The Forge of Leon

The Forge of Leon Chapter 5

Two months later. We got to where we were going and I jumped off the boat landing on the dock.

As I stand in wait for Merlin and Viper. I see a lady in similar armor as Viper. She is walking this way with purpose in her stride. Viper gets off the boat as she gets here.

”Sir. we have information about the enemys actions! ” she said

”Tell me as we walk Sphinx. ” Viper said. As he started to walk toward a separation in the trees. She starts to tell him a list of things that I did not understand. It took the better part of two hours.

”Thank you Sphinx. ” he said with the slightest bit of anger in his voice. It got silent and we kept walking in silence.

Six hours later I asked how much longer till we get there.

”Seven hours, ” she said. At that moment a werewolf jumped out of the woods at Viper knocking him over. Two more stepped out from behind the trees. I lunged forward with a speed that the fastest beast could not match. With one slash of my sword I cut their heads off.

”H-how did you? ” she asked.

”You amaze me all the time, Leon. ” Viper said.

”I just reacted. W-was that too much? ” I said.

”Let us keep moving. ” Merlin said. As he began walking again.

”Yes. ” Viper said following him.

when we got to a big opening with a small assortment of tents, with a big fire in the center of the field.

”Is this th, lot of you? ” I asked.

”Sadly yes, this bloody war has wilted us down to this, ” Viper said.

”How strong is the opposition? ” I said. Not looking for an answer.

”It is not how strong they are, but how many there are. ” Merlin said.

We walked to the platform by the fire, an apprentice ran up to Viper stopping on his heel, waiting for a command from him.

”Gather all of them, ” Viper said. As he ran off Viper asked me ”are you up to sparing with my team, to see what you have to work with? ”

”What I have to work with? ” I said in shock.

”Yes, you are stronger and better skilled than I. ” he said. I looked in shock at him.

”W-w- What do you mean? I am not sure I would say that I am better than you. We haven even done hand to hand combat yet. ” I said.

”Maybe later I am sore at the moment. ” He said. As he headed into his quarters.

When he came out of the tent. We looked around to see what we had to work with. All I saw was broken down armor and weapons. Half of the troops were injured.

”Merlin, do you know healing magic? ” I said.

”Yes. What are you planning? ” he asked.

”Give me a moment and I will explain. Viper, do you have coal and an anvil? ” I said.

”Yes. What-. ” Viper said.

”Lead the way. ” I said, cutting him off. As we headed to the farside of the camp. I gathered two more people to help.

”You two move that tent over there. ” I said. As I was ponting next to the forge.

”I think I am figuring it out. ” Merlin said.

”Good. Viper have all the troops go to that tent and bring all the weapons and armor to the forge. ” I said.

”Yes. ” Viper said as he ran off.

I lit the forge and brought it up to temp. Looking over all the weapons, I began to separate the salvageable from unsalvageable. At the end I had five piles. One pile for all the unsalvageable metal weapons, one pile for the salvageable metal weapons, one for the bows, one for the arrows, and the last one is for the staffs.

Viper came back and stood by the door.

”Sorry I was bossing you and your troops. ” I said as I turned around.

”It is all good. I am just glad you two are helping. ” he said

”Can I get five men for my disposal? ” I said.

”Yes. For what? ” he said.

”I need this list of herbs. ” I said.

”You five get over here, Leon needs five to get these herbs for him. ” Viper said to the five men gathered outside in between the healing tent and the forge.

”Yes sir! ” The five men stated in unison.

”Thank you. You five. ” I said.

I began fixing all of the swords and axes.

”You work fast. ” Viper said.

”I try. This is my specialty after all. ” I said, swinging the hammer striking the sword.

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