Early in the morning Zeo woke up, in the tree house they built in the middle of the forest near the waterfall where the three of them usually practiced. The weather this morning was quite cold and miraculously the young man only realized it when he got up. Luckily last night he wore his favorite thick jacket and blanket so Zeo didn feel cold at all.

The young man glanced at Leo and Steve who were still sleeping. On their favorite folding mattresses and thick blankets that keep their bodies warm. The tree house is not wide but very comfortable to use for resting. Especially at night, the folding mattresses and blankets will be very comfortable if they use them to sleep.

Zeo opened the gray curtains, looked at the scenery outside. Birds began to sing melodiously, flying towards the east. Also the sun is starting to rise. Its probably around five oclock now. Wasn something familiar to Zeo because he wasn used to getting up early. Usually he will wake up when the sun is shining brightly enough. But somehow this morning he suddenly woke up when the sun was just about to rise. In fact, he woke up earlier compared to Steve, who used to get up very early.

Zeo took a deep breath, inhaling the really fresh morning air. The man glanced at his two friends one more time before turning his head back, moving out of the tree house and down towards the riverbank. The dangerous river they usually use as an arena to test the extent of their abilities. Until now, the river was nothing to them. Its no longer something dangerous.

Zeo sat there. Staring up at the orange sky. Its really beautiful to see in the middle of this extraordinary natural scenery, ”I will leave this place soon. I will not feel sorry. Its just that, maybe someday I will return. With invincible power. I will seize it. Return this village to a village that is free from world power so that people no longer need to be busy toiling just to pay taxes to that inhuman ruler, ”

”Its very strange to see you in the early hours of the morning like this. ” Zeo turned his head to find Steve coming down from the tree house with his rocks floating in the air. Slowly descend at a constant speed.

Zeo grinned a little, looked back at the front. Towards the lake that was so calm and then playfully threw a pebble into it, ”I accidentally woke up. And can continue my sleep anymore. Its really annoying. But it doesn matter. Enjoying the morning in a place like this isn too bad. It brings back old memories in Where are we still practicing with Grandpa? ”

”Grandpa would always wake us up in the early morning and force us to run tens of kilometers. Ah, at a time like that Leo would definitely faint from hunger and we would have to be forced to drag him home. What a memory that will never be forgotten, ” Steve chuckled a little, ”Hey, do you know why grandpa always forbade us from joining the shadow stocks? ”

”Because grandpa knows the truth behind this world. Im sure grandpas reason is because of that. Grandpa doesn want us to be in the same position as him. Im sure grandpa is very tormented to be in the scope of people who obey the world government, ” Zeo replied, still with his activities throwing pebbles towards the river to cause a number of ripples in the water there.

Steve sat down beside Zeo, nodding in agreement with the young mans words, ”The shadow army is a very obedient guard dog for the world government. Meanwhile, grandpa doesn look like a dog that obeys the world government. Im very curious what reason grandpa is willing to become a member of the shadow army, ”

”Why don you see it with that power of yours? Im sure it happened not too long ago right? ”

”Grandpa covered it up. Grandpas entire past was covered in black shadows that I couldn penetrate even with the strongest magma spear I had. That power was far greater than mine. And Im sure, it was grandpas power. Other people know about his past. Or maybe, his past is too dark so the dark shadow continues to cover him, ” Steve replied, shrugging his shoulders lightly, ”No one knows the truth before grandpa says it himself, ”

”Grandpa wouldn say it easily. Im sure of that. Well have to find out about that ourselves. After all, a big adventure is waiting for us, we should prepare ourselves. Don get us killed before even getting anything. Im sure in this world, there are so many strong people who could kill us at any moment. If we are weak, we might die easily. But Im pretty confident in my strength, as well as yours and Leos. Im counting on you guys. Don die middle of the road, okay? ” Zeo smiled slightly. Staring at the approaching swamp crocodile. Then casually muttered, ”Air flow, stranglehold, ”

In an instant the crocodile, which had half its body on the ground, lay helpless. Steve glanced at the animal for a few moments ”Good, well make some extra money with this. And again, Zeo, Im not going to die easy. Im not going to die. So don bother worrying about me. We just have to trust each other. The three of us are strong, and it certainly won be easy to subdue us right? ”

Zeo smirked, nodded briefly in confirmation of Steves words, ”In the future, I want everyone to know my name and be shy when provoking me, ”

”Im sure it must have something to do with you being provoked by some adults yesterday right? Haha you shouldn hold back. Just kill them, ”

”Then people will think of me as a magic user again. Thats really annoying if you want to know, ”

”We can disguise ourselves as a circus troupe and do attractions with the power we have, ” said Steve suddenly.

”Don even dream I will, you idiot, ”

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