The Girl With Cat Ears

Part Eight: Breaking?

In the morning. I just woke up. I wasn where I had fallen asleep at. I looked around the room or wherever I was. It doesn look like a familiar place.

”H-Hello? ” I called out.

”Good morning, princess, ” someone said as they walked into the room.

”Where am I? Who are you? ” I asked.

e at my house, in my room. Im Alex, ” he said as he walked over to me.

”O-Oh. Im A- ” I said as Alex interrupted me.

e Princess Aphmeow. I know, ” Alex said.

”Ho-How d-do you know? ” I asked.

”Well, you see. I know everything. ”

”O-Oh… ”

”Why do you hide yourself, your true self? ” he asked as he sat down on the bed.

I didn want to tell him, but I told him why I hide my true self.

A while later, after I told him why I hide my true self, my stomach growled.

”Hungry? ” Alex asked as he heard my stomach growl.

I nod in embarrassment.

”Well, lets go and get you some food, ” he said as he got up.

I got up as well. I wasn wearing the dress. I was confused, but realized that someone changed me. ”Hey…um…who changed me? ” I asked.

”My daughter did, ” he said as he walked out of the room.

”O-Ok, ” I said as I followed him.

It wasn common to see a girl in her sleepwear in public. I didn want to bother him even more than I already have.

We got our shoes on or well Alex did, since I was wearing high heels or uncomfortable shoes.

We headed out to Amy~Kuns café.

We got to the café. Alex hold the door for me and I walked as I said thanks. Right as I said thanks, here comes Amy~Kun running to me.

”Aph~Chan!~nya ” she said as she hugged me.

”Hi Amy~Kun, ” I said as I hugged back.

”So, how was last night?~nya ” she asked.

”It went good for the most part until the end… ”

”Oh…~nya ”

”Yeah, but its fine, ” I said as I gave her a slight smile.

”O-Ok. Do you want Amy~Kuns special?~nya ”

I nodded. Alex smiled as he went to sit down. I sat down in front of him. Amy~Kun went to make her special.

While we were waiting, Alex and I talked about how I could repay him for helping me last night. He didn want me to repay him for what he did, but I insisted on repaying him. We figured out how I can repay him. His daughter, Summer, wants to be a guard and/or a knight and that she wants me to train her. She didn want to be suck a newbie at it in the guard knight academy. We discussed the days and times of her training.

A little bit later, Amy~Kun comes out and hands us our food. We take it and start eating. A few minutes later, we finished and paid for our meal.

We went our separate ways after I got my dress from his house.

I went to my house to change, but when I was about there, I bumped into someone. Someone that probably doesn even want to see me ever again because of what happened last night.

”Im so sorry, ” I said as I helped them up.

They didn say anything as they walked away.

”I messed up, didn I? ” I mumbled to myself as I stood there, watching them leave. ”UGH!!! ” I yelled as I punched the nearest thing which was a wall. I ran to my house.

I got to my house, ran to my room, slammed my door shut, and dropped my dress. ”I won cry. I won let myself, too. Im a knight, the head knight to be exact. I won ….cry… ” I said to myself as tears were rolling down my face.

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