”Last night I tried to look into the past further. And I managed to see what happened a hundred years ago. And what I saw was terrible. The massacres of many people were carried out by the world government. I don know who they slaughtered, but the massacre took place on this island. Miller Island. In Timeo Village. I can tell its the world government because they raised the flag there. In a place where the world governments flag is here. In the middle of the village. Thats so protected by the village head, ” Steve said, looking at Zeo and Leo in turn, ”What do you guys think? ”

Zeo took a deep breath, looked up at the night sky studded with stars, gazing far away, ”I could already guess that the world government was really mad. But it turns out they were crazy long ago. They might be doing something to conquer this territory. Or maybe they are trying to eliminate people who try to oppose them. Thats not common nowadays. Governments will immediately kill anyone who tries to oppose them, ”

e right, ” Leo answered with his mouth still full of meat, ”Im not really interested in politics but look at how the government is getting crazier every day and being so authoritarian towards its people. I wouldn be quite surprised if they did something crazy like that in the past. The current government is even crazier than that isn it, ”

”You guys are right. I cant imagine what they have gone through to gain power over the world. What madness have they done in the past so that they can rule this whole world. I have heard that the world government is led by a king who so cruel. But he has never shown his form in public once. Im quite curious about him, ” said Steve, ”Because even in my vision I can see his form. Only black silhouettes are not clearly visible, ”

”That means he has a power so far superior to yours that you can see his form even in the world you have to see the past, ” Zeo replied casually, ”Maybe he has some sort of barrier power to protect himself from any kind of danger or sight about him. Really a very private person, ”

”Is he ashamed to show himself to the world? Or does he have a special reason why he doesn want others to see his form? ” Leo asked curiously.

Steve shrugged his shoulders ”Maybe he wants to give himself a mysterious air. I don know I don really care either. We should get some rest and head out early in the morning to sell this. Maybe well make twenty million dollars or so with all this. And ten million dollars we can use to buy three horses. Or maybe two horses to bring a carriage, ”

”If we use a horse-drawn carriage, we should take the best route for this trip because there might be a road that is difficult for the horse-drawn carriage to pass, right, ” Zeo replied casually, ”I prefer to ride my cloud to travel far. Its better in compare to relying on animals as a means of transportation. We can use it as long as we explore places that are not touched by humans. And stop using it when we arrive at residential areas, ”

”Zeos right. And we can save the money for our future needs, ” said Leo, ”Buying a lot of meat for example, ”

”We already have a lot of meat so don think about Leos meat. And the problem is that only you can carry flying objects, Zeo. Me and Leo can do it yet. I can only fly rocks but can take him to walk in the air yet, ”

”Ive been thinking about this lately Steve. Have you ever tried to change the timing of the rocks falling momentum? I mean, it hits the ground because of gravity right? What if you changed the direction the rock fell by deflecting its momentum? So the rock doesn move down instead of moving forward or in any other direction you want, ” Zero said with a serious face.

Steve raised an eyebrow, trying to digest what his best friend had just said ”That makes sense. I never thought about deflecting the momentum of my new rock. Leo can you build a torch for me? ”

Leo nodded, immediately grabbed a stick of wood and set it on fire, sticking it around them so that the area around them became brightly lit.

Steve took a deep breath, with one swing of his hand a large rock appeared in the air. About to fall to the ground but immediately stopped. Steve closed his eyes, giving full concentration to his time power. Trying to deflect the new momentum.

In Steves mind, the young man could see the numbers and dozens of clocks that existed. Spin fast. But there was a huge clock there that caught Steves attention. A big clock with the same big hands. There are also units of year, date, day, hour, and seconds there. Thats the clock Steve used to travel through time.

The young man then looked carefully at every detail on the watch before finding a small mark on it. An arrow pointing down. Steve smiled a little ”Here I found it ” he said before changing the direction of the needle to the front.

Steve then opened his eyes. Seeing how the stone is now moving slowly towards the front. The young man smiled with satisfaction, looked appreciatively at Zeo, ”I understand how it works now. This will make it easier for me to move later. But what about Leo? ”

”We can help him with the power we have, ” Zeo replied casually, ”Or maybe you can make something that can make your body fly, Leo? ”

”Should I bring a flying meteor? ”

”Well think about that later, ” Steve said quickly. Do not want to think about the scary power that is owned by Leo. Maybe hell help Leo fly by utilizing the power that the young man has.

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