tall trees. The sun shines at the gaps of the leaves. The surroundings are dark because leaves are blocking the sky, but the atmosphere is bright.

”What the… is this real? ” I tried to touch the trees and felt the roughness of the barks.

Woah, I can feel everything. Surprised by the realism of this… game?

*Sniff* *Sniff*

What, I can smell?! My nose reacted to the smell of moss and the old trees.

”This is so real… or it is real? ” I asked to no one in particular.

”It is… You mortals think of this as a game, but this is a real world, ”

”The Originator created this, but its now owned by the gods. ” I can hear the voice of the little girl again in my head.

”…..What? Then, am I in another world? ” Im surprised at her words.

”Yes, but not exactly. This world is designed to be like a game by the system created by the gods. Think of it this way, your spirit leave your real body and is adventuring in another dimension with a prepared body. ” The voice explained.

”… ”

”What, not satisfied? ”

”…You know, I feel like Ive heard you before. ”

”Wha— Thats just your imagination! ” She scrramed. Inside, the little girl panicked.

What the hell! This man is dangerous! Ive even used a voice filter and erased his memories but he still remember it! The little girl thought.

”Anyway, is what you say earlier true? ”

”…Y-yeah, all of it is true. ”

”… ”

”What is it again!! ”

”Just who are you…? How do you know all this? ” I asked. Ive had suspicions at the very start but this girl even included gods.

”Oh? Ahem… Ahem… Listen well plebeian! Im the god of death! M-My name is… uhh… umm… Li… Lily! Thats right, Lily is my name! Feel honored as you are in the presence of this almighty! ” She replied.

”… ”

”… ”

The wind whistled. The silence feels like an eternity. The little girl at the Clays head is blushing furiously.

”W-Whats your problem!! Speak already! ” She stammered.

”….You know that its obvious you make up that name on the spot right? ” I replied with a cold voice.

”Shut up! Shut up! I don hear you! Bwuuu~ Fuuuu—! ” She ignored me.

I sighed.

Now, this proved gods do exist? She said shes the god of death, is it true?

”More importantly, why are you talking to me in my head? Can you not get here in person? ” Its annoying if this person is in my head all the time.

”W-Well, you see, you are my vessel, you inherited all of my assets. My spirit is inside your body so you
e always hearing me. ” She continued, ”Also, we share the same core, if you die, I also die or if my spirit died, you will also die. We share the same fate, isn that sweet~? ”

”…? ”

”Now come on, lets get you started. Ive yet to grant your wish— Ahem… Ive yet to show you the Legion System. ”

”Huh…? ” What is she talking about…?

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