Leo looked at Steve and Zeo who were hunting in the forest. The forest in Timeo Village is indeed famous for the many wild animals around there. Thats why people choose to stay away from this forest. But for the three youths, this forest was their training ground. People didn know about their strength and assumed that they trained their martial arts and also hunted.

No one knows about their strength except the three of them themselves. In this world, people who have power are extremely rare. Especially if it is the owner of the four powers. Thats even rarer.

Back to the present where Leo is now sitting on one of the tall tree branches. Staring at Steve and Zeo who were fighting a giant tiger. Leo was confident enough in the abilities of his two best friends that he didn need to bother participating in the fight.

Zeo with the power of the wind and air immediately made water vapor from the river around him and then condensed it. That allows him to create a cloud and be able to stand on it. And with that, Zeo can move freely on the cloud he made. Then Steve, with his power to control the rocks, can create rocks in the air and then stop the momentum from falling from the rocks with the power of time so that the rocks can stay in the air. And now what Steve can do is he can create as many stones as he wants as long as he walks in the air without spending a lot of focus and energy.

Zeo on the left side, wrapped around the tigers body with his very strong plant tendrils. Then with the power of the stone, Steve created a stone spear which he immediately threw until it hit the tigers stomach. The animal in an instant no longer struggled and died in a short time. The two friends immediately smiled with satisfaction at our hunt.

Steve immediately made a ladder for him to walk down to the ground and Zeo who floated slowly with his cloud. Leo smiled with satisfaction seeing him, ”Hey Steve, Zeo. Are we going to eat tiger meat tonight? Huh, I really can wait to enjoy it, ”

”Yes. You have to help by separating the meat from the skin. This tiger skin will definitely sell well if we sell it in Ceber City. Then with that we can buy some horses. But I don think it will be enough with just one tiger skin. Do we should catch crocodiles and then sell them to make more money? ” Steve asked, looking thoughtful as he glanced at the calm stream of the river. But don be fooled by that, the river is very dangerous with tigers and piranhas in there. Not to mention the pythons that live there. An ordinary person who approached the river would obviously die in the blink of an eye.

Leo nodded his head nod ”Fine I will lure the crocodile this time. Do I have to drop a meteor on the crocodiles head or make a landslide so I can bury the crocodile under the fallen soil so that the crocodile dies easily? ”

”Don act crazy. You can create an ice sword and kill the alligator with it. Or make a fire spear. Thats better. Don go crazy using your catastrophic power or that meteor power of yours. Im tired enough of dealing with all the mess you caused because of your power. What an amazing thing you have, ” Zeo said dryly, ”Leo build a bonfire then catch the biggest swamp crocodile there is. Steve and I will prepare dinner for the three of us. And maybe tomorrow morning we will immediately go to Ceber City to sell this all, ”

”I understand, ” Leo nodded, with incredible speed, the young man immediately gathered firewood then burned the wood with the strength he had. Without needing much time, Leo quickly managed to create a bonfire. Steve smiled contentedly. Then, with his strength, he created several stone knives that were so sharp. Throws one of them towards Zeo.

Zeo immediately glared, ”Hey perverted blonde please pay attention to where you throw, ”

”I didn pay attention. You
e not something I have to pay attention to, you damn plant? ” Steve replied, raising an eyebrow.

Leo laughed at their bickering. It was something that was so common between them that Leo didn need to bother trying to separate them anymore. And compared to taking care of his two best friends, Leo prefers fishing for swamp crocodiles in this river. Its size can even reach ten meters. Many times larger than the usual size. Thats why people say that this forest is full of dangers.

What Leo did this time was just crouching by the river. Waiting for the alligator crocodile to surface. And when the young man noticed a slight ripple on the surface of the river, with his ice power Leo immediately jumped high, climbed onto a tree branch, avoiding the big bites of the crocodile that looked hungry. Leo smiled with satisfaction when he realized he had managed to lure the crocodile towards the mainland. And Leo casually jumped from his place. Forcing the crocodiles muzzle closed. Then casually stuck an ice sword that was so sharp into the crocodiles head.

The animal does not die in an instant. This twisted Leos mind in a situation that was quite precarious. With his ice power, the young man bound the crocodiles body so that the animal couldn move, ”Ah I don know what I have to do to kill you. So it seems you have to feel my fist, ” he said, jumping high before with full force threw a punch at crocodile head.

The animal immediately stopped moving. Not dead yet but seems to be in a dying state. Leo smiled contentedly. Using the ice that was shaped like a rope to pull the crocodile closer to Steve and Zeo, ”Looks like hes not dead yet. What should I do with it? ”

”Just leave it. It will die soon, ” Zeo replied casually, ”Help us separate the skin and flesh of this tiger. Or we might not have dinner until midnight. You don want that, do you? ”

”Thats bad. Ill help you right away. Take it easy. Wheres the knife? ”

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