The Most Villainous Player

03 - Tutorial Session...?

”Its been a whole month now after the release of the anticipated game Survival Evolved. People around the world are buzzing with excitement as they play! ” A man could be seen conversing with other people in the screen.

”Yes, yes, and whats more, the game exceeds over 2 billion copy sold all over the globe! Can you believe that? Its just a month ago and its now the most played game in the entire planet! ” A woman said excitedly.

I clenched my fist in frustration.

Damn it! Youll even take my garden!? Just what did I do to deserve this!

I was miserable, pathetic, and weak. I hated myself.

All of what I did will be like rejected by the world itself. Nothing will go my way. Even now the game I loved and cherished for the past few years will shutdown because of a new game!

I forgot to say this but Im an evil fanatic. Im obsessed with the word evil. I like to be the bad guy, I like to be the villain.

But when Im in middle school, my viewpoint change because I got bullied.

It didn stop there. Every single day, I got verbal abuse as well as beatings. When the day ends, Im basically worn out as a rag.

That nightmare continued until Im in my high school.

Is this what it meant to be evil? Every morals in my mind questioned me.

This is not evil, this is downright trash.

Well, being evil is being a garbage right? Is this because Im weak?

I can be the evil if Im weak.

Then what are they? Are they evil?

No, thats wrong. They
e the stepping stone in becoming the evil.

Is this the path in becoming evil?

I don have a chance.

This is not fair at all.

I thought hard and long but can only wish that equality are present at the world.

I strived to be strong but it just won work out. My body is as fat as a boar. Just a few workouts and its like my whole body would lose its soul. Every time I did something, much worse problem comes out. So I stop doing anything altogether and endured the beatings I got everyday.

Then Nexus Fantasy comes out. That game saved my life. I poured everything in the game like my life depended on it.

Thats where my wish can become true after all. The impossible wish that only comes true when I play this game.

And now…

I can accept it.

I grit my teeth and took my VR helmet. I put it on and lay on my bed. I turned on the helmet and soon my vision grew dark.

After a few moments, a selection screen appeared before me. I look for Nexus Fantasy and clicked on it, soon my vision grew dark again.

[Welcome back, Diabolus!]

[Sequence starting…]

[Fate smiles upon you!]

A grasslands came to view.

In the corner of my vision, I saw a timer.

[Remaining Time]


Only two hours left, huh?

There are no players to be seen. In the past, these view is filled with players chatting and talking with each other as they walk or rest while admiring the scenery.

All of the players left Nexus Fantasy to start over in the new popular game, Survival Evolved. Even in other games, all players left to play Survival Evolved.

I checked the world section of the game to see any other players, but there are none. Im the only player left playing this game.

Sigh… Its really the end.

I sit and admired the view.

Its beautiful. It can be mistaken as reality.

However, now that hat new game released, Im not so sure anymore.

[Remaining Time]


One hour left and I-I…

All of this will crumble. My avatar that I cherished so much will be gone. This paradise to escape from the sad reality; where I can do whatever I want will crumble away…

My shoulders shuddered violently, and the true feelings that had been building up all this time suddenly gushed out. ”Don ** with me! ” I roared, pounding the ground with both of my fists.

”How can I easily give this up?! This is where I look forward to everyday! Even if the life is harsh, but now this will be taken as well? ”

I refuse! I rejected with all my might.

”Very well, ” A voice could be heard around.

”What?! Wh-Who are you? ” Startled, I frantically looked around, but saw no one.


”Im the creator, or should I say a god? You mortals like to speak of it. The creator of all things. ” A metallic voice resonated every time I replied.

”A god…? Wh-What do you want with me? ” I stuttered.

”Don be tense, Im just here to grant your wish. ”

My wish…

Im surprised, but as soon as I heard the word wish every trace of emotion vanished and I spoke up.

”How did you know my wish? ”

”I said it did I? Im a god. I know everything about you. ”

This metallic voice… its terrifying. Its like Im doing a deal with a demon.

”…Will you really grant my wish? ”

”Yes, your dearest wish. ” The voice said it firmly as if it really knew what I want.

Do I want good looks? No.

Do I wish for smart brains? No.

Do I craved for money? No.

Then what is my wish, you ask?

To rule the mystery of the world; the life and death is my wish.

The power of equality. All are equals when it comes to death because death awaits all. Ive come to this realization when both my parents died.

Dwelling on unfairness… what a moron I am.

Whats the point if death awaits all?

Death is the greatest salvation. The greatest mercy that ever existed. To be the ruler of death is to be the death itself.

I sound like a cult preacher right now, haha.

I know it sounds chuuni(chuunibyou) but I don care. The world is full of inequalities. Therefore, death is the greatest equalizer of all. Death is everything.

”Can you really? But what would you gain? Whats your goal…? ” I asked.

Im not stupid. I knew this god had an ulterior motive, its just too good to be true after all.

I don even know if this really was a god, but it knew my wish. No one knew of it except me, well its my wish so technically I know it.

”You will see it soon enough. For now accept this. ”


My heart definitely stopped.

I felt my pulse quickened and blood dripped in my eyes.

”AHHH!! It hurts, it hurts it hurts!!! What did you do—!! ”

An immeasurable pain assaulted my whole body. VR games doesn implement pain features, so the pain I feel right now is a fact.

My body felt cold. I feel numb.

”I can … Im gonna die— ”

The pain never change, did it?

Almost everyday, all I feel is pain…

My vision got blurry. I can breathe anymore.

Before I lost my consciousness, I catch a glimpse on the corner of my vision.


”I found a good catch~ ” A young girl could be seen flapping her legs happily. A grin on its face.

She look at the dead body and smiled even more.

”Now then~ shall we meet in your next life? ”

The young girl stood up from its seat. She played around happily.

Now its just a matter of luck. All of your saved up luck in your past life will be used, you better be thankful you know~?


Just as the young girl thought she will wait a long time, a sound rang.

”I swear… ” She stopped as she look at the panel in front of her.


[100% Match]

[Commencing Transplantation]

Who wouldve thought this man is the perfect vessel? Wahahaha~

The young girl could be seen laughing as her body turn into dust.

”The preparations are complete, would you like to proceed to second phase? ” An old man said to the figure at the front of him.

”Go, you have my permission. Also, launch the modifier while at it, those past gods didn make full use of everything. Ill make their work clean. ” The figure replied.

”As you wish— ” Before the man can continue the figure interrupted him.

”Wait… did you feel that? Its… ” The figure finally turned around. Its a woman with a long, smooth lustrous black hair. Her left eye are colored white while the right eye are black. Her skin is smooth as silk. Her height is around 180 cm. All of her features are seductive, even the old man before her gulped.

”W-what is, Lady Iris? ”

”Its the… no… nevermind. Go finish the task at hand. ” She sit at the sole chair in the room.

”…Certainly. ” The old man said with a pause. He wondered what his Lady Iris will say but bowed and left anyway.

After the door closed, the woman, Iris furrowed her brow. Earlier, she felt a shiver run down her spine. Even her hairs are standing at its end.

What is that god planning to do? She knows we can feel what she did, yet she did it anyway? Iris thought.

She then cast a skill.

”Summon Tier Ten Demigod. ”

At the center of the room a light formed and a sillohuette can be seen. Soon it vanished and a person are left at its wake. All of the person features are unknowable. Darkness lurked within its face. The space around it is as black as darkness can get.

”Go search for it. ” She ordered the summon to search for that god.

The person vanished without a trace as if its never been there at all.

God of Death, what are you planning to do?

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