Steven Diavolo Willson, a tall blonde young man. He is 14 years old. His parents were well-known historians in Ceber City, the island capital of Miller Island. His parents were arrested by the government for some reason. And they were executed eight years ago, when Steve was six years old. Little Steve was then exiled to Timeo Village and helped by Leo and his grandfather. They have lived together and trained together ever since. Grandpa says that Steves parents committed an unforgivable crime, although Grandpa doesn know what crime they committed. Grandpa wasn capable enough to save Steves parents and ended up only being able to save Steve himself.

Steve can modify time, he can see the future even for a moment. But Steve wasn too excited by the future. He just wanted to see the past. Unfortunately, Steve was only able to go back in time three decades ago. Thats very less time to see the history there. Because Steve now knows that his parents were arrested by the government for investigating a history about the century before the century. It was a century full of mystery and not many records were written about what happened and happened in that century. But it seems that the world government is so cover up what happened at that time.

Therefore Steve has the ambition to continue to grow stronger and be able to go back in time to see what really happened in the century before the century. And why is it so covered up by the world government. In fact, everything about the century before the century has been erased by the world government. There wasn much they could do to find out about the century before the century except by reading deeply hidden ancient artifacts, and on top of that, by traveling through time to the past. A thousand years ago.

Having not been able to go back a thousand years, all Steve was doing now was researching the obelisk which happened to be in a place near the waterfall where he used to do his training. There is a lot of information on the obelisk, written in hieroglyphics. Steve was quite adept at reading the letters because he once stole his parents book that discussed hieroglyphics.

The obelisk talks about the war that happened in the golden years. That was the year in which there was a city whose entire population used gold in their daily life. But the obelisk doesn talk about the war any further, only talks about people who started to continue using gold until gold became less valuable. It takes place in a city in the center of the earth. And its ninety degrees from the center of civilization to the North. The city is known as the City of Gold. Which was later destroyed due to power struggles.

Steve doesn know where the civilization city is. Or also the center of the earth. He doesn know this world well enough. All the knowledge he currently has is not enough, he still has to learn and learn more. Look for every obelisk in this world, read it, and reveal all the facts in the world.


Zereo Diavolo James, or often called Zeo. Born in Ceber City. His parents were very famous scientists and were good at everything. Zeo always wanted to know what his parents were researching, but they never let that happen. The research was too dangerous that even his parents were caught by the government and then executed eight years ago.

His story is not too different from Steves. He was helped by grandpa and they have lived together ever since. At first Zeo still didn know what kind of research his parents were doing. But thanks to Steves help with the ability to travel through time, Zeo finally finds out, his parents and Steves parents are doing research on the century before the century. Research on that is absolutely forbidden in this world. But their parents were so sure the government was hiding something very important that they continued to cover up what happened in the century before the century.

Zeo wasn smart, but he wasn stupid either. He quite understands why his parents did that. Therefore, he wanted to continue the determination of his parents. He wants to see the objectivity that exists in this world. He also wanted to know what really happened. What made the government do this heinous thing. Especially for people with the middle name Diavolo. Those who are so hunted and opposed by the government.

Not without reason Zeo thinks so. In his city, the city of Ceber, people with the name Diavolo are so hated by the community, they are also under strict supervision from the government. Those with the middle name Diavolo will even be severely punished if they commit one minor violation. Discrimination also occurs for those with the middle name Diavolo. Thats why his parents asked Zeo to keep his real name a secret. Dan chose to introduce himself as Zereo James.

”Hey Steve, have you also been discriminated against? You always say that your name is Steven Diavolo Willson, right? Where I live, Diavolo is very hated and avoided by society. Do you also experience this? I don know why, but it seems people people always hated the Diavolo, ” Zeo asked Steve one day, after they had rehearsed and Leo had fallen into a deep sleep from exhaustion.

Steve smiled a little while giggling, nodded lightly, ”I hate those naïve people. They hate people just because of their middle name. They just don know what the true strength of the Diavolo is, ”

”You say that do you know the secret behind the Diavolo, Steve? ”

”Not really, but I will reveal it soon. I will read a lot of obelisks and hieroglyphics. Then all the secrets in this world will be revealed, ”

e not trying to find out through time travelling, Steve? Wouldn that be easier, ”

”Im not strong enough to look into the past and unravel history yet. But wouldn it be more fun if we looked through the Obelisk? ”

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