The Good King

\'The Man I Fear The Most\'

Hiram was smiling like usual as he patted his childs hair softly and got it a little messy You can not unsee it when you know that it is not right said those words to the first prince and like usual Elmer felt as if someone was calling him , he was not able to move or see a thing , like he was drowning as his fathers appearance started to fade away taking all the light around with him and leaving the prince alone in the darkness .

My prince that voice called Elmer once more and he got up immediately from the dream he was having to see that familiar female surprised at the scared face he was showing as she asked Are you not feeling well my Prince ? said Betty , she seemed to be concerned because she has never seen him putting on such an expression before , he finally realized that it was just another dream of his fathers memory and lied back on the bed putting his right arm on his forehead while he watched the golden ceiling I will get up in a second.

What does it mean ? he wondered to himself referring to the words that the previous King Hiram told him since it was not really the first time he sees that dream , Elmer went lost in thoughts before he remembered that today there will be another carriage of kidnapped women coming into the palace and so he got up immediately asked Betty as she was pouring him a glass of water Betty , is it here yet ? he asked with a worried tone as if his own life depended on that , but the truth is that he wanted to do a little bit of good in order to feel better about himself.

Those women are only for the King , but right before he gets to see them and pick for himself , every once in a while Elmer go free few of them without anyone knowing , he takes them under his wing , sometimes he makes them work in the palace until they decide whether to leave or not and Betty was actually one of the very first females he saved once about two years ago .

Not yet my prince but they will arrive anytime now replied the girl that has Arabian features from her big shiny eyes to her black curly hair showing on her face that worried look as she handed him the glass , she truly saw the man in front of her as a hero though he was not really one , he drunk that water and thanked her on his way just by looking at her , got up in a rush to be able to get in there and see them before they are presented in front of his uncle , Betty handed him his clothes , many layers starting by white , blue then the golden that presents royalty which was already heavy enough on him.

She brushed his golden hair that started getting taller lately and so Elmer looked more and more like his father , but what about looks ? he didn have the brave heart needed to make a simple change , Elmer knew better than anyone that he was afraid yet had no idea what he was fearing.

Once he was all dressed up , he rushed downstairs trying to get rid of all those thoughts he had on mind yet it was not working , every word Hiram said to him as a child , every pure hearted smile of his father , he knew it will be chasing him to his grave.

The carriage that just arrived was left in the middle of the back garden , it was not guarded , the women in there were shaking in fear , crying in silence and desperately trying to accept their fate , no one of them dared to pull off the curtains knowing that since they made it into the palace , they can never run away.

The first prince rushed in there , and right before he pulled the curtains up a hand grabbed his wrist stopping him.

Edmund woke up at Bettys soft sweet voice , he got up rubbing his sleepy eyes and looked around him ”Good morning my prince ” he smiled back at her replying ”Good morning Betty ! ” and suddenly noticed those beautiful blue flowers next to him in a glass of water and immediately jumped out of the bed , carried that glass with his small hands , lovingly gazing at the rare plants he always wanted to have before he shouted looking at the maid that enjoyed seeing him so excited ”Betty ! Look Look ” she told him that his brother got it for him from the woods when he came back from hunting and so he got more excited to get ready and go thank Elmer.

Louis the second trying to stop Elmer who was quite shocked ”Louis ? What are you doing ? ” The youngest one didn seem to like whatever his cousin was up to and so he whispered back in anger ”What in the hell do you think you
e doing ? ” They didn have the time to argue since they started hearing some footsteps approaching them and so Elmer pushed that hand away and jumped into the carriage dragging Louis in with him .

What they saw was just so heartbreaking especially those two little girls , they were probably Edmunds age if not younger , and every female in there was for just one disgusting purpose , to simply feed Leos desires , but seeing two children in there got both Elmer and Louis speechless , the women realized just by looking at the two males dressing way that they were from the royal family that was only made of four members , the king and the three princes , especially Elmer who looked so much like his father they recognized him at once and started begging him for their lives ”Please My prince please save us ” said one of them as she bowed down grabbing his boots ”Please I am begging you My prince , have mercy on us ” the voices that were shaking begged more and more desperately , hoping that this prince has gotten something more than just his fathers look ”We are begging you please I have a family and I don want to be here ”.

Elmers head was spinning between those voices begging for their lives with no second of silence as some hands were grabbing his legs and kneeling for him in hopes he will be able to get them back to their homes , he was not able to think straight , he wanted to scream and let them know that he wants them to go back to their lives too , to have better ones even but he can , he can make it happen because he is not the King , he is powerless when it comes to this , and then that low female voice interrupted every single thought he had in mind , the others were still talking yet he only heard her voice saying the words that got him teared apart ”Only if Hiram was still alive to see the failure his son has become ” his breath was held in there , he knew it all along , he reminded himself of those words every single day but hearing them from someone else just felt so different and somehow more painful.

”Elmer ! Its our chance ” Said Louis who has been watching the knights for a while now and made sure their way is clear , Elmer got his senses back and carried the two little girls on his shoulders then jumped out of the carriage and started running with Louis by his side.

Betty was waiting for them in the maids kitchen opening their secret door and making sure that no one will be there at the time , the two princes walked in , Elmer closed the door behind him and put on the two girls back on their feet , Louis was out of breath and had a lot to think of so he sat down on the cold ground saying nothing , Betty was a little surprised to see the second prince in there , not to mention how bad she felt about those children , she smiled at the two girls , introduced herself then asked them to follow her so that she can get them some food and new clothes , Betty had more things to worry about and while taking care of the two sisters she noticed Elmers eyes that were so dead and sad for some reason , he always comes sad after risking one or two of the women but this time he was totally broken.

”Lets go ” he finally said as he offered his hand to help Louis getting up then looked towards Betty as if he was saying I will leave the rest to you and she nodded Yeah then the two princes left and each of them walked towards his room without being able to discuss the whole thing.

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